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2019-04-13 01:54:25 UTC

young Marilyn monro!

2019-04-13 01:54:43 UTC

She say do you love me i tell her i am Hamburger.

2019-04-13 01:54:48 UTC

you need a cumrag Hamburger? you spilled your fuckin j20 on your razwr keyboard? brainlet?

2019-04-13 01:54:59 UTC

Wow! Good one, Betsy!

๐Ÿ” <:BigSmiles:556070613224259594>

2019-04-13 01:55:13 UTC

thankyou MOKHIT

2019-04-13 01:55:39 UTC

I need to have eye opening moment

2019-04-13 01:55:43 UTC

i'm going to hunt you down mike, and force feed you the intravenous fluid of your loved ones

2019-04-13 01:55:51 UTC

But I am falling asleep

2019-04-13 01:56:03 UTC

then sleep.

2019-04-13 01:56:05 UTC

you will dream

2019-04-13 01:56:09 UTC

and i will be there.

2019-04-13 01:56:16 UTC

to remind you of your mistakes.

2019-04-13 01:56:20 UTC

I don't want to dream

2019-04-13 01:56:25 UTC

I want to be woke

2019-04-13 01:56:33 UTC

you don;'t have a choice anymore, Hamburger

2019-04-13 01:56:36 UTC

you never did.

2019-04-13 01:57:07 UTC

I will join a religion

2019-04-13 01:57:16 UTC

every decision you make, every letter you type, every electron that passes from you to your surroundings is a predetermined action.

2019-04-13 01:57:19 UTC

Pray long days and nights

2019-04-13 01:57:36 UTC

Hamburger I will literally gouge your eyes out with a curtain rod and encircle you in bull's meat and salt you up till I can unleash the poop shoot and have your skin on a spear, chocolate intact, from my bottom, and you will be whipped in Hell by Satan for the entire Mongol Empire to see. Idiot.

2019-04-13 01:57:38 UTC

Then one day human sheeple will come to me

โœ <:BigSmiles:556070613224259594> ๐Ÿ’ญ

2019-04-13 01:57:43 UTC

In the form of a tiger

2019-04-13 01:57:48 UTC

whether you will decide to follow your desires or remain in this bludgeoned state, it is predetermined.

2019-04-13 01:57:48 UTC

And make me woke

2019-04-13 01:58:06 UTC

Alright, @hamburger has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-04-13 01:58:12 UTC


2019-04-13 01:58:14 UTC


2019-04-13 01:58:15 UTC


2019-04-13 01:58:17 UTC


2019-04-13 01:58:19 UTC

you follow a storyline. is it bad or good? tell me, Hamburger.

2019-04-13 01:58:28 UTC

It is good

2019-04-13 01:58:37 UTC

Because sheeple is good

2019-04-13 01:58:48 UTC

And I believe I am good

2019-04-13 01:58:54 UTC

is your storyline getting better? worse? is it on the descent or are you reaching its climax?

2019-04-13 01:58:54 UTC

He will heal me

2019-04-13 01:59:13 UTC

@curious betsy I don't believe in climate change

2019-04-13 01:59:27 UTC

He. He who heals all, He who brings light and He who brings darkness

2019-04-13 01:59:30 UTC


2019-04-13 01:59:40 UTC

climate change is as real as the rest of us, Hamburger.

2019-04-13 01:59:47 UTC

make of that what you will.

2019-04-13 01:59:53 UTC

It does not speak

2019-04-13 01:59:57 UTC

im 11 and this is deep

2019-04-13 02:00:08 UTC

ok discord user red pill

2019-04-13 02:00:09 UTC

It does not tell me it wishes for change as i do

2019-04-13 02:00:39 UTC

do you wish for change Hamburger? or do you simply find yourself dissatisfied?

2019-04-13 02:00:57 UTC

I would like to change a fundamental part of my life

2019-04-13 02:01:18 UTC

Maybe brushing my teeth after breakfast is a start...

2019-04-13 02:01:23 UTC


2019-04-13 02:01:33 UTC
2019-04-13 02:01:36 UTC

Here is

2019-04-13 02:01:41 UTC

do you seek enlightenment, or just a change of pace? do you want the world to change or is clean teeth all you will achieve?

2019-04-13 02:01:41 UTC

The MotherFuking

2019-04-13 02:01:43 UTC


2019-04-13 02:02:06 UTC


2019-04-13 02:02:08 UTC


2019-04-13 02:02:11 UTC

if the earth is flat how do teeth exist?

2019-04-13 02:02:12 UTC

I want to change the world with my newfound teeth

2019-04-13 02:02:20 UTC

Maybe eat a Macintosh

2019-04-13 02:02:25 UTC


2019-04-13 02:02:33 UTC

sink your teeth into the earth, Hamburger. make your marks, dent its surface.

2019-04-13 02:02:35 UTC

I WIll eat you

2019-04-13 02:03:14 UTC

eat that computer. and with every shard of glass that impales your forked tongue, remember the words i spoke to you.

2019-04-13 02:03:48 UTC

follow your dreams; but never fail to be skeptical of your true aims, Hamburger.

2019-04-13 02:04:06 UTC


2019-04-13 02:04:10 UTC

your past will catch up to you, your future will escape you.

2019-04-13 02:04:49 UTC

but as long as you never doubt that what you want is what you want, and that you are a good person with good intentions.

2019-04-13 02:04:50 UTC

Wow, betsy

2019-04-13 02:04:55 UTC

you will be okay.

2019-04-13 02:05:01 UTC

I need to pee

2019-04-13 02:05:07 UTC

pee, Hamburger.

2019-04-13 02:05:15 UTC


2019-04-13 02:05:18 UTC


2019-04-13 02:05:44 UTC

pee, Hamburger.

2019-04-13 02:05:49 UTC

Come to the other side.

2019-04-13 02:05:51 UTC


2019-04-13 02:05:54 UTC


2019-04-13 02:06:01 UTC

Guzzle your pee, Hamburger.

2019-04-13 02:06:02 UTC
2019-04-13 02:06:03 UTC

MOKHIT BOOGDAN LOVER#6247 (467108270537048064) is now muted for '**Unspecified.**', alright? <:THUMBSUP6:403560443345371137>

2019-04-13 02:06:07 UTC

pain is necessary, Hamburger.

2019-04-13 02:06:22 UTC

without pain, we would not feel the absence of pain.

2019-04-13 02:06:43 UTC

like yin and yang; like light and dark; like life and death.

2019-04-13 02:07:07 UTC

your pee is your sins. they are escaping you. with seething resistance.

2019-04-13 02:07:12 UTC

pee, Hamburger.

2019-04-13 02:07:19 UTC

Prove it

2019-04-13 02:07:20 UTC

release the burdens of your past.

2019-04-13 02:07:50 UTC

But what if you are a burden

2019-04-13 02:08:04 UTC
2019-04-13 02:08:10 UTC

the truth is within you, i am but a vessel to guide you. you may accept that or leave it; but fate will not look upon you fondly, either way.

2019-04-13 02:08:37 UTC

Fate? More like g a t e

2019-04-13 02:08:53 UTC

that is supremely unfunny, riptide.

2019-04-13 02:09:19 UTC

Forgive me, Curious Betsy

2019-04-13 02:09:21 UTC

who here is a nazi???

2019-04-13 02:09:34 UTC

Look in the mirror, sir

2019-04-13 02:09:44 UTC

ohhh smooth

2019-04-13 02:09:45 UTC

you are neither forgiven nor unforgiven. no crime was committed.

2019-04-13 02:10:05 UTC


2019-04-13 02:10:12 UTC

Thank you, Curious betsy kun

2019-04-13 02:10:15 UTC

Iโ€™m reading the nazi book

2019-04-13 02:10:26 UTC

Hamburger is gone.

2019-04-13 02:10:40 UTC

Godspeed, Hamburger Guy.

2019-04-13 02:10:46 UTC

But any way don't be a nazi or a soy boy repbulican who lives off brain force

2019-04-13 02:11:04 UTC

May I call you simply, Betsy Kun @curious betsy

2019-04-13 02:12:27 UTC

Guys I'm hudyfjfjfufjgjggjkttitifi

2019-04-13 02:12:44 UTC

@curious betsy Please respond soon, I must know this information

2019-04-13 02:12:56 UTC

you may. it does not effect me, riptide.

2019-04-13 02:13:12 UTC

hey guys

2019-04-13 02:13:12 UTC

Hamburger. How was your Pee, Hamburger

2019-04-13 02:13:32 UTC

shoot i put so much brain force from my good freind Alex, only i now have brain waves the microwaved my cat when it walked passed, any way this is not real well live in the matrix where super advaned lizard folk suck out or brain force to make money on Neko pats

2019-04-13 02:13:38 UTC

Thank you for granting me this, It brings me much joy, Betsy Kun.

2019-04-13 02:13:56 UTC

It was ok

2019-04-13 02:13:59 UTC

guys i need to know if this is a ligit flat earth chat because i dont mess around

2019-04-13 02:14:01 UTC

Some didn't come out

2019-04-13 02:14:23 UTC


2019-04-13 02:14:25 UTC

you carry sins with you still. that is not a bad thing

2019-04-13 02:14:34 UTC


2019-04-13 02:14:35 UTC

Yes, very bad.

2019-04-13 02:14:40 UTC

No I think it's an infection

2019-04-13 02:14:57 UTC

without negatives, positives will have no contrast.

2019-04-13 02:15:06 UTC

maybe see a doctor about that, Hamburger.

2019-04-13 02:15:17 UTC

Without light, there would be no dark

2019-04-13 02:15:30 UTC

old friend MOKHIT says halloj from beyond the grey.

2019-04-13 02:15:48 UTC


2019-04-13 02:15:50 UTC

Yes, please seek the nearest medical treatment from a professional soon, Hamburger

2019-04-13 02:15:53 UTC

precisely, Riptide.

2019-04-13 02:16:02 UTC

I called an ambulance

2019-04-13 02:16:02 UTC

on both previous statements.

2019-04-13 02:16:44 UTC

tell them your name is Karll Omaha, and that you have a meeting at six.

2019-04-13 02:16:52 UTC

they will Understand.

2019-04-13 02:17:02 UTC

Truly, they shall.

2019-04-13 02:17:09 UTC

"He that is wounded in the stones, or hath his privy member cut off, shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord."(Deuteronomy 23:1)

2019-04-13 02:17:10 UTC

**Deuteronomy 23:1 - New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)**

Those Excluded from the Assembly

<1> No one whose testicles are crushed or whose penis is cut off shall be admitted to the assembly of the Lord. ```

2019-04-13 02:17:26 UTC

sorry yall arnt invited

2019-04-13 02:17:35 UTC

I gave them urine sample

2019-04-13 02:17:41 UTC

It is fine, thank you anyway, Fine Fez

2019-04-13 02:17:51 UTC

the Diagnosis, Hamburger?

2019-04-13 02:17:54 UTC

They said it was sugar

2019-04-13 02:18:02 UTC

I might be diabetic

2019-04-13 02:18:15 UTC

well Fine Fez, i believe we are all safe because the concept of god is entirely abstract and null.

2019-04-13 02:18:22 UTC

Oh no, this is truly disturbing news, Hamburger

2019-04-13 02:18:45 UTC

rats are full of insulin. eat a rat, Hamburger

2019-04-13 02:19:03 UTC

But for real I got a pint of blood tests today for diabetes so yeah I feel weak

2019-04-13 02:19:26 UTC

Oh Damn. prayers, Hamburger.

2019-04-13 02:19:46 UTC

diabetes is simply your pancreas corroding, Hamburger. do not fret.

2019-04-13 02:19:57 UTC

Have you been getting enough rest, and eating well, hamburger?

2019-04-13 02:20:20 UTC

It's not my own living that's the problem

2019-04-13 02:20:36 UTC

It might distract you from a potentially deadly illness,Hamburger

2019-04-13 02:20:49 UTC

guys this is a bad server if i can ping everyone

2019-04-13 02:21:03 UTC

life itself is the ultimate disease.

2019-04-13 02:21:06 UTC

shut up karen.

2019-04-13 02:21:11 UTC

Grandmother Karen, this is not the time.

2019-04-13 02:21:50 UTC

Maybe it'll be fine

2019-04-13 02:21:57 UTC

I also did a bone age test

2019-04-13 02:22:16 UTC

To see if I will always be short

means im a trouble maker and i dont like it

2019-04-13 02:22:20 UTC

disillusionment is the true corrosion of mankind. kiss your bones goodnight, Hamburger, and they will be kinder to you.

2019-04-13 02:23:22 UTC

Me too

2019-04-13 02:23:32 UTC

But I had early puberty

2019-04-13 02:23:33 UTC

"Maybe, just maybe, there is no purpose in life. But if you linger a while longer in this world, you might discover something of value in it"

2019-04-13 02:23:46 UTC


2019-04-13 02:23:55 UTC

anyione out there??

2019-04-13 02:24:16 UTC

nobody is out there, Zippy, but you can keep your fingers crossed.

2019-04-13 02:24:24 UTC


2019-04-13 02:24:29 UTC


2019-04-13 02:24:31 UTC

ok so ive have an issue

2019-04-13 02:24:46 UTC

im scientific

2019-04-13 02:24:50 UTC

tell us, Zippy. What's on your mind?

2019-04-13 02:24:52 UTC

Yes, Everyone does, but go on, Zippy

2019-04-13 02:24:57 UTC

And tried to debunk flat earth

2019-04-13 02:25:08 UTC

and I cant

2019-04-13 02:25:10 UTC
2019-04-13 02:25:18 UTC

We have higher thinking here



2019-04-13 02:25:41 UTC

Alright, @ZippyRar has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-04-13 02:26:03 UTC

yeah nobody really cares about flat earth, though, do they? life is but a waiting room for the clinic of death, and you all choose to occupy your stay with meaningless drivel on the shape of the earth.

2019-04-13 02:26:25 UTC

Alright, @curious betsy has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-04-13 02:26:28 UTC


2019-04-13 02:26:35 UTC

can someone tell me why im red?

2019-04-13 02:26:38 UTC


2019-04-13 02:26:45 UTC

the rules have no hold on me,

2019-04-13 02:26:47 UTC

@Dragon the Redcoat you are an infidel

2019-04-13 02:26:51 UTC


2019-04-13 02:26:56 UTC

why am i red?

2019-04-13 02:27:06 UTC

the colour of your soul.

2019-04-13 02:27:06 UTC

You are hallucinating

2019-04-13 02:27:14 UTC

i was yellow before

2019-04-13 02:27:28 UTC

This is ice box 2.0

2019-04-13 02:27:33 UTC

it's all a pipe dream, Dragon. your purpose is one of tedium.

2019-04-13 02:27:34 UTC

It's all an illusion

2019-04-13 02:27:42 UTC

Anyone not red doesn't exist

2019-04-13 02:27:44 UTC

wake up.

2019-04-13 02:27:47 UTC


2019-04-13 02:27:49 UTC

Just listen to @curious betsy rants

2019-04-13 02:27:57 UTC

It's meant to confuse you

2019-04-13 02:28:00 UTC


2019-04-13 02:28:04 UTC


2019-04-13 02:28:07 UTC

the earth is a globe, dragon

2019-04-13 02:28:10 UTC

Wake Up.

2019-04-13 02:28:19 UTC

im woke

2019-04-13 02:28:23 UTC


2019-04-13 02:28:28 UTC

Welcome back to reality

2019-04-13 02:28:42 UTC

Just some extra tests...

2019-04-13 02:28:46 UTC
2019-04-13 02:28:48 UTC

the earth is not flat

2019-04-13 02:29:04 UTC


2019-04-13 02:29:04 UTC


2019-04-13 02:29:12 UTC

How do you feel?

2019-04-13 02:29:13 UTC

what is that emoji?

2019-04-13 02:29:29 UTC

I ask the questions

2019-04-13 02:29:40 UTC


2019-04-13 02:30:01 UTC

it is but the arrogance of mankind that demands a reason for existence, and from that was born religion. the desperate need to have a purpose. life is an experience. you are an experience.

2019-04-13 02:30:16 UTC


2019-04-13 02:30:20 UTC

just yea

2019-04-13 02:30:31 UTC

you, you- sitting behind the screen, reading this nonsense- you are the universe, experiencing itself.

2019-04-13 02:30:32 UTC

i agree with you to the fullest actually

2019-04-13 02:30:39 UTC

@Dragon the Redcoat you see how @curious betsy is trying to blur your idea of reality

2019-04-13 02:30:45 UTC


2019-04-13 02:30:53 UTC

reality is a blur, Hamburger.

2019-04-13 02:30:58 UTC

actually that was my idea of reality

2019-04-13 02:31:06 UTC


2019-04-13 02:31:07 UTC

i'm just describing the colours.

2019-04-13 02:31:14 UTC

@Dragon the Redcoat you are too deep

2019-04-13 02:31:22 UTC

It's too late for you

2019-04-13 02:31:47 UTC

curious betsy is less of a persona; betsy is a state of mind.

2019-04-13 02:31:55 UTC

we are all curious betsy in one way or another.

2019-04-13 02:32:14 UTC

There is no reason to be bored we are on a potato shaped rock flying through the galaxy faster than a bullet

2019-04-13 02:32:32 UTC

Every moment of our life should be enjoyed

2019-04-13 02:32:33 UTC


2019-04-13 02:32:45 UTC

this is the wrong chat for that

2019-04-13 02:32:46 UTC


2019-04-13 02:32:58 UTC

reality has no meaning. and you can choose two paths of nihilism; to do nothing, or to do anything.

2019-04-13 02:33:01 UTC


2019-04-13 02:33:02 UTC

Wassssup folks hope y'all firmament souls are well

2019-04-13 02:33:19 UTC

Alright, @StarFox has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-04-13 02:33:28 UTC

Reality has no meaning gives us the ability to give it meaning

2019-04-13 02:33:36 UTC

if hell existed, you would all be destined for it.

2019-04-13 02:33:41 UTC


2019-04-13 02:33:41 UTC


2019-04-13 02:33:48 UTC

I would be

2019-04-13 02:33:49 UTC

Alright, @StarFox has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

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