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2019-01-03 14:31:54 UTC

@dumpster Dum
Found 2 more stories for my favorite night Q News team.

2019-01-06 03:10:44 UTC
2019-01-08 00:17:52 UTC

5G rollout commencing in Australia in 2019

2019-01-08 00:17:58 UTC


2019-01-14 18:29:46 UTC

Hiya, Aussies
Much โค

2019-01-15 20:22:40 UTC

@everyone i am looking for a companys that sells industrial hemp seed for planting nothing here in Us Yet. Working hard trying to red pill farmers where i live need seed to plant and find buyers of the finished product in USA , please help i am driving myself nuts trying to even find seed

2019-01-16 09:07:42 UTC
2019-01-17 05:52:36 UTC

@I Love America
I may have a seed contact for you. He's asleep but I'll post link when he gets up.

2019-01-17 11:32:32 UTC

๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ‘Œ

2019-01-19 13:15:43 UTC
2019-01-19 13:31:20 UTC
2019-01-23 13:34:38 UTC

Are Facebook banning the national Australian flag? -

2019-01-23 13:35:39 UTC
2019-01-24 08:21:30 UTC
2019-01-24 08:23:31 UTC

I've always believed Gough Whitlam sold us out with the Lima declaration ,finally someone agrees with me...

2019-01-24 08:24:10 UTC
2019-01-24 08:32:32 UTC
2019-01-24 08:33:28 UTC
2019-01-25 08:33:41 UTC

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Where is Jayda Fransen??

2019-01-31 15:19:27 UTC

Australia sold out to China in WW2. Clowns everywhere ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

2019-01-31 15:47:07 UTC

Mr Messenger will today give details of the Sunshine Coast concerns to former judge Richard Chesterman QC, who has been appointed by the Crime and Misconduct Commission to investigate claims across Queensland of doctor malpractice.

"If we get the Royal Commission, I guarantee there will be former politicians, senior health bureaucrats and health administrators who end up in jail," he said.

Mr Messenger and Ms Barber said medical professionals who had concerns would be protected under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010.

2019-01-31 16:09:34 UTC

What does this Dr know about MK Ultra experiments?

2019-01-31 16:09:34 UTC

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2019-01-31 16:29:18 UTC

DNA collection - I recall my mother telling me that heel prick tests were carried out on all babies born in Australia (probably many other countries too) from at least the late 1960's (I was born in the 70's). Her permission for our heal prick tests were not sought.

2019-01-31 16:39:06 UTC

She stabbed herself to death yet NO fingerprints were found on the knife. Note - Dr Mahlo had worked at Nambour Hospital in an executive position. Did she report psychiatrict abuse of patients? Are mind control experiments occuring at this hospital. What is MK Ultra called nowadays? chrome-extension://oemmndcbldboiebfnladdacbdfmadadm/

2019-01-31 16:51:39 UTC

Microwave warfare weapons have been used in the past to control crowds. Maybe a good idea for yellow (neon) vest activists to have something on the back of their vests - Ban 5G - Genocide

2019-01-31 17:02:19 UTC

This document - by Barrie Trower is also on the Australian Telecommunication and Media Authority Website (gov site). It is well hidden in the site - why? Because it discloses the dangers of wireless tech (example - 3g, 4g (soon 5g), Wifi) chrome-extension://oemmndcbldboiebfnladdacbdfmadadm/

2019-02-03 00:55:05 UTC

Sign the Appeal - Stop 5G on Earth and Space (loads of scientific data in this link)

2019-02-03 01:15:44 UTC

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2019-02-03 07:30:00 UTC

Chemtrails Hervey Bay, Queensland Australia

2019-02-09 06:09:51 UTC
2019-02-10 00:29:02 UTC
2019-03-07 21:46:32 UTC
2019-03-15 02:47:21 UTC

2019-03-15 02:47:30 UTC

2019-03-15 22:12:26 UTC

Reporting from Australia reguarding the facebook shooter .. a short mashup of clips

2019-03-19 01:57:47 UTC
2019-03-19 23:43:51 UTC

censorship in nz atm is really bad, I just tried to post an article from zero hedge and it was flagged as 'dangerous content' also articles about the 2nd mosque from 1st and 2nd day are disappearing and the story is changing =/

2019-03-23 07:39:08 UTC

The Northern Beaches of Sydney. A haven on drug running & sexual abuse in the 70s.

2019-03-23 07:44:49 UTC

Kiwis really are sheep

2019-03-23 07:46:07 UTC

Australian Royal Commission into institutional sexual abuse was just a fact finding mission from the queen

2019-03-23 07:58:49 UTC


2019-03-23 07:58:50 UTC

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2019-03-23 08:03:20 UTC

NSW election today 23rd March. NSW may have narrowly dodged the socialists bullet. A close call considering the desperation on the times we are in.

2019-03-23 08:59:08 UTC

The once booming Australian economy rode to greatness on the sheeps back. It is said that the queen receives a cut of every sheep ever shawn or slaughtered in NSW.

2019-03-29 08:26:55 UTC


2019-04-06 11:46:08 UTC

2019-04-08 14:08:59 UTC

Hang em High Hang em Long!!!

2019-04-17 16:50:34 UTC

hello patriots of humanity. I am French, I do not speak English well, I speak very little. I want to be in touch with someone speaking English and French for a specific thing that I will tell you later if you want. I thank you very much. god bless

2019-05-07 05:07:32 UTC

Dear Potus, we look forward to welcoming you to our shores. Please bring the military & Q. Stay as long as you like....

2019-05-12 08:29:26 UTC

We need help. Please God, Make Earth Great Again

2019-05-13 01:14:33 UTC

2019-05-24 21:25:00 UTC
2019-05-24 22:05:25 UTC
2019-06-05 06:23:04 UTC Australian Broadcasting Center getting rsided from AFP. ?????

2019-06-05 06:39:41 UTC

here is the link for the discord server used for Radix's Digging Deeper show.

2019-06-20 11:35:42 UTC

Life is not about how much we have, how big our house is, how nice our car is, how much money we have in the bank, Or how many people follow us or know us. Life is about the Lives we change, the lives we reach out to and the lives we pull from the fire of hell. We its all said and done and we stand before the Father we all will fall on our knees, and he will either say "well done thy good and faithful servant" or "depart from me I never knew you" My prayer for each and every one of you today is that you are so full of the Power of God that is someone pokes you, Jesus comes flowing out. Our time is short and the fields are ripe. Lets bring in this harvest. God I hold each and every Patriot up to you. I speak Blessings over their lives today, Father I ask that you be their guide and their shield. Father I speak that where there is hate you bring Love, where there is sorrow you bring Joy, where there is torment you bring Peace. Father I cover each and everyone with the Blood of Jesus, I speak theirs minds are strong, Their bodies are strong, They can do all things through Christ who strengthens them. they are the Head today and not the Tail, they are above only and not beneath. I speak that Nations call them blessed of the Lord. Father I thank you for meeting each and every need according to your riches in Glory by Christ Jesus. Bless each and every one and Surround them with Love Father in Jesus name I pray...AMEN

2019-07-13 16:59:10 UTC

2019-07-16 00:53:27 UTC

@gavin giant please dont spam post identical content accross numerous channels, this is in our rules., please read the rules <#431169106893340673> pick a channel for your post., one channel.

2019-07-29 08:03:45 UTC

Abortion is legal pre 22 weeks and at any stage after 22 weeks with only two doctors approval. Across all states in Australia except for 1! Today's news

So to make this clear... if this bill passes all Australian women are capable of having an abortion at any time during pregnancy

2019-07-31 00:12:01 UTC

It seems Australian politicians & deep state actors are salivating at the chance to get their teeth into some young Aussie flesh. As other markets tighten up with POTUS' war on human & child trafficking, the elite now look for new markets in Australia. This is a sneaky introduction of INFANTICIDE to NSW, Australia's Premier State.

2019-07-31 08:19:14 UTC

We need Assange back

2019-09-25 14:13:24 UTC

yeah Alan Jones is top stuff

2019-10-07 07:02:32 UTC

"Weather forecast: cloudy with 100% chance of chemtrails." Joe Imbriano.

2019-10-13 10:20:26 UTC

Is this a warning from a pilot? Bible scripture possibly?

2019-10-13 11:38:56 UTC

John 3:16 ive been told

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