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2019-04-06 04:04:01 UTC

So much

2019-04-06 04:04:19 UTC


2019-04-06 04:04:22 UTC


2019-04-06 04:04:35 UTC

You worship guru babaji?

2019-04-06 04:04:45 UTC

A hindu guru?

2019-04-06 04:04:56 UTC

With an afro who manifests as a cobra?

2019-04-06 04:05:07 UTC

Hmm not that.

2019-04-06 04:05:15 UTC

And makes gold eggs manifest from his sleeve?

2019-04-06 04:06:07 UTC

Nope i spelled it wrong now i dont want to discuss it here since ive seen you dont talk kindly to other religions.

2019-04-06 04:06:26 UTC

Well I don't necessarily have anything against other religions

2019-04-06 04:06:29 UTC

I really don't

2019-04-06 04:06:46 UTC

Just saying there demons yeah...

2019-04-06 04:06:52 UTC

I was very into Buddhism and Hinduism before

2019-04-06 04:07:31 UTC

At one point

2019-04-06 04:07:46 UTC

And I don't judge or condemn anyone who belongs to another religion

2019-04-06 04:08:35 UTC

Just saying there demons! which i do think is a attack on that religion...

2019-04-06 04:08:48 UTC

But from a Christian perspective there is only one God and by definition any other God must be a demon or not exist. I realize that isn't politically correct but there is no other way to see it from a Christian view. Doesn't mean anyone who worships that is bad person

2019-04-06 04:09:15 UTC

Although God did say "have no other gods before me"

2019-04-06 04:09:23 UTC

Which would mean there are other gods

2019-04-06 04:09:31 UTC

Just don't have any other before me

@The pizza -- THEY'RE = they are <:smart:484956754489376781> m'kay..
-- not "there" (or, their)

2019-04-06 04:10:07 UTC

Oh from a Christian standpoint guess that is ok.

2019-04-06 04:11:11 UTC


you tried coming at me earlier, trying to say 'i' had "poor grammar" ..which i DO NOT ❌


..so..ive corrected > you

on your poopr grammar

3 times, in the last 10 minutes

here, and in the Lounge


dont play dummdummhead

2019-04-06 04:12:22 UTC

Ok you proved it now idc now

2019-04-06 04:12:23 UTC

I want to cuddle you both spiritually tonight

2019-04-06 04:12:36 UTC

Let's agree to spend the night together the 3 of us

<:tomato:507986614010511380> <:tomato:507986614010511380> <:tomato:507986614010511380>

2019-04-06 04:13:06 UTC

that is nice Crusader hope you have a good night.

2019-04-06 04:13:07 UTC

Me crusader you the pizza and Mike flatbird will spend one single night in deep spiritual conmunion

2019-04-06 04:14:13 UTC

We will just spend one night in spiritual communion and we will bond and share and overcome our differences and see if we go to bed thinking of each other we can come together in dreams and blend into one and learn and grow with deep joy

2019-04-06 04:14:22 UTC

Well i got to go nice hanging out with you!

2019-04-06 04:14:30 UTC

Love you pizza

2019-04-06 04:14:35 UTC

God bless you and keep you

2019-04-06 04:15:03 UTC

And set the hedge of protection of Jesus christ about you

2019-04-06 04:15:12 UTC

And you too Mike flatbird

2019-04-06 04:15:17 UTC

I love you so much

2019-04-06 04:15:31 UTC

God bless you and shelter you in the pinion of his wing

2019-04-06 04:15:41 UTC

He will wash you with hyssop and make you white as snow

2019-04-06 04:16:00 UTC

Please pray for me that I too may be cleansed and saved by grace of God

2019-04-06 04:24:58 UTC

Try not to masturbate or view porn

2019-04-06 04:25:17 UTC

It's an opening for demons

2019-04-06 04:27:51 UTC

#flat earth crusaders against Satanism in the name of christ Jesus under YAHUA

i said "Yahuah"

2019-04-06 04:35:00 UTC


2019-04-06 04:36:16 UTC

✝ ✡ 🛐

2019-04-06 05:25:24 UTC

Who want's to debate?

2019-04-06 06:07:44 UTC

Debate what, flat v round?

2019-04-06 06:19:28 UTC


2019-04-06 06:19:55 UTC

ya guys can tag yourself up ya know, too? ..like tags/badges/interests/beliefs//etc 😃

2019-04-06 06:21:14 UTC


iffn ya wanted

2019-04-06 06:21:32 UTC

If earth was flat, how would gravity work

>> <#539316279086022666>

>> <#484538051415113748>

unless ya's dont plan on staying long 😆

2019-04-06 06:22:01 UTC

Or just the concept of things falling down

2019-04-06 06:22:27 UTC

The beautiful flat Earth moves up at all times.

2019-04-06 06:22:37 UTC

So planes can kiss themselves goodbye.

i dont thinks it moves at'all actually...

2019-04-06 06:23:03 UTC

But how do things accelerate, if that was the case, things stay at the same speed

2019-04-06 06:23:41 UTC

Gravity is not real.

2019-04-06 06:23:51 UTC

We just tend to stick to old habbits.

2019-04-06 06:23:54 UTC

But how do things ACELERATE

2019-04-06 06:23:56 UTC

And the ground.

2019-04-06 06:24:22 UTC

Woth a rotor.

2019-04-06 06:24:38 UTC

With plungers.

2019-04-06 06:24:47 UTC


2019-04-06 06:24:59 UTC

Not toilet plungers.

2019-04-06 06:25:03 UTC

You're joking are you?

2019-04-06 06:25:08 UTC


2019-04-06 06:25:13 UTC


2019-04-06 06:25:26 UTC

The second diamendor of dismorph the second.

2019-04-06 06:25:33 UTC

He wrote a book on it.

2019-04-06 06:26:36 UTC

It was an old channel name.

2019-04-06 06:26:59 UTC

Didn't make sense.

2019-04-06 06:28:52 UTC

@The Chucken Noris Globers like you wouldn't understand.

2019-04-06 07:18:59 UTC

The earth is a pentagonal pyramid

2019-04-06 07:19:04 UTC

Change my mind

2019-04-06 07:33:52 UTC

Hello fellow lads

2019-04-06 07:34:45 UTC

I believe that the earth is a furry, because you can see trees from space and it looks like a furry

2019-04-06 07:35:31 UTC

Lmfao thats the best thing ive heared all day except for someone said to me planets arent real and space isnt real

2019-04-06 07:37:40 UTC

We all know that birds don't exist

2019-04-06 07:37:56 UTC

They are meant to spy on us woke people

2019-04-06 07:38:07 UTC

Mind blown

2019-04-06 07:38:25 UTC


2019-04-06 07:39:04 UTC


"planets" = wandering stars
"space" isn't real = the sci-fi "outer space" fairytale you've been told/shown ▬►"isn't really real" 👀

2019-04-06 07:57:14 UTC

I believe i just lost 99% of my braincells by readin that

..you were supposed to have some `_before_ readin that.`

2019-04-06 08:08:51 UTC

hello there

2019-04-06 08:09:17 UTC

hello there my fellow citizen of a planet that looks like a furry

2019-04-06 08:35:55 UTC

Wait, everyone here is joking around yea? Lol

2019-04-06 08:46:12 UTC

No some people are serious lol

2019-04-06 10:32:03 UTC


2019-04-06 11:41:50 UTC

Just wanted to say I never meant to seem like I was making fun of Christianity or anything I'm serious about it increasingly feel satanic conspiracy behind society problems

2019-04-06 11:42:03 UTC

Because of celinnunu, Billie Eillish etc

2019-04-06 12:50:17 UTC

Back to the subject of flat earth

2019-04-06 12:51:13 UTC

Werner von Braun the head of nasa and founder of nasa put this on his tomb stone "the heavens display the glory of God and the firmament showeth his handiwork"

2019-04-06 12:51:18 UTC

From the Bible

2019-04-06 12:51:27 UTC

The firmament is the dome over flat earth

2019-04-06 12:51:40 UTC

In that model

2019-04-06 13:17:12 UTC

Some say rockets can never get to space

2019-04-06 13:17:22 UTC

They just arc and go Into the ocean

2019-04-06 14:06:05 UTC

How can the earth be flat when you can observe the sunset and sunrise ?

2019-04-06 14:47:01 UTC

Globers lack basic scientific knowledge

2019-04-06 15:19:46 UTC

Woah, care to be specific?

2019-04-06 15:30:53 UTC

Supposedly something called conservation of momentum explains it

2019-04-06 15:31:45 UTC

Guys I was just on a #collapse discord and now I think humanity will be extinct in less than 20 years. We are always deep into total collapse. I think we will start seeing it in real time this year

2019-04-06 15:32:03 UTC

If you pay any attention the elites and scientists already know we are doomed and have for a long time

2019-04-06 15:32:28 UTC

So flat earth or round earth we need to prepare and save the world

2019-04-06 15:33:41 UTC

jake, you're a the lad

2019-04-06 15:33:42 UTC

Yep, the world will end any 100 years now.

2019-04-06 15:33:52 UTC

in 20 years

2019-04-06 15:33:58 UTC


2019-04-06 15:34:12 UTC

I thought 2028 was the year to talk about.

2019-04-06 15:35:01 UTC

@Green Knight Do you even think conservation of momentum is real?

2019-04-06 15:36:22 UTC

I don't know because I don't know physics or math and science. Hard to understand how fuel based rocket can work in vacuum but I don't understand how lots of things work

2019-04-06 15:36:36 UTC

Some say rockets never get to space because of the firmament /hard barrier

2019-04-06 15:36:52 UTC

But the SpaceX rocket could be seen reentering atmosphere

2019-04-06 15:37:01 UTC

It's basically like throwing a bowling ball. You're not pushing off the air, you're pushing off the ball and nothing else.

2019-04-06 15:40:44 UTC

If rocket thrusters push off of air, it begs the question: What does the air push off of? You only need two components to get thrust, in this case the rocket and the gas from the thrusters. However, if the gas itself needs to push off of something else, then that something must do the same, and so on and so on. Infinite regression.

2019-04-06 15:47:32 UTC


2019-04-06 15:47:43 UTC

So you think space travel is fundamentally impossible?

2019-04-06 15:47:55 UTC

Some speculate outer space isn't truly a vacuum

2019-04-06 15:48:06 UTC

Craziest theory I've heard is space is liquid / water

2019-04-06 15:48:11 UTC

Some evidence for it even

2019-04-06 15:50:46 UTC

"Genesis 1:6-8
And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. 
And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. 
And God called the firmament Heaven."

2019-04-06 15:50:46 UTC

**Genesis 1:6-8 - New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)**


<6> And God said, "Let there be a dome in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters." <7> So God made the dome and separated the waters that were under the dome from the waters that were above the dome. And it was so. <8> God called the dome Sky. And there was evening and there was morning, the second day. ```

2019-04-06 16:00:39 UTC

So Bible says above heaven /sky /dome is water

2019-04-06 16:01:03 UTC

Also in the international space station footage you can see bubbles rising from astronauts showing they are under water

2019-04-06 16:01:19 UTC

Search international space station bubbles on YouTube

2019-04-06 17:46:29 UTC

They’re not bubbles. They’re small solid particles, most likely bits of water ice.

As the astronauts exit the ISS through the airlock, the air in it is vented to space. As the air expands, it cools (look up “adiabatic expansion”). The water vapor in the air freezes into small ice crystals. These crystals then slowly sublimate, i.e., they turn directly into water vapor, so they do not contribute to the space debris problem.

Here’s an example of humidity freezing into ice crystals as air is vented to (near) vacuum. It occurred during Felix Baumgartner’s jump from the stratosphere. As he opens the hatch, notice the cloud of ice crystals going out the top of the door. Even though the cabin was already vented nearly to ambient pressure, enough air remained inside for the water vapor in it to freeze instantly into enough ice crystals for the camera to see.

2019-04-06 17:46:53 UTC
2019-04-06 17:47:43 UTC

OK but why do the apparent bubbles go straight up like air bubbles rising in water?

2019-04-06 17:47:52 UTC

If frozen ice or whatever would not go straight up

2019-04-06 17:48:26 UTC

There is no gravity in space did you know!

2019-04-06 17:48:42 UTC

Right so they should just float or go in whatever direction there momentum is

2019-04-06 17:48:47 UTC

Not straight up like air bubbles

2019-04-06 17:49:01 UTC

Basically yes

2019-04-06 17:49:15 UTC

So either they are faking it in the huge simulation pool

2019-04-06 17:49:19 UTC

Or space is water

2019-04-06 17:49:36 UTC


2019-04-06 17:49:50 UTC

Also have you heard about that astronaut on the ISS who almost drowned?

2019-04-06 17:49:55 UTC

And now they all have snorkels

2019-04-06 17:50:04 UTC

Hmm give me a link can you?

2019-04-06 17:50:09 UTC

There is still a little bit of gravity at the iss but it is very little so stuff should still move towards earth

2019-04-06 17:50:34 UTC

Yeah again no gravity in space would not make stuff go straight up as if rising in water

2019-04-06 17:50:48 UTC

That would be reverse gravity not no gravity

2019-04-06 17:50:53 UTC

There is no up and down in space

2019-04-06 17:50:55 UTC

In no gravity it would just float in place

2019-04-06 17:51:01 UTC


2019-04-06 17:51:19 UTC

That's why the bubbles going fast up is not consistent with zero g space

2019-04-06 17:51:26 UTC

But consider with underwater

2019-04-06 17:51:33 UTC

Yes pizza I'll find you a link

2019-04-06 17:51:40 UTC

It's an absurd story

2019-04-06 17:51:57 UTC

Depends where the person stands and speed of the object

2019-04-06 17:52:11 UTC

Might be a leak in his drinking bag?

2019-04-06 17:52:29 UTC

When he almost drowned?

2019-04-06 17:53:35 UTC

Heard that could happen

2019-04-06 17:54:13 UTC

Drowning is possible in space for many reasons

2019-04-06 17:54:14 UTC

The other thing is he was supposed to be in space and his family got a call saying hurry he is in the hospital almost drowned

2019-04-06 17:54:32 UTC

And the family was like wtf he's supposed to be on the ISS

2019-04-06 17:54:38 UTC

So how did he get to the hospital

2019-04-06 17:55:29 UTC

Link? NASA Has underwater testing facilities in Houston Which they send astronauts to swim with the water and do tests or whatever @Green Knight

2019-04-06 17:56:03 UTC

its called the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory

2019-04-06 17:58:22 UTC

Yes many people suspect the ISS is faked in that laboratory

2019-04-06 17:58:37 UTC

Can't find the story version I read before

2019-04-06 17:59:23 UTC

"harrowing spacewalk on July 16, 2013, in which water flooded the spacesuit helmet of Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano"

2019-04-06 18:01:29 UTC

If you read all of it it says it was a water leak was a clogged filter

2019-04-06 18:01:36 UTC

That was because there was water in the suit and it happened to caused water to leak

2019-04-06 18:01:52 UTC

Yea a water leak from a filter

2019-04-06 18:01:57 UTC


2019-04-06 18:04:31 UTC

@Green Knight Have you given up finally?

2019-04-06 18:05:56 UTC

Yeah I know they say the leak was from within his suit

2019-04-06 18:05:59 UTC

And I'm sure it was

2019-04-06 18:06:08 UTC

I'm not necessarily sold on space as water

2019-04-06 18:07:04 UTC

I just find an interesting chain of evidence. 1. The Bible says above the sky is water 2. New science says space could be liquid 3. ISS videos appear to show air bubbles rising as if underwater 4. Astronaut almost drowns in space

2019-04-06 18:07:14 UTC

But I know it's a big stretch

2019-04-06 18:07:37 UTC

There are quite a few YouTube videos on the subject of space as water but I don't want to post them until I can watch

2019-04-06 18:08:18 UTC

Bye i going to watch some youtube

2019-04-06 18:08:25 UTC

Enjoy friend

2019-04-06 18:10:51 UTC

Two YouTube videos about space as water

2019-04-06 19:28:09 UTC

I build and design rockets

2019-04-06 20:08:41 UTC
2019-04-06 20:08:44 UTC


2019-04-06 20:08:50 UTC

Let's start with 1

2019-04-06 20:09:29 UTC


2019-04-06 20:09:35 UTC

1 and 2 are basically just archimedes principle

2019-04-06 20:09:48 UTC

It doesn't matter if the body's density is changed or the mediums, the effect is the same

2019-04-06 20:09:54 UTC

When you add more balloons tou are not changing the density

2019-04-06 20:10:07 UTC

The combined density of you plus the balloons changes density

2019-04-06 20:10:12 UTC

Because there is more helium, but also more volume aka balloons

2019-04-06 20:10:19 UTC

To hold it in

2019-04-06 20:10:22 UTC

mass divided by volume is density

2019-04-06 20:10:42 UTC

But it doesn't change

2019-04-06 20:10:53 UTC

Let's say every one balloon is the same density

2019-04-06 20:11:31 UTC

If you have 2 balloons the density doesnt change

2019-04-06 20:11:39 UTC

come on vc

2019-04-06 20:11:43 UTC

Because mass and volume increase at the same rate

2019-04-06 20:11:53 UTC

no they don't

2019-04-06 20:11:57 UTC

I cant now

2019-04-06 20:12:25 UTC


2019-04-06 20:12:35 UTC

I mean in the example with the balloons

2019-04-06 20:13:47 UTC

You are about 100kg and you occupy about 0.07 m^3
Each balloon will be n x 0.01 m^3 so for every balloon you add the amount of volume will increase but the amount of mass increase will be smaller and you will reach a threshold where the combined density will be lower than 1.2kg/m^3 at which point you will ascend

2019-04-06 20:14:00 UTC

Shall we move on to 3 now?

2019-04-06 20:14:45 UTC

Why would mass be smaller

2019-04-06 20:14:59 UTC

mass to volume ratio decreases

2019-04-06 20:15:01 UTC


2019-04-06 20:15:03 UTC

Each balloon has the same amount of helium

2019-04-06 20:16:08 UTC

man(100 / 0.07) + n x (0.001 / 0.01)

2019-04-06 20:16:15 UTC

density = mass / volume

2019-04-06 20:17:03 UTC

by adding more ballons you are increasing the volume, but the total mass does not increase significantly, in fact the amount of mass you are adding is less than the equivalent amount of mass you would be adding if you added balloons of air.

2019-04-06 20:17:30 UTC

Ok let's use easier numbers I am lost

2019-04-06 20:17:39 UTC

One balloon is 3 kilos

2019-04-06 20:17:48 UTC

man = 100kg mass, 0.07 m^3 volume

2019-04-06 20:17:55 UTC

n = number of balloons

2019-04-06 20:18:05 UTC

0.0001kg = mass of balloon full of helium

2019-04-06 20:18:20 UTC

0.01 m^3 = volume of balloon

2019-04-06 20:18:40 UTC


2019-04-06 20:19:53 UTC

so do you concur that were I to attach a sufficient number 'n' of helium balloons to myself, I would ascend, yes?

2019-04-06 20:19:53 UTC

So mass of one balloon is 0.0001/0.01

2019-04-06 20:19:58 UTC

I mean density

2019-04-06 20:20:06 UTC

about that

2019-04-06 20:20:29 UTC

Density of two balloons is 0.0002/0.02

2019-04-06 20:20:32 UTC

depends on what sort of balloon you're using, what material, rigid or inflatable

2019-04-06 20:20:36 UTC

Or simplified the same thing

2019-04-06 20:20:49 UTC


2019-04-06 20:21:17 UTC

density of two balloons is 0.0001/0.01 + 0.0001/0.01

2019-04-06 20:21:25 UTC


2019-04-06 20:21:32 UTC


2019-04-06 20:21:33 UTC

which is the same as 0.0002/0.01

2019-04-06 20:21:48 UTC

The mass increases, not the density.

2019-04-06 20:21:53 UTC

What's 1/2 + 1/2 ?

2019-04-06 20:22:00 UTC

You have to do the mass and the volume of the ENTIRE system

2019-04-06 20:22:03 UTC

The total buoyant force increases, though.

2019-04-06 20:22:29 UTC

and even forgetting the math it's common sense that volume increases

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