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2019-01-05 23:25:00 UTC

they get oppressed both for being men and for being women

2019-01-05 23:25:01 UTC


2019-01-05 23:25:35 UTC


2019-01-05 23:26:14 UTC

I love how it's men's fault for being suspicious when as far as we can tell a woman was pretending to be a man.

2019-01-05 23:26:41 UTC

i thought it was a man pretending to be a woman

2019-01-05 23:26:56 UTC

well, each pretending in different ways

2019-01-05 23:27:07 UTC

but apparently "we need to do better for all female players"

2019-01-05 23:27:09 UTC

they were both pretending to be each other

2019-01-05 23:27:14 UTC

and by we, they mean men

2019-01-05 23:28:05 UTC

hold on, why cant they compete while keep pretending to be a single entity?

2019-01-05 23:28:27 UTC

heheh, I guess they weren't willing to go the whole hog on that

2019-01-05 23:28:28 UTC

the girl can just sit there and smile while everyone knows shes fake, wouldnt that be funny

2019-01-05 23:28:32 UTC

wait wait wait

2019-01-05 23:28:33 UTC

they could make it some sort of kink

2019-01-05 23:28:39 UTC

and then detractors would be kink shaming

2019-01-05 23:28:49 UTC

the guy could hide in a chair shes sitting on

2019-01-05 23:28:57 UTC

so a man and a woman conspire to mislead the overwatch community at large

2019-01-05 23:29:07 UTC

and it's the community's fault

2019-01-05 23:29:10 UTC


2019-01-05 23:29:14 UTC

that's right, @ʇooNʇooN

2019-01-05 23:29:16 UTC

'cause reason

2019-01-05 23:29:21 UTC

Not to shill but check xvg verge currency

2019-01-05 23:30:12 UTC

@2lazy2suhidc does it have censorship-resistant exchanges?

2019-01-05 23:31:00 UTC

Currently in development , xvg ltc tpay will be on dex exchange efin coming in q1

2019-01-05 23:31:45 UTC

I think bitstamp hasnt banned anyone yet

2019-01-05 23:34:38 UTC

And bitstamp has 1-2 days max witrawal/deposit fiat ( at least for me )

2019-01-05 23:47:54 UTC

its the community's fault because the moment someone made an accusation they assumed it was because of her sex

2019-01-05 23:48:53 UTC

thats why every game that leftists touch turn to shit

2019-01-05 23:48:57 UTC

they're cancer

2019-01-05 23:49:45 UTC

you can't rightfully call people out when they're faking

2019-01-05 23:49:50 UTC

that makes you a bad person

2019-01-05 23:50:05 UTC

you can as long as the person you're calling out doesn't have victim points

2019-01-05 23:50:17 UTC


2019-01-05 23:50:23 UTC

i'm afraid to ask if victim points are a real thing now

2019-01-05 23:50:37 UTC

maybe it is

2019-01-05 23:50:39 UTC

knowing how stupid leftists are, you can probably buy them with microtransactions

2019-01-05 23:51:25 UTC

What the fuck dude

2019-01-05 23:51:37 UTC

Please tell me that's fake news

2019-01-05 23:51:49 UTC

its the old news

2019-01-05 23:51:54 UTC

Yeah I saw the date

2019-01-05 23:52:01 UTC

But still, that's insane

2019-01-05 23:52:13 UTC

and it happened a fucking year ago

2019-01-05 23:52:14 UTC


2019-01-05 23:52:53 UTC

Yupe. It has been going on for a while.

2019-01-05 23:54:27 UTC

yeah what if banks cut off donations to important journalists or organizations like wikileaks
oh wait

2019-01-05 23:54:41 UTC

that was 2011

2019-01-05 23:55:21 UTC


2019-01-05 23:55:23 UTC


2019-01-05 23:56:03 UTC

They're getting more ballsy

2019-01-05 23:56:32 UTC

Wikileaks was one thing but now they're targetting vanilla ass neocons

2019-01-05 23:57:28 UTC

This is rather scary. There has to be something we can do.

2019-01-05 23:58:18 UTC

We need normie support

2019-01-05 23:58:35 UTC

Even marxists should find this disgusting

2019-01-05 23:59:06 UTC

not gonna happen
we're on our own

2019-01-06 00:00:57 UTC

every constitutional right we have is now followed by a "but"

2019-01-06 00:01:11 UTC

what is .html like a code?

2019-01-06 00:02:14 UTC

like i put <body> <p>r</p> </body> right?

2019-01-06 00:03:01 UTC

then it put the words r right

2019-01-06 00:03:08 UTC


2019-01-06 00:03:12 UTC

Apple's really whining about people repairing their iphones

2019-01-06 00:03:18 UTC

what a fucking cunts

2019-01-06 00:03:24 UTC


2019-01-06 00:03:45 UTC

what a fucking cunts

2019-01-06 00:04:33 UTC

Think I'm gonna have breakfast for dinner tonight

2019-01-06 00:04:39 UTC

Really craving bacon rn

2019-01-06 00:04:43 UTC

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2019-01-06 00:04:47 UTC

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2019-01-06 00:05:18 UTC

i thought said that same to

2019-01-06 00:05:39 UTC

ok i have to go offline now googbye

2019-01-06 00:08:19 UTC


2019-01-06 00:51:42 UTC

did Tim leave srver already?

2019-01-06 00:52:03 UTC


2019-01-06 00:52:10 UTC
2019-01-06 00:52:11 UTC


2019-01-06 00:52:41 UTC

when we gonna nuke cali btw

2019-01-06 00:52:44 UTC


2019-01-06 00:52:47 UTC

His PC died, he use old laptop for video edit. We are just TimLess for the time being

2019-01-06 00:53:02 UTC

was tim going to leave his server?

2019-01-06 00:53:15 UTC


2019-01-06 00:54:53 UTC

In the recent past there was a mass ban for not understanding the rules about porn posting
Tim contemplated to shutdown the discord due to ensuing drama.
Nothing to worry about. Cooler heads prevailed

2019-01-06 00:58:34 UTC


Why do I feel like this is gonna be the next genre to be spammed by AAA devs

2019-01-06 00:59:18 UTC

If it is, I'm ok with it. I like pirates

2019-01-06 01:01:36 UTC

@everyone Hey yall new to the server the names Rick. And I'm looking forward to talking with yall

2019-01-06 01:03:17 UTC

Welcome Rick πŸ˜€

2019-01-06 01:05:35 UTC

Remember the Survival flood

2019-01-06 01:05:40 UTC

That was awful

2019-01-06 01:08:11 UTC

SO rick

2019-01-06 01:08:29 UTC

do you consider internet archiving services to be racist or transphobic?

2019-01-06 01:08:51 UTC

yea archives are for privileged white males

2019-01-06 01:08:59 UTC

@Timcast did you just say what you said? really? a bronze star =100 levels in overwatch. they complaining she is low level.

2019-01-06 01:09:57 UTC

oh hey im nearing that good at level 35 am i a bot for that?????

2019-01-06 01:10:20 UTC

πŸ€” prove you are not a bot then

2019-01-06 01:10:58 UTC

why because im good at video games? you can shove it

2019-01-06 01:11:12 UTC


2019-01-06 01:12:36 UTC

So from what I can see in this Green New Deal, NYC would have food riots.

2019-01-06 01:14:22 UTC

The real secret to how the Green New Deal will stop climate change is that it will destroy modern economies

2019-01-06 01:14:53 UTC

No people=no pollution right

2019-01-06 01:14:54 UTC

@Timcast get ahold of me. im prity sure you just reported on my friend.

2019-01-06 01:15:14 UTC

Ohh shit

2019-01-06 01:15:29 UTC

We about to see some shade

2019-01-06 01:15:39 UTC

Can't destroy the planet if you destroy yourself first

2019-01-06 01:15:43 UTC

Well they want to mandate everyone use carcengenic Solar cells so that would mean plenty of toxicity when we are all dead

2019-01-06 01:15:49 UTC

πŸ€” interesting how they retired the word global warming for climate change, rly makes u think

2019-01-06 01:16:11 UTC

because global warming actually means more snow

2019-01-06 01:16:13 UTC

What if we just put the earth in a big cooler? <:TimThink:482277772497125378>

2019-01-06 01:16:20 UTC

Had to add some vagueness to eliminate the ability to question it

2019-01-06 01:16:42 UTC

πŸ€” is anyone really denying that a climate changes? such a rat tactic

2019-01-06 01:16:47 UTC

For the 90's average temps actaully went down

2019-01-06 01:17:21 UTC

Oh I'm not denying that climate changes, I'm just denying that it's all our fault

2019-01-06 01:17:21 UTC

maybe water flows too πŸ€” idk this is just crazy talk. i'll slow down

2019-01-06 01:18:12 UTC

The real debate is how much of it is Human's Fualt and which ways are we pushing it as opposed to Nature doing' it's thang

2019-01-06 01:18:18 UTC

Tbh, regardless of why it's happening, idk that it's all that bad. If all the ice caps melt, we lose New Jersey *and* Florida. That seems like a net positive to me

2019-01-06 01:18:28 UTC


2019-01-06 01:18:30 UTC

that should be the real debate but we know it isn't

2019-01-06 01:19:06 UTC

The real debate is how much tax money can they convince people to pay to "fight" it

2019-01-06 01:19:08 UTC

we know the CO2 is going up, and australia sure knows about the hole in the ozone

2019-01-06 01:19:30 UTC

the big issue is that they never have to answer for inaccurate predictions

2019-01-06 01:19:44 UTC

that was a pretty epic trailer at least

2019-01-06 01:19:44 UTC

and still expect current predictions to be taken as fact

2019-01-06 01:19:45 UTC

Right and because of all the Coal the PRC has been burning it got colder in the 1990's

2019-01-06 01:19:47 UTC

for Skull & Bones

2019-01-06 01:20:18 UTC

why don't they talk about the mass human trafficking rings instead? rly gets the noggin going πŸ€”

2019-01-06 01:20:24 UTC

Yeah I thought it looked good too, but Ubisoft always disappoints me man

2019-01-06 01:20:24 UTC

It isn't just CO2 that is a problem

2019-01-06 01:20:39 UTC

even when games are trash or DOA i like to appreciate the art that is the trailers

2019-01-06 01:20:48 UTC

Oh they're beautiful

2019-01-06 01:21:06 UTC

Sometimes I think the people who make trailers and cutscenes for games should make movies

2019-01-06 01:21:26 UTC

Like the Diablo 3 intro, I would love to see made into a real movie

2019-01-06 01:21:37 UTC


2019-01-06 01:21:40 UTC


2019-01-06 01:21:52 UTC

But the Green New Deal will destroy the Industrial Farms that allow NYC to have the food it needs. and because of that there will be food riots in NYC

2019-01-06 01:21:53 UTC


2019-01-06 01:22:03 UTC

The closest thing I've seen to a movie like that is those crappy Starship Trooper animated movies

2019-01-06 01:22:15 UTC

I love when they put that. Reminds me of bannerlord

2019-01-06 01:22:25 UTC

Coming SOOON

2019-01-06 01:22:29 UTC

Yeah ok

2019-01-06 01:22:30 UTC

The Green New Deal will also destroy the transportation network that keeps NYC feed

2019-01-06 01:22:31 UTC

that's what michael bay does

2019-01-06 01:22:33 UTC

the new mount and blade just FLEW OVER MY HOUSE

2019-01-06 01:22:38 UTC

all flash and action

2019-01-06 01:22:44 UTC

Bannerlord or Climate Change, which is less real lads?

2019-01-06 01:22:51 UTC


2019-01-06 01:22:55 UTC

id flip a coin

2019-01-06 01:22:57 UTC


2019-01-06 01:23:08 UTC

the trailer animators always have a very simple story to tell

2019-01-06 01:23:13 UTC

"This is badass"

2019-01-06 01:23:15 UTC

i'm just waiting now for the release of a Deluxe *and* a Gold edition on launch day

2019-01-06 01:23:44 UTC

I'm ok with someone pitching a movie idea to people and just saying "just make it badass"

2019-01-06 01:23:44 UTC

if it's a good game, i'll be happy to buy it. pretty simple

2019-01-06 01:23:48 UTC

err for pre-order i mean, duh.

2019-01-06 01:24:17 UTC

I wish demos would make a comeback :[

2019-01-06 01:24:24 UTC

I haven't pre-ordered since 2011

2019-01-06 01:24:29 UTC

you should watch cutthroat island

2019-01-06 01:24:43 UTC

make badass pirates was the whole story

2019-01-06 01:24:45 UTC

You can find some demos on steam

2019-01-06 01:24:51 UTC

There is a category for it

2019-01-06 01:24:56 UTC


2019-01-06 01:24:58 UTC


2019-01-06 01:25:12 UTC

Most are shit though lol

2019-01-06 01:25:20 UTC

Fukin figures, lol

2019-01-06 01:25:34 UTC

Just get a game and refund it before the 2 hour mark

2019-01-06 01:25:40 UTC

Same principle

2019-01-06 01:26:03 UTC

That implies I have money to buy a game in the first place 😎

2019-01-06 01:26:38 UTC

Haha you know it's funny. I have 300 games on steam, but my most played recently is a F2P

2019-01-06 01:27:34 UTC

What happens if I block myself on discord

2019-01-06 01:27:41 UTC

I just saw the option for it

2019-01-06 01:28:16 UTC

Ted K was right...

2019-01-06 01:28:53 UTC


2019-01-06 01:29:02 UTC

that's a new euphemism! "human subjects", what did they mean by this πŸ€”

2019-01-06 01:29:40 UTC

Conducting tests on humans without their knowlage if I was a geuss.

2019-01-06 01:29:52 UTC


2019-01-06 01:33:07 UTC

Has anyone tried Spekr yet?

2019-01-06 01:36:11 UTC


2019-01-06 01:36:20 UTC

How long is the shutdown already?

2019-01-06 01:36:22 UTC

In days

2019-01-06 01:36:25 UTC

I had a look at that a while ago. You can watch your dot move as you go through the test and can go back question by question. You can put the dot anywhere you like. 'Oh that moved me that way? Well, maybe I don't feel that strongly about it. I'll just change that one.'

2019-01-06 01:36:32 UTC

It's a bad test imho

2019-01-06 01:37:17 UTC

Hmm, alright. I've heard people talking about it like it was somehow gonna replace the classic compass test.

2019-01-06 01:42:05 UTC


2019-01-06 01:42:10 UTC

stealing this

2019-01-06 01:46:32 UTC

yoink, my hat now πŸ˜‚ / <:beanie:463084349642899468>

2019-01-06 01:46:57 UTC

**putcheeseonit#3422** just left the server.

2019-01-06 01:46:59 UTC

<:TimThink:482277772497125378> cozy

2019-01-06 01:47:01 UTC


2019-01-06 01:47:23 UTC

Why doesn't mini tim have a mini beanie? <:TimThink:482277772497125378>

2019-01-06 01:49:57 UTC

I have a person on my Facebook feed who is 26 and still believes in chain letters

2019-01-06 01:51:05 UTC


2019-01-06 01:51:14 UTC

You know the ones that are like "if you don't repost this you'll have bad luck"

2019-01-06 01:51:20 UTC


2019-01-06 01:52:17 UTC

I have a game with my friends where we send screenshots of his posts to each other and the other person has to guess if it's a post by him or if we found it on r/im14andthisisdeep

2019-01-06 01:52:58 UTC

I should look at that sub

2019-01-06 01:53:09 UTC

It must have stockpiled something while I was gone

2019-01-06 01:53:54 UTC

This is what he posted earlier


2019-01-06 01:54:36 UTC

Don't feel bad for him. He shares minion memes

2019-01-06 01:54:59 UTC

Send him a link to 4chan.

2019-01-06 01:55:24 UTC

I've already had my worst week 5 weeks ago

2019-01-06 01:55:25 UTC


2019-01-06 01:55:27 UTC

bring it on

2019-01-06 01:55:34 UTC

people still go on facebook..?

2019-01-06 01:55:47 UTC

I do for family

2019-01-06 01:55:50 UTC

That's it though

2019-01-06 01:55:56 UTC

also, zero points for anyone who actually has to flip the image to read it

2019-01-06 01:56:05 UTC


2019-01-06 01:56:15 UTC

You can't facebook stalk people if you aren't on facebook

2019-01-06 01:56:33 UTC

lol... what do you think my fake empty profile is for. git gud

2019-01-06 01:56:39 UTC


2019-01-06 01:57:06 UTC

I keep him on my Facebook simply for the daily miserable post that he makes

2019-01-06 01:57:26 UTC

go on reddit politics for that

2019-01-06 01:57:36 UTC

daily misery by the thousands

2019-01-06 01:57:58 UTC

Oh God no

2019-01-06 01:58:07 UTC

world class mental gymnastics

2019-01-06 01:58:36 UTC

The only thing I ever see from that sub is hyperbolic anti Trump posts with 40k upvotes

2019-01-06 01:59:05 UTC

eyes are WIDE SHUT

2019-01-06 01:59:05 UTC

@taekahn well the joke of it only really works if the phone's auto rotate isn't turned off

2019-01-06 01:59:24 UTC

painful to go there, I just avoid reddit now except some smaller ones

2019-01-06 01:59:32 UTC

I hate auto rotate

2019-01-06 01:59:38 UTC

its tries ti assume what i want

2019-01-06 01:59:40 UTC

don't assume

2019-01-06 01:59:52 UTC

yes! let reddit think and choose for you

2019-01-06 02:00:05 UTC

err... i mean suggest πŸ‘€

2019-01-06 02:00:43 UTC

Here's something else he posted earlier this week... The only person who commented was his grandpa


2019-01-06 02:01:15 UTC

look at this stuff long enough, before you'll know it you will be posting the same

2019-01-06 02:01:36 UTC

One of us.

2019-01-06 02:01:59 UTC

If you can't beat em

2019-01-06 02:02:04 UTC

Except you can

2019-01-06 02:02:05 UTC


2019-01-06 02:02:42 UTC

they have to want to open their mind and let go of wishful thinking

2019-01-06 02:02:58 UTC

you can never force this type of stuff. they have 15,000 hours of "education" working against you.

2019-01-06 02:03:51 UTC

I just sort by controversial

2019-01-06 02:04:04 UTC

Usually there are reasonable people there

2019-01-06 02:04:17 UTC

thats the only way to avoid hivemind

2019-01-06 02:04:19 UTC

yeah i agree

2019-01-06 02:05:03 UTC

My lowest comment karma is in r/politics

2019-01-06 02:05:24 UTC

Mostly from general statements

2019-01-06 02:05:52 UTC

i am amazed they think this resistance bullshit to be real when literally 96% of legacy and corporate media is beating the drum to exactly what they advocate

2019-01-06 02:06:02 UTC

it cannot get any less "resistance"

2019-01-06 02:06:21 UTC

They think those people are just "on the right side of history"

2019-01-06 02:06:38 UTC

extremely egotistic too

2019-01-06 02:07:04 UTC

"vast right-wing conspiracy" types, like dogs

2019-01-06 02:07:26 UTC


2019-01-06 02:07:41 UTC

I got banned from one of those subs for asking why they believed Michael Cohen when not a month earlier they had called him a pathological liar

2019-01-06 02:07:48 UTC

No response, just ban

2019-01-06 02:08:15 UTC

something that is always consistent - they CANNOT meme. it is literally always terrible and cringe. cheeto, drumpf, etc

2019-01-06 02:08:23 UTC

Oh I love it

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