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2019-02-24 02:17:57 UTC

im curious

I'm hear to give u what u want

2019-02-24 02:18:05 UTC

@­čąŁLoganTheKiwiMaster­čąŁ What is your understanding of the flat earth model?

The truth

My understanding of the flat Earth model is that it is unlogical

Light doesn't bend like that

2019-02-24 02:18:32 UTC

smh guys why do my questions get ignored

2019-02-24 02:18:37 UTC


Light can't bend around some invisible dome

2019-02-24 02:18:47 UTC

ItÔÇÖs obvious you havenÔÇÖt done any research

2019-02-24 02:18:56 UTC


2019-02-24 02:18:56 UTC

Alright, @taealerlene has been warned for '**Capital letters**'.

2019-02-24 02:19:03 UTC

oops sorry



I'm not thinking, I've been sick all day

Srry for my miswording of vocabulary

2019-02-24 02:19:43 UTC

a lot of people don't think

Like u

2019-02-24 02:19:50 UTC

most people don't question anything

2019-02-24 02:19:55 UTC

they just do what they are told

2019-02-24 02:20:15 UTC

ok well im questioning the flat earrth stuff and am being ignored, so i dont see a point in questioning round earth either

Child, I'm not an idiot

2019-02-24 02:20:55 UTC

@The Gwench IDK if you saw, but I'm pretty clearly of the opinion that NASA did indeed make it to the moon multiple times.

I don't know how u got that we r being controlled by the government

2019-02-24 02:21:16 UTC

I got you @gohan

2019-02-24 02:21:27 UTC


2019-02-24 02:21:29 UTC

ignored again :,,)

2019-02-24 02:21:38 UTC

guys i jsut wanna know why earth is the only flat planet

Would u pls answer my friend

2019-02-24 02:21:42 UTC

you gotta have somethign

Avoiding questions ruins ur argument

2019-02-24 02:22:23 UTC

log wait for them to answer dont be rude

Only stating facts tea

2019-02-24 02:22:47 UTC

I canÔÇÖt answer that question. Just because we. CanÔÇÖt doesnÔÇÖt disprove flat earth

2019-02-24 02:22:57 UTC

ok ty for answering

Lemme think I have more questions

2019-02-24 02:23:25 UTC

I suggest you scroll back up and re-read what I type early and think about it and look at the FE Core experiments

2019-02-24 02:23:34 UTC

Ask questions about our model...why we believe the globe earth is a lie

2019-02-24 02:23:36 UTC

@The Gwench Do you have any questiond about my belief about the moon landings?

2019-02-24 02:23:37 UTC

earlier *

How does light bend around an invisible done


2019-02-24 02:24:09 UTC

Not really. I feel youÔÇÖve been fooled like I used to be. @gohan

And what happens to the middle of the flat Earth bc it clearly is day time 24/7 there

2019-02-24 02:24:34 UTC

Dang, okay. I feel insulted by that statement

@gohan don't worry done be manipulated

Ppl have landed on the moon

2019-02-24 02:25:07 UTC

@gohan Sorry

Where does the millions spent on missions go

2019-02-24 02:25:18 UTC

Good question

2019-02-24 02:25:29 UTC

i have a question: why does the govt spread the round earth theory to control us? why not something else?

2019-02-24 02:25:49 UTC

No man or man-made object has ever been in "outer space" or landed on the moon. That was all science fiction fantasy. It was filmed in a large hanger here on earth.


Why would they waste time on that

What's the point in lying

2019-02-24 02:26:19 UTC

im sorry i fail to see how that answered my question, unless that was the answer to logs question

2019-02-24 02:26:23 UTC

"outer space" does not exist in the manner you have been told

Then what r we seeing

2019-02-24 02:26:42 UTC

can you pls explain how it exists then ya??

What about the Hubble telescope

What's the point in the years of research

U can easily go to a space station and there not be any suspicious activity

2019-02-24 02:27:16 UTC

since the late 1800s science fiction novels, films, video games, TV and all sort of other media / entertainments have been used to thought-control you

2019-02-24 02:27:40 UTC

ok ok i get that, but if they're all lying how do you guys think space is like

Think about how advanced we were with movie filming

We could not film something so realistic back then

With all those "effects"

2019-02-24 02:28:07 UTC

There is no Hubble Space Telescope in outer space - there is the SOFIA - a large telescope is mounted inside of a 747. That is the real Hubble.

Why do u guys waste ur time thinking everything is a lie

And make our world sound worse than it is

Its like u want it to be the truth

2019-02-24 02:29:15 UTC

as for satellites - again there is nothing in space - as it doesn't exist the way you were taught
NASA and other group launch high altitude balloons which equipment / instrumentation attached to them

2019-02-24 02:29:45 UTC

ok if it doesnt exist how i was taught then how is it actually, you keep saying that but give me nothing to make me think its different.

2019-02-24 02:29:53 UTC

besides those, ground-based towers and dishes, undersea cables and other airborne platform handle all communications etc.

2019-02-24 02:29:55 UTC

im just trying to question everything like yall said to

2019-02-24 02:31:23 UTC


2019-02-24 02:31:33 UTC

also if the earth is flat why do the stars and constellations we see in the southern hemisphere differ from those we see in the northern hemisphere

2019-02-24 02:31:34 UTC


2019-02-24 02:32:02 UTC

"pseudolites theory" keyword is theory, theory doesnt equal fact

I'm thinking that the dome is thought to be our atmosphere

2019-02-24 02:32:30 UTC

the stars seen below "the equator" are the same stars seen towards the center of the disk just slightly distorted

How does the sun and moon orbit in the dome

How do we stick to the ground

What about the radiation from the sun

Where do the shadows of the moon come from

2019-02-24 02:33:25 UTC

well ya there the same stars, but if the earth was a flat disc then shouldnt they all appear the same no matter where you are, woudlnt there be no distortion?

2019-02-24 02:33:44 UTC

@­čąŁLoganTheKiwiMaster­čąŁ Keep to one question the at a time or I will mute you. Just rude.


Nothin Is adding up


2019-02-24 02:35:01 UTC

what you call shadows cannot be confirmed as shadows... personally I think of the phases of the moon as being more similar the charging of a battery - the sun and moon are in a give and take relationship

2019-02-24 02:35:25 UTC

wait so does that mean half the moon just goes away when it runs out of charge


2019-02-24 02:36:03 UTC

either that is your cognitive dissonance
you being brainwashed all your life
you aren't looking at all the things I am showing you at all or at least not with an open mind

2019-02-24 02:36:12 UTC

lastly perhaps you are a paid troll

2019-02-24 02:36:15 UTC

either way I don't care

Uh no

2019-02-24 02:36:22 UTC

im just curious, i dont understand how that would work

2019-02-24 02:36:23 UTC

I am not going to spend anymore time on you right now

2019-02-24 02:36:29 UTC

no need to insult me

­čśé­čśé­čśépaid troll?

2019-02-24 02:36:34 UTC

if you want to know about flat earth look at the stuff I posted

2019-02-24 02:36:42 UTC

if not ­čĹő

2019-02-24 02:36:49 UTC

@taealerlene you are not questioning your belief system. You are questioning the alternative cuz of your cognitive bias

2019-02-24 02:37:06 UTC

you guys arent questioning yours either?

She had questions and the answers aren't adding up

2019-02-24 02:37:17 UTC

you're telling me the earth is flat and not questioning that


2019-02-24 02:37:23 UTC

why should i question round earth

2019-02-24 02:37:26 UTC

We questioned are old belief system.

2019-02-24 02:37:34 UTC

@taealerlene We used to be just like you.

2019-02-24 02:37:37 UTC

why not question the new one?

2019-02-24 02:37:40 UTC

we were all believers in the globe like you

2019-02-24 02:37:46 UTC

wasnt it yall that told me to questions everything

2019-02-24 02:37:50 UTC

that includes new and old

2019-02-24 02:37:54 UTC

and it wasn't easy coming to the truth of the earth being flat

Stop being rude

2019-02-24 02:38:07 UTC

That's not how u talk to girls

2019-02-24 02:38:12 UTC

way to be respectful, you dont see me resorting to petty comments.

I'm not being rude

2019-02-24 02:38:16 UTC

Done coddling you

From the start u kept calling me an idiot and saying I was in a satanic cult

2019-02-24 02:38:27 UTC

@­čąŁLoganTheKiwiMaster­čąŁ easy. IÔÇÖm warning you

2019-02-24 02:38:52 UTC

so we can only question the round earth and the moment I question yours Im a biased idiot? Im sorry but that doesnt add up.

2019-02-24 02:38:53 UTC

Stfu already and question the mainstream bullshit. Or dont. Up to you.

@The Gwench how come I can be called an idiot

2019-02-24 02:39:22 UTC

Im questioning all of it, but apparently that makes me an idoit.

2019-02-24 02:39:31 UTC

@Citizen Z remember mission statement

2019-02-24 02:39:37 UTC

Yes dont ask us twenty questions. Look it up. Prove your own belief system. We are not here to convince u

2019-02-24 02:39:58 UTC

@The Gwench I remember it quite well.

2019-02-24 02:40:06 UTC

Ok. ­čśâ

We can back things up, but u guys just spam a bunch of videos

2019-02-24 02:40:17 UTC

personally, i think if you're going to believe something that is outside of the norma you should be able to hold a decent conversation, but apparently thats not the case. I guess none of us win huh

2019-02-24 02:40:23 UTC

They are ignoring all research

And going on ur side of things, those videos r fake

They aren't scientific

2019-02-24 02:40:43 UTC

so are you, you're ignoring research that proves the earth to be round

2019-02-24 02:40:44 UTC

Dwelling on their indoctrination

2019-02-24 02:40:49 UTC


2019-02-24 02:40:52 UTC

pretty hypocritical if you ask me

Stop cursing at us

2019-02-24 02:41:07 UTC

@­čąŁLoganTheKiwiMaster­čąŁ How would you know which ones are fake and which ones arenÔÇÖt?

2019-02-24 02:41:09 UTC

U shut up.too

Cursing shows ignorance towards vocabulary, putting ppl down to idiot is ignorant too

2019-02-24 02:41:30 UTC

like i came here with an open mind, im asking you guys fair questions but the moment you dont have an answer ***i*** become the idiot

2019-02-24 02:41:31 UTC

yes, stop cursing at them - don't waste your time - just ban the trolls XD

2019-02-24 02:41:31 UTC

@Citizen Z please no insults.

@The Gwench how would u know

2019-02-24 02:41:34 UTC

You think I just woke up and decided to be a flat earther?

2019-02-24 02:41:59 UTC


2019-02-24 02:42:06 UTC

Good idea. Its been hours and they never looked at anything i posted

2019-02-24 02:42:19 UTC

@­čąŁLoganTheKiwiMaster­čąŁ did '**Unspecified.**' and got the ban hammer! <:CHECK6:403540120181145611>

2019-02-24 02:42:30 UTC
2019-02-24 02:42:31 UTC

@taealerlene did '**Unspecified.**' and got the ban hammer! <:CHECK6:403540120181145611>

2019-02-24 02:42:41 UTC

indeed, they don't appear to be looking at anything - they just seem to rattle off the same questions as its its on their script

2019-02-24 02:42:42 UTC

@­čąŁLoganTheKiwiMaster­čąŁ Believe it or not, but I too went through a lot of denial before realizing the truth. We are being lied to.

2019-02-24 02:43:06 UTC

This isn't a daycare

2019-02-24 02:43:36 UTC

If someone asks questions and gets answers then refuses to look..its a lost cause

2019-02-24 02:43:38 UTC

Shit. I was speaking to thin air. ­čś«

2019-02-24 02:44:03 UTC


2019-02-24 02:44:03 UTC

Banning is best for them

2019-02-24 02:44:17 UTC


2019-02-24 02:44:37 UTC

I'm not here to answer a million of the same questions

2019-02-24 02:44:38 UTC

Can they come back if they want?

2019-02-24 02:44:54 UTC

Over and over

2019-02-24 02:45:04 UTC

Remember. You used to be just like them.

2019-02-24 02:45:20 UTC

Yes then I was banned.

2019-02-24 02:45:27 UTC

Then i changed.

2019-02-24 02:45:34 UTC

I don't think I was ever like that... hehe

2019-02-24 02:45:37 UTC

Me too. But I was a sweet troll. ­čśâ

2019-02-24 02:45:38 UTC

not that bad

2019-02-24 02:45:45 UTC

I have always had an open mind

2019-02-24 02:45:47 UTC

Yeah and I was never that bad

2019-02-24 02:55:16 UTC

That was... interesting

2019-02-24 02:56:25 UTC

@gohan Yes it was. Lol

2019-02-24 02:56:42 UTC

It feels nice to smile lol

2019-02-24 02:56:53 UTC


2019-02-24 02:58:19 UTC

Smiling feels nice. Also a bit weird

2019-02-24 02:58:34 UTC

Why weird?

2019-02-24 02:59:42 UTC

I uh, haven't smiled in quite a while. Not much reason to do so came up

2019-02-24 03:00:00 UTC

ThatÔÇÖs really sad gohan

2019-02-24 03:00:10 UTC


2019-02-24 03:00:15 UTC

Hey, this server got me to smile

2019-02-24 03:00:18 UTC

So it's all good

2019-02-24 03:00:36 UTC

What are you smiling about?

2019-02-24 03:01:13 UTC

Those two that just got banned

2019-02-24 03:01:23 UTC

I'm not sure why, but I found it pretty funny

2019-02-24 03:01:55 UTC

They needed to be banned. They will be back. ­čśé

2019-02-24 03:02:03 UTC


2019-02-24 03:02:53 UTC

I would like it if they can ask why we believe we are being lied to. ItÔÇÖs easier to answer that.

2019-02-24 03:03:36 UTC

They ask idiotic questions that we donÔÇÖt have the answer to. They know it.

2019-02-24 03:03:43 UTC

Yeah. People tend to go for the tricky questions first

2019-02-24 03:04:12 UTC

If you dont believe in the round earth why dont you just goto space

2019-02-24 03:04:19 UTC

Just fly there

2019-02-24 03:04:23 UTC


2019-02-24 03:04:29 UTC


2019-02-24 03:04:49 UTC

Earth is round derp

2019-02-24 03:05:23 UTC

Look at the ocean -Herpy Derp

2019-02-24 03:05:33 UTC

@Citizen Z Gohan still believes the moon landings are real. ­čśó

2019-02-24 03:05:52 UTC

Obviously the sun is 400 times bigger than the moon. -Derp

2019-02-24 03:06:00 UTC

Out of curiosity, if you were sent to space, and saw the Earth being round (all hypothetical), would you still hold to your beliefs?

2019-02-24 03:06:14 UTC

I don't hold beliefs

2019-02-24 03:06:18 UTC

You do.

2019-02-24 03:06:27 UTC

That seems fairly condescending

2019-02-24 03:06:35 UTC


2019-02-24 03:06:40 UTC


2019-02-24 03:06:48 UTC

Earth is round derp

2019-02-24 03:06:55 UTC


2019-02-24 03:07:12 UTC

(but also ISRO, JAXA, ESA, CNSA, ISA, etc.)

2019-02-24 03:07:16 UTC

Cuz the big bang

2019-02-24 03:07:57 UTC

Lol. Did you know 30 people are employed for Chinese space agency

2019-02-24 03:08:12 UTC

(CNSA is Canada)

2019-02-24 03:08:15 UTC

Around 2000 ppl for ESA

2019-02-24 03:08:30 UTC

Canada doesnt launch anything

2019-02-24 03:08:44 UTC

Cdn space agency is a farce ­čÖä

2019-02-24 03:09:49 UTC

14 Canadian astronauts

2019-02-24 03:10:00 UTC

I was so proud of my cousin because he did his practicum at the cdn space agency.

2019-02-24 03:10:07 UTC

Pretty easy to get 14 ppl to lie

2019-02-24 03:10:25 UTC

His next practicum was at Walt Disney ­čÖä

2019-02-24 03:10:59 UTC

You believe a bunch of bullshit

2019-02-24 03:11:09 UTC

How the fuck those 2 practicum even have anything in common?

2019-02-24 03:11:14 UTC

You hold beliefs

2019-02-24 03:11:17 UTC

Not me

2019-02-24 03:11:26 UTC

Silly flat earthers

2019-02-24 03:11:39 UTC
2019-02-24 03:11:40 UTC

Hobbeswyn#4591 (239798809108938763) is now muted for '**Unspecified.**', alright? <:THUMBSUP6:403560443345371137>

2019-02-24 03:11:41 UTC

@Hobbeswyn Hey how are you

2019-02-24 03:13:06 UTC

You silly globies cant explain shit

2019-02-24 03:13:12 UTC




2019-02-24 03:13:33 UTC


2019-02-24 03:13:52 UTC

Explain that. A verifiable photo

2019-02-24 03:16:09 UTC


2019-02-24 03:16:20 UTC

Do you guys have some advice for me?

2019-02-24 03:16:40 UTC

My mum is a glober

2019-02-24 03:17:04 UTC

But I donÔÇÖt want her to be and I want her to believe in the truth

2019-02-24 03:19:48 UTC

@Dusty Garlic What is your truth?

2019-02-24 03:20:02 UTC

The flat earth

2019-02-24 03:20:25 UTC


2019-02-24 03:21:06 UTC

The flat earth. Of course. What is your understanding of flat earth model?

2019-02-24 03:21:40 UTC

Well I know there is like a dome around the top

2019-02-24 03:22:03 UTC

And obviously the ice wall

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