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2019-04-03 02:14:45 UTC

In relation to the 10 year Danish Study to show Vaccines do not cause autism, the study was flawed, they did not have access to the psychiatric records did not have ethical permission nor did they have genetic markers.

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2019-07-02 06:04:32 UTC

In fact, the first research paper to offer evidence that vaccines may cause autism was THE first paper ever written on autism. In the 1930’s, Child Psychiatrist Leo Kanner discovered 11 children over the course of several years who displayed a novel set of neurological symptoms that had never been described in the medical literature, where children were withdrawn, uncommunicative and displayed similar odd behaviors. This disorder would become known as β€œautism.” In the paper, Dr. Kanner noted that onset of the disorder began following the administration of a small pox vaccine. This paper, was published in 1943, and evidence that vaccination causes an ever increasing rate of neurological and immunological regressions, including autism, has been mounting from that time until now.

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```Big pharma makes "medicine" out of plastic?```

2019-08-21 00:38:16 UTC

Conspiracy theory becomes conspiracy fact.

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