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2017-06-25 14:20:43 UTC

It's okat, I've been up all night and it's kinda nice to see someone else awake now

2017-06-25 14:21:23 UTC

I was up late af last night, noone in the chat was up. Real goyim hours only ya feel me rabbis only

2017-06-25 14:21:44 UTC

I feel you my Semite

2017-06-25 14:23:37 UTC

How many man points do i Loose for Unironically listening to pop-punk

2017-06-25 14:24:02 UTC

6, but it's olay I unironically listen to vocaloids

2017-06-25 14:24:35 UTC

wtf is that?

2017-06-25 14:24:46 UTC

Weeb shit

2017-06-25 14:24:54 UTC

Literal cancer tier weeb shit

2017-06-25 14:26:29 UTC


2017-06-25 14:26:46 UTC

Cancer tier weeb shit, sounds fucking bad

2017-06-25 14:27:05 UTC

It's preeeeeetty bad

2017-06-25 14:27:11 UTC

But I Fucking love it

2017-06-25 14:27:39 UTC

They record a handful of sounds and have a computer play them in a way that it's technically singing

2017-06-25 14:27:49 UTC

Then they have a waifu line up the words

2017-06-25 14:28:04 UTC


2017-06-25 14:28:22 UTC

Holy shit, that's fucking bad. Makes me feel normal now.

2017-06-25 14:28:47 UTC

Yup, I love that shit

2017-06-25 14:28:52 UTC


2017-06-25 14:28:56 UTC

It's Fucking magical fam

2017-06-25 14:28:57 UTC

Nips go crazy for this shit

2017-06-25 14:29:01 UTC
2017-06-25 14:29:09 UTC

Cobcerts for a digital girl

2017-06-25 14:29:11 UTC

Omg I love this song

2017-06-25 14:29:16 UTC


2017-06-25 14:29:23 UTC


2017-06-25 14:29:37 UTC

I paused it after the waifu started singing. It's already cancer

2017-06-25 14:29:44 UTC

Should I continue?

2017-06-25 14:29:47 UTC

Women are obsolete my dude

2017-06-25 14:30:15 UTC

Continue it gets better

2017-06-25 14:31:41 UTC

Not THAT bad, still weeaboo tier trash, but I think I might like it a little better if I could understand what the digital nip is saying

2017-06-25 14:31:59 UTC

this is sin

2017-06-25 14:32:11 UTC

This is love my dude

2017-06-25 14:32:25 UTC

She's singing about being a spoiled princess waifu

2017-06-25 14:32:32 UTC


2017-06-25 14:32:40 UTC


2017-06-25 14:33:07 UTC

Tbh, not big on the 2d girls my dude

2017-06-25 14:33:21 UTC

Don't like the hentai, n shit like that

2017-06-25 14:33:28 UTC

If my marriage fails im gonna marry my waifu and give up on life

2017-06-25 14:33:34 UTC


2017-06-25 14:33:42 UTC

This shit was on letterman a while back

2017-06-25 14:33:44 UTC
2017-06-25 14:33:58 UTC

Is that the deep sea girl song version miku?

2017-06-25 14:34:32 UTC

That last video makes me want to jump out a moving car.

2017-06-25 14:34:54 UTC

Miku is generic vocaloid fam, Gumi is where it's at

2017-06-25 14:35:16 UTC

I'm laughing irl atm

2017-06-25 14:35:20 UTC


2017-06-25 14:35:21 UTC

This is too funny

2017-06-25 14:35:26 UTC

What is?

2017-06-25 14:35:47 UTC

You're unironic interest in this weeb shit

2017-06-25 14:35:58 UTC

I actually like this music dude, hold on brb

2017-06-25 14:36:22 UTC

lol, not dogging you. You're fine, it's just a good kek.

2017-06-25 14:36:29 UTC

same, brb.

2017-06-25 14:37:44 UTC

I just checked, I have 44 songs by miku saved and like 80+ others from other vocaloids

2017-06-25 15:18:39 UTC


2017-06-25 15:19:46 UTC

I swear, everytime there is someone not driving properly on the road it's 96% of the time a woman, a nigger, or an old person

2017-06-25 16:39:30 UTC
2017-06-25 16:40:45 UTC

Thanks, watching now.

2017-06-25 16:44:35 UTC

LOL, people shouting Helicopter rides.

2017-06-25 16:45:56 UTC

ROFLROFL Fucking telling off the commies with threats of heli rides

2017-06-25 17:58:27 UTC

Richard Spencer is speaking rn. In the livestream above.

2017-06-25 19:03:58 UTC

If the holocaust never happened than what was zyklon d doing around

2017-06-25 19:48:46 UTC

@JKEMI Don't you mean Zyklon B, not D?

2017-06-25 20:20:59 UTC


2017-06-25 20:25:12 UTC

I read it was a delousing agent. I dont know how effective it was.

2017-06-25 20:54:13 UTC

Why do people with downs syndrome look so similar. I've always felt they should have their own village somewhere, just a society of potato people

2017-06-25 20:55:19 UTC


2017-06-25 20:56:10 UTC


2017-06-25 20:58:27 UTC

based blak man

2017-06-25 20:59:59 UTC


2017-06-25 21:00:01 UTC


2017-06-25 21:00:02 UTC


2017-06-25 21:00:02 UTC


2017-06-25 21:02:29 UTC


2017-06-25 21:02:54 UTC

Actual joe


2017-06-25 21:04:47 UTC


2017-06-25 21:45:49 UTC

Yo, my peepee just got hard watching Lauren Southerns new vid.

2017-06-25 23:09:15 UTC


2017-06-25 23:09:46 UTC

Why can't I post media?

2017-06-25 23:10:22 UTC

Not vetted

2017-06-25 23:12:36 UTC

Ask an interrogator, mod, or admin for vetting. Preferably an interrogator as I hear they have quotas.
It involves talking in voice and answering a few questions. No big deal, easy stuff, just need to be able to weed out people who are obviously here to shill.

2017-06-25 23:32:53 UTC

Ok let's do it

2017-06-25 23:33:07 UTC

Shill what mean oppo?

2017-06-25 23:33:16 UTC


2017-06-25 23:36:21 UTC

Anticomm is interesting way to put it, I'm part of a group called SmashCulturalMarxism I suppose it's the same thing?

2017-06-25 23:47:28 UTC

Haha. Looks like the (((organized effort))) to ruin the nuclear family by spreading sexual degeneracy has backfired. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/06/25/women-with-star-david-flags-told-to-leave-chicago-gay-pride-march.html

2017-06-26 00:56:32 UTC

Am I the only one who gets depressed when you try to call someone, and their phone is off, and you get that voice message shit?

2017-06-26 01:02:56 UTC

I know that feel

2017-06-26 01:03:23 UTC

Shit is really depressing, make me not want to even attempt calling said person.

2017-06-26 01:09:34 UTC

Then don't call them

2017-06-26 01:11:14 UTC

Ik, but then it's like, if I don't call them, I don't know if their phones on now or not.

2017-06-26 01:18:16 UTC

Get an app that'll make a phone call at specific time intervals so you don't have to call them yourself

2017-06-26 01:18:49 UTC

Hmm, sounds good. Know of any in particular for iOS

2017-06-26 01:20:38 UTC

I dont use iOS , I have an android

2017-06-26 01:21:02 UTC

Typical weeb.

2017-06-26 01:22:00 UTC

I'm a good goy. I get the (((new))) phone from Apple.

2017-06-26 01:24:08 UTC

Why????? I hate apple products, I don't really see the appeal and I'm not a Fucking weeb

2017-06-26 01:24:30 UTC

I mean, I don't get the new one as soon as they come out I don't see the point.

2017-06-26 01:24:57 UTC

I admit Android is superior af. I just have no need for all the extra shit you can do on Android.

2017-06-26 01:25:46 UTC

You sound like such a normal fag

2017-06-26 01:26:24 UTC

How so?

2017-06-26 01:27:04 UTC

Was is the use of "af". Or using an iPhone, when i'm aware that Android products are better?

2017-06-26 01:27:21 UTC

All of it

2017-06-26 01:28:01 UTC

You're funny man.

2017-06-26 01:28:16 UTC

Given me a few chuckles today.

2017-06-26 01:28:57 UTC

Idk if you're joking or not

2017-06-26 01:29:18 UTC

I'm being unironic.

2017-06-26 01:30:32 UTC

Would you suggest conditioning myself to fap to 2d nips would break me of normieness?

2017-06-26 01:31:19 UTC

I recommend non fiction books in western philosophy, history, and economics

2017-06-26 01:32:21 UTC

You might be taking it a little too far. I'm aware of all the shit this chat is centered around.

2017-06-26 01:32:43 UTC

@RabbiLeo You in Southern Cali?

2017-06-26 01:33:00 UTC

Yup, southern cali master race reporting in

2017-06-26 01:33:20 UTC

How bad is it out there?

2017-06-26 01:33:54 UTC

It's a hell hole of wanton faggotry and social progressivism

2017-06-26 01:34:35 UTC

@RabbiLeo ayyyyyy same here

2017-06-26 01:34:43 UTC

Idk how you deal with it man.

2017-06-26 01:34:48 UTC

What county grim?

2017-06-26 01:34:51 UTC

You from LA? OC?

2017-06-26 01:34:54 UTC


2017-06-26 01:34:57 UTC

It's hard to imagine an environment like that tbh.

2017-06-26 01:35:00 UTC

@Finesse sucks dick my man

2017-06-26 01:35:05 UTC

Riverside county but I take the bus to la county all the time

2017-06-26 01:35:24 UTC

Move to the superior south when?

2017-06-26 01:35:33 UTC

Aight ya Riverside aint too far tbh, have alot of family there

2017-06-26 01:35:53 UTC

@Finesse too many nigs

2017-06-26 01:35:57 UTC


2017-06-26 01:36:03 UTC

I live in the gayest place in riverside, try and guess where

2017-06-26 01:36:24 UTC

Kek idk, not familiar enough with it

2017-06-26 01:37:09 UTC

It's the Coachella valley, home of palm springs the gay oasis in the desert and the festival of hedonism Coachella fest

2017-06-26 01:37:27 UTC

Part of city with almost all whites, and niggers are tame > gay commie hell hole

2017-06-26 01:38:39 UTC

I live in a gay commie hell hole XD

2017-06-26 01:38:49 UTC

I've never ran into an overt liberal in person in my life. That's how nice it is where I am.

2017-06-26 01:39:28 UTC

I've never ran into an overt natsoc in my life that wasn't a 14 year old edge lord

2017-06-26 01:39:41 UTC

That's how bad it is here

2017-06-26 01:40:01 UTC

@RabbiLeo lol that sucks fam

2017-06-26 01:40:06 UTC
2017-06-26 01:41:05 UTC

I'm serious, I wouldn't even make this shit up. Never even ran into any NatSocs before.

2017-06-26 01:41:30 UTC

@Grim - CA that's why on my next days off im gonna do poster work in my area and see if I can get some other anticoms to come out of the woodwork also a good chance to spread propaganda

2017-06-26 01:42:09 UTC

Just about every white person is aware of the nigger problem, and you can outright call niggers out and shit, just about anywhere to random people going about your day

2017-06-26 01:42:38 UTC

Heaven on earth damn

2017-06-26 01:42:44 UTC

@RabbiLeo thats great dude

2017-06-26 01:43:16 UTC

Whats ur idealogy if you dont mind me asking? Both of you

2017-06-26 01:43:16 UTC

Tbh, the most liberal person i've ever met is ironically my neighbor. Fat, beta, literal balding at mid 30s, and is a Bernie supporter.

2017-06-26 01:43:22 UTC


2017-06-26 01:43:26 UTC

Sounds about right

2017-06-26 01:43:38 UTC

Makr sure he dosnt have any violent tendencies

2017-06-26 01:43:43 UTC

Last night I was outside smoking, he walked his dog past me, and I said," How's it going comrade"

2017-06-26 01:43:57 UTC

@Grim - CA I was thinking of doing some in LA county after the 4th of July, would you wanna help out? You don't need to put stuff up or anything but if you have location or content suggestions I'll take them

2017-06-26 01:44:49 UTC

Tried redpilling him on guns when he said all guns should be taken away, even from the police, came outside with my '03 springfield, and showed him a round, and taught him basic physics/ballistics.

2017-06-26 01:45:18 UTC

@RabbiLeo im helping start up a group here for southern cali

2017-06-26 01:45:24 UTC

I'll message you details

2017-06-26 01:45:42 UTC

He felt like police should only have tazers, and I told him a .22 rounds could kill every officer outside your front door before they even knew what was going on.

2017-06-26 01:45:50 UTC

@Finesse redpilling fags like him isnt worth it tbh

2017-06-26 01:46:16 UTC

Yeah, I completely stopped. Now I just subtly berate him when I have the chance.

2017-06-26 01:46:16 UTC

Okay ill be waiting for the pm

2017-06-26 01:48:31 UTC

What part of LA are you in?

2017-06-26 01:49:03 UTC

Remember when LA was 90% white

2017-06-26 01:49:06 UTC

Lol me neither

2017-06-26 01:49:10 UTC


2017-06-26 01:49:32 UTC

I can go through the San gabriel valley and enter the south and work upwards so I can go pretty much anywhere by public transportation

2017-06-26 01:49:53 UTC

Public transport<<<<<<

2017-06-26 01:50:04 UTC


2017-06-26 01:50:05 UTC

Idk how you do it man.

2017-06-26 01:50:12 UTC

You need to make the move bro.

2017-06-26 01:50:33 UTC

It's easier than driving thru traffic besides I also have a ride anywhere besides public transport but it's cheaper to use that the. Waste gas in LA traffic until im leaving

2017-06-26 01:51:16 UTC

As a libertarian I only move around a city through my own faculties and the helpfulness of friends

2017-06-26 01:51:40 UTC

As soon as you ride the bus you become a link in the chain of serfdom

2017-06-26 01:51:45 UTC

Yeah, I understand from that viewpoint. But just imagine, having your own vehicle, SUPER cheap gas, (just went got gas about 15 mins ago, $1.98 atm), hardly any traffic, just feels alot better

2017-06-26 01:52:39 UTC

@D.iogenes Lol, you what are of Texas you in?

2017-06-26 01:53:08 UTC

North of Dallas

2017-06-26 01:53:26 UTC

Flower Mound is the town name

2017-06-26 01:53:35 UTC

How much is gas their atm?

2017-06-26 01:53:40 UTC

Like 1.90

2017-06-26 01:53:45 UTC


2017-06-26 01:53:53 UTC

Pipeline bro

2017-06-26 01:54:12 UTC

Yeah, like I said it 1.98 here also, we have the cheapest gas in the country.

2017-06-26 01:54:15 UTC

Feels good.

2017-06-26 01:54:18 UTC


2017-06-26 01:54:26 UTC

Where you live in Louisiana

2017-06-26 01:54:30 UTC

Baton Rouge

2017-06-26 01:54:43 UTC

At least it isn't New Orleans

2017-06-26 01:54:48 UTC

Ikr, lmfao.

2017-06-26 01:55:01 UTC

Shreveport is nice

2017-06-26 01:55:29 UTC

Most based is Clinton, Jackson, Ethel, Morganza, New Roads, etc.

2017-06-26 01:55:40 UTC

If you know of any of those, best places in Louisiana.

2017-06-26 01:55:51 UTC

I like Alabama more

2017-06-26 01:55:57 UTC

Alabama? Shit tier.

2017-06-26 01:56:04 UTC

We stop in Louisiana on our way to Alabama lol

2017-06-26 01:56:12 UTC

We have property there we vacation at

2017-06-26 01:56:21 UTC

By the beach?

2017-06-26 01:56:29 UTC

Yeah town called Foley

2017-06-26 01:56:42 UTC

Know just where it's at very well. South is comfy as hell.

2017-06-26 01:56:50 UTC

It is

2017-06-26 01:57:05 UTC

Southern Alabama is obv superior to the rest of it

2017-06-26 01:57:12 UTC

Mobile is great

2017-06-26 01:57:14 UTC

Do you ever feel sad for the yanks, knowing theyll never know the superiority of the south?

2017-06-26 01:57:19 UTC

Mobile is shit kek

2017-06-26 01:57:27 UTC

I love Mobile

2017-06-26 01:57:35 UTC

it grew on me

2017-06-26 01:57:42 UTC

Wayyyy to white trash

2017-06-26 01:57:46 UTC

Have you ever been to Jackson MS

2017-06-26 01:57:53 UTC

Yeah, plenty of times.

2017-06-26 01:58:04 UTC

It is so surreal driving through there

2017-06-26 01:58:08 UTC

It's like a ghost town

2017-06-26 01:58:34 UTC

Yup, I used to go out there relatively often growing up

2017-06-26 01:59:08 UTC

We drove through there at around 8 pm on a Friday and the only people we saw on the sidewalks were homeless

2017-06-26 01:59:15 UTC

No traffic, barely any cars

2017-06-26 01:59:26 UTC

Gentrified area near the university is nice

2017-06-26 02:00:10 UTC

Yeah, MS is just really shit man. The textbook definition of southern poverty.

2017-06-26 02:00:17 UTC

Well yeah

2017-06-26 02:00:24 UTC

It is the second poorest state

2017-06-26 02:00:43 UTC

It's last in education if im not mistekn

2017-06-26 02:00:43 UTC

West Virginia is first after the coal mines shut down

2017-06-26 02:01:02 UTC

They have no industry left but food service

2017-06-26 02:01:20 UTC

The nigs there are fucking crazy

2017-06-26 02:02:04 UTC


2017-06-26 02:02:24 UTC

Appalachia is one of the nicest places in America imo

2017-06-26 02:02:27 UTC

Personality wise

2017-06-26 02:02:46 UTC

Yeah? I heard they were a bit rough.

2017-06-26 02:03:04 UTC

Textbook example of a homogenous society helping each other without the government fucking around

2017-06-26 02:03:16 UTC

I used to live in North Georgia

2017-06-26 02:03:31 UTC

And if you become a part of the community you're treated pretty well

2017-06-26 02:03:56 UTC

It's all Irish and Scottish settlers who have lived there for generations

2017-06-26 02:04:33 UTC

Tbh, I don't think I could ever be comfortable moving out from where I am now.

2017-06-26 02:04:42 UTC

Yeah that's natural

2017-06-26 02:04:57 UTC

I wanted to move to Utah but I saw what's happening in Salt Lake

2017-06-26 02:05:00 UTC

And it's gross

2017-06-26 02:05:08 UTC


2017-06-26 02:05:20 UTC

Shit ton of immigrants

2017-06-26 02:05:31 UTC

And they aren't Hispanics

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