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2017-12-31 17:26:37 UTC


2017-12-31 17:26:37 UTC


2017-12-31 17:26:44 UTC

Absolutely not.

2017-12-31 17:26:58 UTC

No White people allowed in White Nationalism.

2017-12-31 17:26:58 UTC

That would be kinda racist...

2017-12-31 17:27:19 UTC

I dont like the guy but wats the article say?

2017-12-31 17:27:24 UTC

I am praying that isn't truly Sven.

2017-12-31 17:27:32 UTC

Non-native doesnt mean non white

2017-12-31 17:27:36 UTC

Aka Tony Young apparently.

2017-12-31 17:27:41 UTC

I liked him before friday lol

2017-12-31 17:27:44 UTC

I find anything on the internet hard to believe.

2017-12-31 17:27:51 UTC

I mean look at him lol. He's much darker than you, Celt.

2017-12-31 17:27:57 UTC


2017-12-31 17:28:02 UTC

Shots fired

2017-12-31 17:28:03 UTC

That says something

2017-12-31 17:28:34 UTC

Darker than Cesar.

2017-12-31 17:28:48 UTC

Theres swarthy Euro peeps i guess. But who knows

2017-12-31 17:28:54 UTC

Id like to find out

2017-12-31 17:28:56 UTC

Definitely darker than that bean grinder we had's nonwhite baby.

2017-12-31 17:29:13 UTC


2017-12-31 17:29:30 UTC

He looks like a fully blooded paki or pajeet.

2017-12-31 17:29:32 UTC

No shit.

2017-12-31 17:30:29 UTC

Yea thats what i was thinking

2017-12-31 17:30:39 UTC

I suppose I wouldnt understand the motive lol

2017-12-31 17:31:01 UTC

I can't even process this.

2017-12-31 17:31:10 UTC


2017-12-31 17:31:49 UTC


2017-12-31 17:32:02 UTC

Black Scot Irish lol

2017-12-31 17:32:24 UTC

Anyone with a bbs account can just ask him

2017-12-31 17:32:29 UTC

Weev banned me

2017-12-31 17:32:33 UTC

I thought black irish just meant pale irish skin with darker hair.

2017-12-31 17:32:35 UTC

Cause weev is a jewish faggot

2017-12-31 17:33:04 UTC

Oh idk haha

2017-12-31 17:33:21 UTC

Honestly theres some dark Irish people also. Its odd

2017-12-31 17:33:35 UTC


2017-12-31 17:33:38 UTC

Isolated cases of admixture.

2017-12-31 17:34:05 UTC

Which is growing since many nonwhites live in Ireland now.

2017-12-31 17:34:12 UTC

Guys i think im gonna go start tanning and pull a talcum x and work my way up the ranks of the black power movement. This shit seems too common and easy why not do it

2017-12-31 17:34:13 UTC


2017-12-31 17:34:25 UTC


2017-12-31 17:34:39 UTC

But it could be older also from the history of Spain and other Mediterranean people there

2017-12-31 17:35:00 UTC

@fassel leave that to me

2017-12-31 17:35:08 UTC


2017-12-31 17:35:33 UTC

Malcolm X was a quarter hhhwhite

2017-12-31 17:35:44 UTC

Work your way up then accuse farrakan as being a jew

2017-12-31 17:35:45 UTC

So you'll do fine.

2017-12-31 17:35:49 UTC


2017-12-31 17:35:53 UTC

Ah didnt know that about Malcolm. makes sense.

2017-12-31 17:36:09 UTC

Daniel it's been a while.

2017-12-31 17:36:15 UTC

Sup man?

2017-12-31 17:36:16 UTC

Given its because his grama was raped.. But.. Lol

2017-12-31 17:36:45 UTC

Then again that could be either/or

2017-12-31 17:38:04 UTC

Hey ūüėÉ I'm doing okay. Dead broke atm tho but least I got a home and car. My savings all trapped in crypto ICO, hopefully that works out in a couple months.

2017-12-31 17:39:15 UTC

If it does I'll send some TWP's way for sure.

2017-12-31 17:40:31 UTC

I put $2500 in, it's up huge in theory right now. Like 8 fold.

2017-12-31 17:43:50 UTC

I'll be a decent sized tv cable show next year, recorded it in hollywood recently, paid trip etc. My test business. They asked some weird questions hopefully it's not edited like shit, was fun tho.

2017-12-31 17:47:32 UTC


2017-12-31 17:48:11 UTC

2018 IS OURS

2017-12-31 17:49:09 UTC


2017-12-31 17:51:58 UTC

I sent my commander a bunch of info on a 40acre place for TWP to train camp etc on here in NE KY. Something for 2018!

2017-12-31 17:53:14 UTC

Whereabout in northeast ky are you @Daniel - KY? Im in covington, as north ky as u can get

2017-12-31 17:55:19 UTC

Hour NE of LExington, also about an Hour 45 from Covington.

2017-12-31 17:56:32 UTC

My Father owns the land and is happy to help. I live nearby it. He is mega based.

2017-12-31 17:57:53 UTC


2017-12-31 17:58:10 UTC

2018 is looking good!

2017-12-31 17:58:30 UTC

Lexington is a beautiful area

2017-12-31 17:59:40 UTC

Yeah, the land is very nice also. HIlly but not extreme like SE KY. We need a solid place with a bunch of land, where shooting is okay, far as I know we don't have one.

2017-12-31 18:00:52 UTC

Hill Yea

2017-12-31 18:04:44 UTC

TWP needs infrastructure. Land is one thing. Any thoughts/plans on a central party HQ building?

2017-12-31 18:05:46 UTC

Build it they will come

2017-12-31 18:06:20 UTC

Find a place, set up a fundraiser, done.

2017-12-31 18:07:20 UTC

Need to advise youngsters to go to realistate school , be a realtor

2017-12-31 18:07:37 UTC

We have guys working on this in ohio. We have a garage already that we are starting welding training this thursday south of dayton

2017-12-31 18:08:52 UTC

That way party members can lump people into the same block , and take over streets house by house. Apartment by Apartment

2017-12-31 18:11:53 UTC
2017-12-31 18:12:11 UTC

It's like optics, having a HQ, land, etc, raises the TWP image of proffesionality. That will bring even more people.

2017-12-31 18:12:39 UTC

Even if run down building with fresh coat of paint.

2017-12-31 18:13:08 UTC

@MACrusader chu mean das not sven?

2017-12-31 18:13:21 UTC


2017-12-31 18:13:35 UTC

Sven is farthest left

2017-12-31 18:13:40 UTC


2017-12-31 18:13:49 UTC

Well that doesn't help much

2017-12-31 18:13:59 UTC

He does look whiter there though

2017-12-31 18:14:36 UTC

Trs504um has images of the pajeet looking guy as longshanks

2017-12-31 18:14:40 UTC

Put a mask on Pakis face , does that look like that guy lol

2017-12-31 18:14:56 UTC

He doesn't look that nonwhite

2017-12-31 18:15:00 UTC

I havent seen the vids to match a voice to the face though

2017-12-31 18:15:02 UTC

You guys are sperging

2017-12-31 18:16:02 UTC

That pic is Sven left , Florian G middle , Matt H right

2017-12-31 18:16:23 UTC

Matt who?

2017-12-31 18:16:30 UTC

Ill take your word for it. Who the fuck is the guy on 504um then

2017-12-31 18:16:37 UTC

Heimbowl obviously

2017-12-31 18:16:38 UTC

Matt hale @Fevs

2017-12-31 18:16:46 UTC

@fassel Gotcha

2017-12-31 18:16:50 UTC

Random guy

2017-12-31 18:16:54 UTC


2017-12-31 18:16:57 UTC


2017-12-31 18:23:40 UTC


2017-12-31 18:23:47 UTC

racist earth-chan memes are now my favorite thing

2017-12-31 18:28:40 UTC

I seen a pretty funny Earth chan meme , where she was bloody like i still love you lol

2017-12-31 18:28:49 UTC

Shouldve saved it

2017-12-31 18:29:57 UTC

I've seen it too

2017-12-31 18:29:58 UTC


2017-12-31 18:30:08 UTC

Earth chan memes are going to make me a die hard environmentalist

2017-12-31 18:30:12 UTC

Too kawaii

2017-12-31 18:31:17 UTC

You should already be taking step to protect your environment

2017-12-31 18:33:46 UTC

Local man officially becomes too big for his britches


2017-12-31 18:35:28 UTC

Well thats not really gonna work

2017-12-31 18:35:55 UTC

They know they are treating us unjustly they dont care

2017-12-31 18:36:12 UTC

Its Genocide nibba lol not to Fedpoast

2017-12-31 18:36:51 UTC

@Fash Dragon It's been official

2017-12-31 18:37:06 UTC

My patience for that man is growing thinner and thinner every day

2017-12-31 18:37:17 UTC

Somebody needs to take the initiative to shut him up before he hurts somebody

2017-12-31 18:37:33 UTC

White nationalist sit ins at the SPLC when.

2017-12-31 18:37:40 UTC


2017-12-31 18:37:56 UTC

i mean look, we have a line of peaceful action, but we have to defend ourselves

2017-12-31 18:38:09 UTC

we dont have a sympathetic media like the Civil Rights folks dude

2017-12-31 18:38:20 UTC

us getting beat up will just be portrayed as weakness, not heroism

2017-12-31 18:38:42 UTC

I think Kessler takes the new civil rights meme too hard

2017-12-31 18:39:05 UTC
2017-12-31 18:39:19 UTC

I got a buddy that works with him a lot out that way and he's VERY big on it

2017-12-31 18:39:52 UTC

Dont instegate, but dont hestitate to split someone open in self defense of course

2017-12-31 18:40:02 UTC

Strength is the best optics.

2017-12-31 18:40:19 UTC

I say that every time someone calls me a larper for bringing riot gear to events

2017-12-31 18:40:38 UTC

Males want to be badass , and girls want to get roded by badasses

2017-12-31 18:40:38 UTC

The SA wasnt created for LARP

2017-12-31 18:40:44 UTC


2017-12-31 18:40:46 UTC

its because they literally had to stop Red violence

2017-12-31 18:40:54 UTC

Reds only understand strength

2017-12-31 18:40:58 UTC


2017-12-31 18:40:58 UTC


2017-12-31 18:41:05 UTC

The 60's civil rights movement was essentially a decade-lomg ASPCA commercial

2017-12-31 18:41:12 UTC

As Adolf said, it wasn't intellectuals who gave him the courage to win

2017-12-31 18:41:14 UTC

Youth is all that matters

2017-12-31 18:41:43 UTC

Literal lol @Fash Dragon

2017-12-31 18:41:58 UTC

If I go to UTR 2, I'm going to wear full body armor and carry a rifle tbh

2017-12-31 18:42:31 UTC

Unless it's legally restricted of course

2017-12-31 18:42:31 UTC

If we go, security will be very important

2017-12-31 18:42:42 UTC

Would advise against rifles at this time

2017-12-31 18:42:49 UTC
2017-12-31 18:42:50 UTC


2017-12-31 18:42:51 UTC


2017-12-31 18:42:53 UTC


2017-12-31 18:42:58 UTC


2017-12-31 18:43:15 UTC

I mean tbh, we probably could jut stroll into UTR 2 in bicycle shorts

2017-12-31 18:43:26 UTC

itd be so locked down with Fed, State, and local agencies

2017-12-31 18:44:24 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach let's actually do it

2017-12-31 18:44:25 UTC

Put Cantwell in jail and trying to give him 40 years for pepper spraying people that werent even in his vacinety but you wanna flip that coin go ahead

2017-12-31 18:44:38 UTC


2017-12-31 18:44:59 UTC

@MACrusader I'm not scared of shit like that man

2017-12-31 18:45:05 UTC

Grease the chains, bike war now

2017-12-31 18:45:23 UTC

I don't intend on instigating violence, but I'd be willing to die for WN if it was unavoidable

2017-12-31 18:45:27 UTC

i think we need to focus almost entirely in communities that are the opposite of Cville

2017-12-31 18:45:36 UTC

Redneck nationalism ^

2017-12-31 18:45:37 UTC

@Haupst√ľrmfuhrer Pepe its pretty easy to say that when its not you

2017-12-31 18:45:45 UTC

@MACrusader I was referring to myself

2017-12-31 18:46:31 UTC

Ive stared down the barrel of 10 to 15 year sentence its not fun fam.

2017-12-31 18:46:50 UTC

Our guys got rifles leveled at them

2017-12-31 18:46:57 UTC

i had a pistol pointed at me at Cville

2017-12-31 18:47:01 UTC

That shit aint no joke

2017-12-31 18:47:06 UTC


2017-12-31 18:47:13 UTC

@Hand Banana Can tell you all about it

2017-12-31 18:47:15 UTC

I know it's not fun @MACrusader

2017-12-31 18:47:23 UTC

I'm still not going to back down

2017-12-31 18:47:26 UTC

Just brandishing is a serious felony

2017-12-31 18:47:41 UTC

I have a sling for that; I don't carry my rifle in my hands

2017-12-31 18:47:59 UTC

Okay have fun.

2017-12-31 18:48:11 UTC

@Haupst√ľrmfuhrer Pepe Jesus dude why's the solution always 'bring guns' with you?

2017-12-31 18:48:14 UTC

Focussing our attention on towns like Pikeville is a good idea imo. Build local support.

2017-12-31 18:48:26 UTC

TWP is going to have security teams rolled out, only security teams will be carrying in the future

2017-12-31 18:48:28 UTC

@Fash Dragon america

2017-12-31 18:48:38 UTC

@Fash Dragon Do you own any?

2017-12-31 18:48:39 UTC

these are gonna be guys with proven training, and i want them all to get liability insurance

2017-12-31 18:49:02 UTC

Nah I live in a college dorm and don't have my FOID

2017-12-31 18:49:13 UTC

Heil Hiembach

2017-12-31 18:49:16 UTC

I get it @Haupst√ľrmfuhrer Pepe I do, i love guns, but we need to professionalize on who has guns

2017-12-31 18:49:16 UTC

noguns lol @Fash Dragon

2017-12-31 18:49:21 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach I understand.

2017-12-31 18:49:33 UTC

If we let everyone have guns, it takes one jackass with a Turner Diaries fantasy to end up with us in a shooting war

2017-12-31 18:49:33 UTC

The best weapons to learn how to use are nontraditional weapons

2017-12-31 18:49:35 UTC

we cant have that

2017-12-31 18:49:46 UTC

learn how to use axes and stuff

2017-12-31 18:49:52 UTC

bats clubs you name it

2017-12-31 18:49:53 UTC


2017-12-31 18:49:54 UTC
2017-12-31 18:49:56 UTC

I understand; I don't want to repeat Greensboro either @MatthewHeimbach

2017-12-31 18:49:59 UTC

Lol billy

2017-12-31 18:50:02 UTC

because you may be unarmed someday

2017-12-31 18:50:08 UTC

look ancient weapons work

2017-12-31 18:50:10 UTC

Although tbh, God obviously guided the bullets at the Greensboro Shootout

2017-12-31 18:50:11 UTC

lances work

2017-12-31 18:50:20 UTC

Matt whats your opinion>?

2017-12-31 18:50:31 UTC

Didn't the SA have plenty of guns?

2017-12-31 18:50:37 UTC

They mostly used clubs

2017-12-31 18:50:42 UTC

Fair point

2017-12-31 18:50:52 UTC

The Freikorp was different

2017-12-31 18:51:02 UTC

those were demobilized vets with a legal right to do what they did

2017-12-31 18:51:09 UTC

because the Reds were literally taking over cities

2017-12-31 18:51:15 UTC

I see your point

2017-12-31 18:51:16 UTC

The SA mostly used clubs and such

2017-12-31 18:51:24 UTC

Club nationalism, got it

2017-12-31 18:51:32 UTC

I'll bring a baton instead of my rifle then.

2017-12-31 18:51:38 UTC

Until WWI Lancer Corps were common in most nations EXCEPT THE UNITED STATES

2017-12-31 18:51:42 UTC

I think a strong shield wall, with flag poles and such, keeps us in a far better legal position

2017-12-31 18:51:47 UTC

Shields are great though, shield bash works, plus lift weights.

2017-12-31 18:52:06 UTC

law enforcement tier equipment^

2017-12-31 18:52:14 UTC

Had the Southern Confederacy employed some Lancers and used some nontraditional weapons, its possible they could have fought on longer

2017-12-31 18:52:16 UTC


2017-12-31 18:52:26 UTC

by 1861 those old weapons were considered passe

2017-12-31 18:52:26 UTC

We need more shields, damn things get costly tho

2017-12-31 18:52:29 UTC

also, riot helmets

2017-12-31 18:52:47 UTC

Yes riot helmets with clear face shields, much needed.

2017-12-31 18:52:49 UTC

Matt whats your opinion on archers?

2017-12-31 18:52:49 UTC

Need Roman Empire lvl shield wall

2017-12-31 18:53:06 UTC

can confirm was on the team that got rifles pointed at us

2017-12-31 18:53:07 UTC

I mean, probably not for your average rally @Billy Ray Jenkins

2017-12-31 18:53:09 UTC

pls lets not go back to cville

2017-12-31 18:53:14 UTC

I mean personally and Im strategizing way down the road

2017-12-31 18:53:15 UTC

I'm going to buy a full body blunt trauma protector suit + visored helmet + steel boots and gloves

2017-12-31 18:53:16 UTC

Billy sit down , your drunk

2017-12-31 18:53:26 UTC

Fucken archers lol

2017-12-31 18:53:26 UTC

not talking about rally per se but im meaning when the fit hits the shan

2017-12-31 18:53:33 UTC

>riot helmets
You can get a kevlar PASGT on ebay for $40

2017-12-31 18:53:35 UTC

That's what I did

2017-12-31 18:53:35 UTC

Yeah we're not going back to cville. What we are gonna do is have each member of the security team supply their own equipment, which will be standardized

2017-12-31 18:53:41 UTC

I'll bring my nerf bow @Billy Ray Jenkins

2017-12-31 18:53:44 UTC

to the rally

2017-12-31 18:53:45 UTC

And you can upgrade the suspension so they're pump resistant as well

2017-12-31 18:53:48 UTC

since real bows aren't allowed

2017-12-31 18:53:51 UTC

MaCrusader here;s what im talking about

2017-12-31 18:53:59 UTC

for cville 4


2017-12-31 18:54:09 UTC

Before RaHoWa they are going to attempt to take our ammo,

2017-12-31 18:54:18 UTC

best have a backup plan

2017-12-31 18:54:23 UTC

How good of optics would it be if we all showed up with nerf guns shooting into the crowd of antifa laughing like maniacs

2017-12-31 18:54:30 UTC

what about airshit

2017-12-31 18:54:41 UTC

No i aint trunk

2017-12-31 18:54:48 UTC



2017-12-31 18:54:49 UTC

BTW didnt mean 2 go off topic

2017-12-31 18:55:03 UTC

but projectile weapons are a good idea

2017-12-31 18:55:08 UTC

I feel like airsoft guns look too real to not get you in trouble

2017-12-31 18:55:09 UTC

technically they are non lethal

2017-12-31 18:55:16 UTC

@Fevs >orange tip

2017-12-31 18:55:17 UTC

but they can pack a punch

2017-12-31 18:55:25 UTC

@Haupst√ľrmfuhrer Pepe Use some common sense nigga

2017-12-31 18:55:30 UTC

In a cville type situation

2017-12-31 18:55:30 UTC

I mean 500fps with CO2 tanks could work

2017-12-31 18:55:40 UTC

You think the cops are going to sit there looking for orange tips on things that look like guns?

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