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2018-01-27 00:57:40 UTC

@Hadrian If you are going into an abandoned building you are going to need something that will filter-out stuff like black mold and asbestos.

2018-01-27 00:57:53 UTC


2018-01-27 00:58:04 UTC

you might be better off with a ABEKP type filter

2018-01-27 00:58:18 UTC

P100 is supposed to be used for asbestos

2018-01-27 00:58:27 UTC

Well it depends on what kind of building you are going to, and how old the building is.

2018-01-27 00:58:42 UTC

@Hadrian When was it abandoned?

2018-01-27 00:58:48 UTC

6099 model is similar to the standard issue CBRN filters that come with gas masks for military

2018-01-27 00:58:51 UTC

And when was it built?

2018-01-27 00:59:38 UTC

Different buildings opened in different times

2018-01-27 00:59:51 UTC


2018-01-27 00:59:56 UTC


2018-01-27 01:00:00 UTC

And closed at 1996.

2018-01-27 01:00:02 UTC

that's when the first building was built

2018-01-27 01:00:23 UTC

So I think that something that filters asbestos and black mold will be a NEED in this situation.

2018-01-27 01:00:24 UTC

but they were built and added to for decades, and they started abandoning buildings in the 70s onwards

2018-01-27 01:00:49 UTC

Isn't the P100 rated for that?

2018-01-27 01:01:02 UTC

it is

2018-01-27 01:01:05 UTC

mold is a spore

2018-01-27 01:01:09 UTC

spores are huge particles

2018-01-27 01:02:13 UTC

Right, that's what I thought. That's why I picked that one

2018-01-27 01:02:21 UTC

@Hadrian Also I would reccomend that you bring something to defend yourself, because wild animals love to live inside buildings like these.

2018-01-27 01:02:26 UTC


2018-01-27 01:02:32 UTC

oh I did when I went there

2018-01-27 01:02:34 UTC

this might be a gimme, but your gas mask doesn't make you invincible. If you get mustard gassed, your plastic or butyl mask will get eaten by the shit

2018-01-27 01:02:44 UTC

if you're being gassed by chemical weapons, gtfo immediately

2018-01-27 01:02:49 UTC

We're not going to get mustard gassed

2018-01-27 01:02:58 UTC

NBC's suit are always overlooked as well tbh

2018-01-27 01:03:00 UTC

It's cheap and easy to produce

2018-01-27 01:03:09 UTC

People think the mask is good enough

2018-01-27 01:03:11 UTC

@MͭAͤJͨOͪṘ Wasn't the only semi practical defense against mustard gas in WW1 rags that were pissed on?

2018-01-27 01:03:17 UTC

That's a rumor

2018-01-27 01:03:19 UTC

Like the ding dong on /k/ that gassed himself

2018-01-27 01:03:20 UTC

pissrags are ineffective

2018-01-27 01:03:24 UTC

and there's absolutely asbestos in those old buildings. I mapped out a large part of the steam tunnels that connect the building, the steam pipes are lined with the stuff

2018-01-27 01:03:30 UTC

@MͭAͤJͨOͪṘ Sheeeeeeeeeeeeit.

2018-01-27 01:03:48 UTC

Also you shouldn't have to have a NBC suit if you decontaminate your clothes

2018-01-27 01:03:49 UTC

@Hadrian Yhea, bring a mask then, you do not want to get lung cancer.

2018-01-27 01:03:55 UTC

NBC suits only protect against splash

2018-01-27 01:03:57 UTC

not vapors

2018-01-27 01:03:59 UTC

yep, that's why I brought that one

2018-01-27 01:04:08 UTC

your skin will still get blisters from mustard gas in your suit

2018-01-27 01:04:32 UTC

unless it's like one of those inflatable CDC suits

2018-01-27 01:05:10 UTC

LV IV suit

2018-01-27 01:05:15 UTC

PAPR system required

2018-01-27 01:05:18 UTC

Look at that nigger back there

2018-01-27 01:05:18 UTC

battery operated

2018-01-27 01:05:23 UTC

@MͭAͤJͨOͪṘ Those things are meant so that people can go into any situation, usually one where there is an extremely deadly infection, and do the work they need to do.

2018-01-27 01:05:49 UTC

So don't bother with a non level 4 suit at all unless you think people are gonna splash corrosives at you

2018-01-27 01:05:56 UTC

it won't protect against gas

2018-01-27 01:06:08 UTC

and nobody can afford papr suits

2018-01-27 01:06:16 UTC

the whole system goes for a grand or more

2018-01-27 01:06:47 UTC

@Hadrian Do you know if the lower area's of the building tend to flood?

2018-01-27 01:07:16 UTC

Not that I've seen

2018-01-27 01:07:28 UTC

Some puddles in the steam tunnels, but nothing major

2018-01-27 01:08:07 UTC

That's good, but I would not reccomend going to the lower area's during or after a rainstorm, because those area's tend to flood quite easily, with the water taking a very long time to naturally drain out.

2018-01-27 01:08:34 UTC


2018-01-27 01:08:52 UTC

And when you have asbestos in there too.....

2018-01-27 01:09:14 UTC

speaking of asbestos. Don't use WWII-era filters

2018-01-27 01:09:20 UTC

@Dangerlurking those filters are specific for filtering OC and CN gas

2018-01-27 01:09:29 UTC
2018-01-27 01:09:32 UTC

Its also got an Office of Civil Defense bunker and a larger fallout shelter

2018-01-27 01:09:43 UTC

I wear big ass oakley shades to protect my eyeballs

2018-01-27 01:09:48 UTC

the russian and german filters from wwii could potentially have blue asbestos inside of them

2018-01-27 01:10:01 UTC

@Hadrian That sounds interesting, you might find some cool stuff in there.

2018-01-27 01:10:12 UTC

the filters I have in the pic I posted @Dangerlurking

2018-01-27 01:10:32 UTC

the masks, if unused, should be safe if you get a good seal.

2018-01-27 01:11:19 UTC

I haven't found a way into that building yet. It shows up on maps, but the only part of the steam tunnel I mapped out that leads to the building with the bunker is collapsed.

2018-01-27 01:11:30 UTC

@Der Jäger Okay....

2018-01-27 01:11:49 UTC

There's probably another way in, I just haven't found it yet

2018-01-27 01:11:52 UTC

if you wanna go cheaper get an N95 mask

2018-01-27 01:11:54 UTC

@Hadrian If it is collapsed you probably don't want to go messing around in there.

2018-01-27 01:12:19 UTC

Since you don't want to get hurt, and then left high and dry in a place where nobody has gone to in decades.

2018-01-27 01:12:27 UTC

Well the building next to it was demolished like 20 years ago

2018-01-27 01:12:46 UTC

it didn't accidentally collapse

2018-01-27 01:12:52 UTC

be careful, ive run into some shitty situations doing urbex

2018-01-27 01:13:10 UTC

but there's another building on the other side that's perfectly intact, just need to find a way into the tunnel from there

2018-01-27 01:13:17 UTC

I'm always careful

2018-01-27 01:13:25 UTC

@Hadrian Still, if it has collapsed, then you still do not want to go messing around in there.

2018-01-27 01:13:37 UTC

@Der Jäger Like, how shitty?

2018-01-27 01:13:42 UTC

yeah I know, I don't go in that particular tunnel anymore

2018-01-27 01:15:16 UTC

no reason to, now that I know it doesn't go anywhere

2018-01-27 01:15:37 UTC

Is there any window area that you can get into and out of safely?

2018-01-27 01:15:59 UTC

not in the building with the bunker

2018-01-27 01:16:12 UTC

Its where they housed the violent and ciminally insane, the windows all have bars

2018-01-27 01:16:49 UTC

Hmm, by now they are probably rusted to hell and have been weathered heavily without repair, I wonder if you could break them.

2018-01-27 01:16:59 UTC


2018-01-27 01:17:18 UTC

But people have taken pictures of the inside of the building within the last decade, so I know there's a way in somewhere

2018-01-27 01:17:28 UTC

Any doors?

2018-01-27 01:17:31 UTC

I just haven't found it

2018-01-27 01:17:57 UTC

several. But last time I went ~2 years ago I couldn't get in any of them

2018-01-27 01:18:29 UTC

2 Years is a large span of time, by now it is likely that some random vandal has broken them open in order to get inside.

2018-01-27 01:18:41 UTC

But, I woulden't count on it.

2018-01-27 01:18:48 UTC

probably. Next spring I'll go check

2018-01-27 01:19:18 UTC

Also, you probably shoulden't do anything in broad-daylight, since if the police see you there, you can get arrested for tresspassing.

2018-01-27 01:19:37 UTC

yep, I'm aware

2018-01-27 01:22:03 UTC

And, obviously, do not approach any people inside the building if you find any, because there is a decent chance they are drug dealers, or hobo's.

2018-01-27 01:22:22 UTC

well yeah

2018-01-27 01:22:30 UTC

mostly its other urbex people

2018-01-27 01:22:43 UTC

hipsters who's cameras cost more than my car

2018-01-27 01:24:26 UTC

Seen some Paranormies level shit in there

2018-01-27 01:25:05 UTC

Wait what?

2018-01-27 01:27:44 UTC

strange sounds, cold spots, bizarre EMF spikes

2018-01-27 01:27:57 UTC

I've urbexed parts of Waverly Hills.


2018-01-27 01:28:03 UTC

Now that shit is scary

2018-01-27 01:28:21 UTC

could swear I saw a ghost once

2018-01-27 01:28:38 UTC

I got into one area, within 5 minutes security caught me.

2018-01-27 01:29:06 UTC

I just told them I was a photographer and was visiting the town and had no idea it was private land

2018-01-27 01:29:44 UTC

What's poppin 🅱's

2018-01-27 01:30:05 UTC

@Hadrian TWP paranormal entity containment team when

2018-01-27 01:30:25 UTC


2018-01-27 01:30:56 UTC

one of the buildings still has power

2018-01-27 01:31:57 UTC

until recently there was a police radio tower on it, so it still has electricity and police will go in if they see someone in it

2018-01-27 01:32:07 UTC
2018-01-27 01:32:11 UTC

@d.d.mcree my nigga

2018-01-27 01:32:16 UTC

yep I know SCP

2018-01-27 01:32:27 UTC

oooh we should write one

2018-01-27 01:32:36 UTC

make it about jews but just implicitly

2018-01-27 01:32:38 UTC

>can't spell write

2018-01-27 01:32:44 UTC

not sure you should be an author

2018-01-27 01:32:48 UTC

I'll do it

2018-01-27 01:33:24 UTC

I don't think you'll be writing any books any time soon.

2018-01-27 01:33:32 UTC

'cause you'll be in a locker, Slav.

2018-01-27 01:33:36 UTC


2018-01-27 01:34:02 UTC

I actually used to be a journalist in college

2018-01-27 01:34:23 UTC

and wrote short stories

2018-01-27 01:35:08 UTC

@Odalman it'll be one of those holohoax diaries written from inside prison or some shit

2018-01-27 01:35:25 UTC

I suppose you are skinny enough to write a book in a locker.

2018-01-27 01:35:32 UTC

@Hadrian lol we're fucked


2018-01-27 01:35:52 UTC


2018-01-27 01:35:57 UTC

is that what the ovens were for?

2018-01-27 01:36:01 UTC

Have you read 096?

2018-01-27 01:36:04 UTC

fugging creepy shit

2018-01-27 01:36:16 UTC

Especially when you get to the part about the effects of photos

2018-01-27 01:36:27 UTC

I haven't read any SCPs in a while

2018-01-27 01:37:16 UTC

tldr; viewing of 096's face, whether live, via video stream, or via photo, will cause it to enter an enraged state and begin travelling in the nearest vector to your location

2018-01-27 01:38:11 UTC

No method to impede this progress has been thusfar found; 096 has successfully broken through 5 meter thick steel containment plates

2018-01-27 01:39:05 UTC

termination attempts have included an AT4 83mm HEAT, GAU-19 12.7mm SLAP-T, and M82

2018-01-27 01:39:48 UTC

reading it now

2018-01-27 01:40:07 UTC


2018-01-27 01:44:42 UTC

Experiment with a D-Class subject placed in a bathysphere at the bottom of the Tonga Trench (>20,000 feet depth) resulted in the bathysphere being hull breached by 096

2018-01-27 01:53:00 UTC

Someone made a mod for C&C on this

2018-01-27 01:54:39 UTC

Actual SCP RTS would be fun but it's difficult because of the wiki licensing

2018-01-27 01:54:48 UTC

lots of copyright issues because of the crowdwriting

2018-01-27 01:57:05 UTC


2018-01-27 01:57:28 UTC

>wake up to go pee

2018-01-27 01:57:40 UTC

>see pic related on hallway ceiling

2018-01-27 01:57:41 UTC

wat do

2018-01-27 01:57:59 UTC


2018-01-27 02:02:28 UTC

Triggered all over again (they are using old pics, but this all got started again over us tagging it on Sunday)


2018-01-27 02:02:45 UTC

Eventually they're just going to take the rock down lmao

2018-01-27 02:02:48 UTC


2018-01-27 02:03:12 UTC

There's actually really no copyright issue

2018-01-27 02:03:30 UTC

You would just have to release the game under CC-BY-SA, which people probably don't want to

2018-01-27 02:04:39 UTC

but it isn't nearly as bad as other stuff, you don't have to provide the source code to anyone

2018-01-27 02:05:02 UTC

You just have to offer attribution somewhere

2018-01-27 02:09:05 UTC

Well isn't she a fucking hero

2018-01-27 02:10:20 UTC

@everyone I have rally point and time for the demo in Tallahassee

2018-01-27 02:10:44 UTC

Hit me up on PM if interested

2018-01-27 02:14:46 UTC

How many times have you guys painted that rock.

2018-01-27 02:14:47 UTC


2018-01-27 02:16:04 UTC

Okay guys, I know we're not supposed to attack Christianity

2018-01-27 02:16:12 UTC

But can we please just gas Joel Osteen?

2018-01-27 02:16:17 UTC


2018-01-27 02:16:21 UTC


2018-01-27 02:16:39 UTC

I'm not a Christian but I think they would be ok with gassing "Christians" like him.

2018-01-27 02:16:52 UTC

He's the literal embodiment of every reason modern Christianity is kiked

2018-01-27 02:16:55 UTC

Televangelists get the wood chipper first

2018-01-27 02:17:10 UTC

I would be perfectly fine with the end of all prosperity preachers.

2018-01-27 02:17:11 UTC

I N Q U I S I T I O N 2.0

2018-01-27 02:17:21 UTC


2018-01-27 02:17:30 UTC

Even his face is just begging for a woodchipper

2018-01-27 02:17:43 UTC

Have you seen his hair?

2018-01-27 02:17:46 UTC

It's awfully

2018-01-27 02:17:46 UTC


2018-01-27 02:17:50 UTC


2018-01-27 02:18:07 UTC

Hm his nose looks kinda Semetic.

2018-01-27 02:19:01 UTC

Dude, look at that nose.

2018-01-27 02:19:58 UTC


2018-01-27 02:20:12 UTC

This is his house


2018-01-27 02:20:28 UTC

In 2011 it was valued at 10.6 million dollars

2018-01-27 02:20:30 UTC

It costs like a shit load of money to go watch him suck Israel's dick on stage

2018-01-27 02:20:37 UTC

Literally just ted talk's with a bible verse in them

2018-01-27 02:20:43 UTC

He collects $70mil in donations every year

2018-01-27 02:21:10 UTC

not even counting book sales

2018-01-27 02:21:51 UTC

six bedrooms, six bathrooms, three elevators, five fireplaces, a guest house and pool house

2018-01-27 02:22:02 UTC

"non-demoninatinal christanity" is the biggest bag of dope for whites ATM

2018-01-27 02:24:09 UTC

Non-Denominational churches are the Star bucks of Protestant churches.

2018-01-27 02:24:23 UTC

Pretty pathetic.

2018-01-27 02:24:34 UTC

Well I mean they all have coffee shops in them lol

2018-01-27 02:25:32 UTC

Gas the protties

2018-01-27 02:25:49 UTC

Sorry if we have any BASTE schismatics in here

2018-01-27 02:26:09 UTC

This stuff is HUGE where I'm at, either you're a communist faggot or you're going to a mega church that is literally just individualism, cultural suicide and gibbing money to their church.

2018-01-27 02:27:28 UTC

I wonder if maybe his family's original name was Ostein

2018-01-27 02:28:57 UTC

I mean look at the guy

2018-01-27 02:30:40 UTC



2018-01-27 02:32:34 UTC


2018-01-27 02:32:48 UTC


2018-01-27 02:33:02 UTC


2018-01-27 02:33:28 UTC

he could pass for Jerry Seinfeld's cousin

2018-01-27 02:36:01 UTC

Can someone stay up for 5 days on meth and record an hour long video behind a green screen about this?

2018-01-27 02:36:13 UTC

I gotchu fam

2018-01-27 02:36:29 UTC


2018-01-27 02:36:32 UTC

I was hoping Fevs would

2018-01-27 02:37:08 UTC

Please no meth

2018-01-27 02:37:23 UTC

Okay don't do this, is a joke

2018-01-27 02:37:27 UTC

I can’t stand that fuker

2018-01-27 02:37:28 UTC

We're any of you nibbas at the DC rally in June?

2018-01-27 02:39:08 UTC

What do we need fevs to do

2018-01-27 02:40:03 UTC

I was there

2018-01-27 02:40:37 UTC


2018-01-27 02:42:04 UTC

it was a fun rally, if very normie

2018-01-27 02:43:44 UTC

Who remember


2018-01-27 02:47:05 UTC

@Dr.Cocopuff | KY Was that really you?

2018-01-27 02:48:06 UTC


2018-01-27 02:54:01 UTC

Dude I thought I was a leftie for quite a while

2018-01-27 02:54:08 UTC

That meme is too good

2018-01-27 02:54:08 UTC

Top and bottom.

2018-01-27 02:54:19 UTC

lmao no that is not my fat ass on the top, that is some other fat ass.

2018-01-27 02:54:45 UTC

@Dr.Cocopuff | KY has his best footage on youtube dancing to shadilay

2018-01-27 02:54:49 UTC

It was from an event we got offered to do security for, so some TWP, LOTS, NSM, and a few others did security.

2018-01-27 02:54:51 UTC

In armor

2018-01-27 02:55:02 UTC

And the antifa just dipped the fuck out so we got a pic where they stood

2018-01-27 02:56:08 UTC

This ^

2018-01-27 02:57:10 UTC

Antifa followed us out, we're assuming they figured they were good to storm us but got cut off of course.
So we bantsed them lol
That was the funniest pack of antifa I ever seen though, in Pikeville.

2018-01-27 02:57:17 UTC

Good shit haha

2018-01-27 02:59:59 UTC

wtf did i just watch slav

2018-01-27 03:07:32 UTC

slav's memes are weird

2018-01-27 03:08:10 UTC

Slavs are weird

2018-01-27 03:08:47 UTC


2018-01-27 03:09:12 UTC
2018-01-27 03:09:34 UTC

Those are Finn memes

2018-01-27 03:09:37 UTC


2018-01-27 03:10:20 UTC


2018-01-27 03:10:39 UTC

TRS Is OUR GUYS obviously, if you don't know that well you're a fuck twat

2018-01-27 03:11:08 UTC

Asian women's are rice calculating derps who are actually just greedy

2018-01-27 03:24:13 UTC

Wheres the lie? We shouldnt be fetishizing non whites


2018-01-27 03:28:02 UTC


2018-01-27 03:29:53 UTC


2018-01-27 03:30:11 UTC

He was making an anti-porn message

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