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2017-12-31 16:13:08 UTC

no god no

2017-12-31 16:13:13 UTC

Found a NazBol

2017-12-31 16:13:15 UTC

I would never share my woman with anyone else

2017-12-31 16:13:16 UTC

i just blocked an asshole today on fb who sent me nudes o fhis girl

2017-12-31 16:13:20 UTC


2017-12-31 16:13:36 UTC

you know those kind of ppl...

2017-12-31 16:13:43 UTC

sexual miscreants

2017-12-31 16:13:43 UTC

"hey look at this pussy I'm getting"

2017-12-31 16:13:45 UTC

kinda ppl

2017-12-31 16:13:47 UTC


2017-12-31 16:13:57 UTC

the beta male who wants to prove that he has sex lul

2017-12-31 16:14:01 UTC

@Haupst├╝rmfuhrer Pepe you can either pray, workout, or meditate on esoteric Hitlerist devi type nonsense.

Anything else is D E G E N E R A T E

2017-12-31 16:14:18 UTC

but I want big tiddy goth gf 24/7

2017-12-31 16:14:21 UTC


2017-12-31 16:14:30 UTC

Thank you for the advice nonetheless

2017-12-31 16:14:34 UTC

Kill your gfs family so she doesn't leave anymore

2017-12-31 16:14:37 UTC

It's for the greater good tbh

2017-12-31 16:14:48 UTC

@Fevs No, her dad is cool

2017-12-31 16:14:57 UTC

He's a racist who owns a whiskey company

2017-12-31 16:15:00 UTC

But he's stopping you from getting laid

2017-12-31 16:15:13 UTC

Epic Sven Longshank anti TWP/TRS rant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RltIf-6WyzM

2017-12-31 16:15:13 UTC

But he gave me free 5.56x45 for xmas

2017-12-31 16:15:28 UTC

He's a cool dad who rants about fags and niggers

2017-12-31 16:15:32 UTC

And has tons of guns and whiskey

2017-12-31 16:16:21 UTC

We hung out and watched liveleak videos of ISIS tanks getting blown up on xmas eve

2017-12-31 16:16:32 UTC

@Der J├Ąger You didn't have to block me on facebook btw, just telling me to stop would've sufficed

2017-12-31 16:16:49 UTC

@Fevs CUCK

2017-12-31 16:16:53 UTC

sorry bro i cannot stomach such behavior sir

2017-12-31 16:16:57 UTC

only numales share gf pussy lol

2017-12-31 16:17:02 UTC

I havent read much Devi yet, but Serrano can make things clearer perhaps and can show a true middle road between White/Aryan christian and non-christian spirituality that can perhaps make it not seem like "nonsense" lol

2017-12-31 16:17:04 UTC

You're just jealous im getting all that pussy

2017-12-31 16:17:10 UTC

@Fevs hahahahahahahahaha

2017-12-31 16:17:11 UTC


2017-12-31 16:17:13 UTC

I'll send you pics of 2 more of my girlfriends unblock me

2017-12-31 16:17:17 UTC


2017-12-31 16:17:32 UTC


2017-12-31 16:17:33 UTC


2017-12-31 16:17:35 UTC

My goth gf's untouched virgin pussy is better than whatever roastie you have

2017-12-31 16:17:39 UTC

I always heard svenlongshanks was a christcuck pussy. Now that radio rant.

2017-12-31 16:18:06 UTC

@Fevs sharing nudes of your gf is the same as cucking

2017-12-31 16:18:11 UTC


2017-12-31 16:18:16 UTC

We're not gona start the christcuck shit

2017-12-31 16:18:17 UTC

Whoops didn't tag

2017-12-31 16:18:23 UTC

@AltCelt(IL) t. heathen

2017-12-31 16:18:29 UTC

Nor any bashing of any spirituality here

2017-12-31 16:18:42 UTC

@Daniel - KY I haven't seen you here before

2017-12-31 16:18:52 UTC

I've been here for months

2017-12-31 16:18:53 UTC


2017-12-31 16:18:57 UTC


2017-12-31 16:19:01 UTC

And Longshanks is a pussy.

2017-12-31 16:19:03 UTC

"Epic Sven Longshank anti TWP/TRS rant:"
>anti TWP

2017-12-31 16:19:06 UTC

I'm confuse

2017-12-31 16:19:19 UTC

Listen yourself

2017-12-31 16:19:44 UTC

Hey yall wanna see my girls nudes?

2017-12-31 16:19:48 UTC
2017-12-31 16:19:54 UTC

Here ya go

2017-12-31 16:19:55 UTC


2017-12-31 16:20:05 UTC

bring it lol

2017-12-31 16:20:16 UTC


2017-12-31 16:20:24 UTC

***L E W D***

2017-12-31 16:20:28 UTC

excellent troll sir

2017-12-31 16:20:28 UTC

justin trudeau pls go

2017-12-31 16:20:45 UTC

It isn't nonsense I was just joking. I unironically like her shit haha

Sven is an OK guy. He's just not happy with the situation. It's odd to be on tradworkers discord calling people christcucks though lol

2017-12-31 16:21:15 UTC

2 Much *Edge* 4 U

2017-12-31 16:21:20 UTC

I lioke edge

2017-12-31 16:21:24 UTC

@Daniel - KY Are you calling Enoch a Jew?

2017-12-31 16:21:28 UTC

@fassel wish I could sleep that comfortable

2017-12-31 16:21:37 UTC

Why doesn't this retarded shit ever stop

2017-12-31 16:21:41 UTC

Shes a slut

2017-12-31 16:21:49 UTC

Can I add into the rules "Don't call Enoch a jew"

2017-12-31 16:21:57 UTC


2017-12-31 16:22:00 UTC

rate my dog

2017-12-31 16:22:00 UTC

Only edge we have room for is StraightEdge.. Get wit it dudez

2017-12-31 16:22:07 UTC

your dogs a perv

2017-12-31 16:22:08 UTC
2017-12-31 16:22:12 UTC
2017-12-31 16:22:16 UTC


2017-12-31 16:22:17 UTC

Is longshanks even real, like he ever show up inperson

2017-12-31 16:22:20 UTC

checking out @fassel gf

2017-12-31 16:22:32 UTC

I saw Mike Enoch at Pikeville.

2017-12-31 16:22:47 UTC

@fassel my dog is going to fill your dog with superior Dachsund genetics

2017-12-31 16:22:47 UTC

@Fevs its already in our "don't promote lies/slander and cause needless infighting" clause

2017-12-31 16:22:54 UTC

Enoch's been at every event I've ever been to lol

2017-12-31 16:23:03 UTC

i took a pic with enoch at wlm....good dude

2017-12-31 16:23:10 UTC

If anyone can find me a small SS visor cap I'll order it and put it on my dog's head

2017-12-31 16:23:27 UTC
2017-12-31 16:23:28 UTC

It needs to be very small since he's a Dachshund

2017-12-31 16:24:17 UTC

Enoch is cool, he gave me a pizza

2017-12-31 16:24:21 UTC


2017-12-31 16:24:22 UTC

pic related

2017-12-31 16:24:31 UTC


2017-12-31 16:24:40 UTC

Left handed Klan salute

2017-12-31 16:24:45 UTC

@Daniel - KY why are you sharing videos of "epic rants" that call him a Jew then?

2017-12-31 16:24:53 UTC

If enoch was a jew his family would have said so i the huge expose' on them.

2017-12-31 16:25:13 UTC

They would not provide cover for him as they dont agree with his politics in the slightest

2017-12-31 16:25:15 UTC

pic above is from Spencer's rental house in Gville

2017-12-31 16:25:16 UTC

I was sharing longshanks insulkting podcast of TWP,

2017-12-31 16:25:29 UTC

Go comment

2017-12-31 16:25:39 UTC

@Haupst├╝rmfuhrer Pepe long hair dachshund are the best

2017-12-31 16:25:44 UTC
2017-12-31 16:25:48 UTC

Spencer has a rental house in every major city

2017-12-31 16:25:54 UTC


2017-12-31 16:25:59 UTC

i had a short hair...the guy was a maniac nail biter

2017-12-31 16:26:05 UTC

This one was quite nice @AltCelt(IL)

2017-12-31 16:26:06 UTC

Good to know when we start the tactical nuke war

2017-12-31 16:26:09 UTC

Longshanks kinda lokks like a pajeet

2017-12-31 16:26:12 UTC

although it was funny af to see him take a piss in snow two feet deep

2017-12-31 16:26:14 UTC

Lots of free booze and pizza in the fridge

2017-12-31 16:26:14 UTC


2017-12-31 16:26:30 UTC

I'm not anti christian, just the those cucks are a real thing, and most christians arent , so i say cuck, cuck to jews

2017-12-31 16:26:39 UTC

@Haupst├╝rmfuhrer Pepe Where was that at wtf

2017-12-31 16:26:47 UTC

Did I miss a party

2017-12-31 16:26:53 UTC


2017-12-31 16:26:59 UTC

@Fevs I was Spencer's convoy driver in Gainsville for his speech

2017-12-31 16:27:04 UTC

So I got to stay at the house

2017-12-31 16:27:13 UTC

@Fevs spencer dumped u for some new boipusy

2017-12-31 16:27:18 UTC


2017-12-31 16:27:22 UTC

slav boipussy

2017-12-31 16:27:23 UTC

I was in TWP vetted channel, got thrown out?

2017-12-31 16:27:34 UTC

It's not a thing anymore

2017-12-31 16:27:53 UTC

@Daniel - KY did i meet you at shelbyville?

2017-12-31 16:27:58 UTC

we're egalitarians now

2017-12-31 16:28:02 UTC

Everyones vetted

2017-12-31 16:28:07 UTC

Everyones the same

2017-12-31 16:28:13 UTC

Naw I didnt make Shelbyville. ­čśŽ

2017-12-31 16:28:40 UTC

Hmm Altcelt, k.

2017-12-31 16:29:12 UTC

Gainsville was great even though the event itself was kind of a flop

2017-12-31 16:29:17 UTC

The afterparty was amazing

2017-12-31 16:29:37 UTC

We're only in this for the sicc parties

2017-12-31 16:29:39 UTC

Dicky used his bourgeoisie influence to get lots of good food and alcohol

2017-12-31 16:29:52 UTC

random af...how you like new t-shirt


2017-12-31 16:30:10 UTC

We had this huge 5-course private dinner with steaks and lobster and shit

2017-12-31 16:30:13 UTC

was good eatin

2017-12-31 16:30:24 UTC


2017-12-31 16:30:26 UTC


2017-12-31 16:30:29 UTC


2017-12-31 16:30:30 UTC


2017-12-31 16:31:44 UTC

Does Richard still own Identity Evropa?

2017-12-31 16:32:30 UTC


2017-12-31 16:32:31 UTC

He splintered to do the operation homeland thingy i beleive

2017-12-31 16:32:44 UTC


2017-12-31 16:32:45 UTC

My b

2017-12-31 16:32:49 UTC

He was never ie

2017-12-31 16:32:52 UTC

Thats damigo

2017-12-31 16:32:56 UTC

No, he owned the LLC for a while

2017-12-31 16:33:09 UTC

Yea not sure

2017-12-31 16:33:14 UTC

He definitely did

2017-12-31 16:33:17 UTC

Idk I don't keep up with the alt lite

2017-12-31 16:33:25 UTC

But indeed NPI will be doing their own activism now

2017-12-31 16:33:28 UTC

@fassel if IE is alt-lite then what is Kyle Chapman?

2017-12-31 16:33:31 UTC

i'm doing an skype interview with IE next week

2017-12-31 16:33:36 UTC

Nu male

2017-12-31 16:33:41 UTC


2017-12-31 16:33:42 UTC

I shot Dicky a text asking about Homeland but it doesn't look like they're doing anything yet

2017-12-31 16:33:49 UTC

i wanna hang banners and shit

2017-12-31 16:33:50 UTC

Lol idk normie conservacuck

2017-12-31 16:33:54 UTC
2017-12-31 16:33:58 UTC

Its in da werx

2017-12-31 16:33:59 UTC

kill your local mailman

2017-12-31 16:34:16 UTC

build my local community up, ghetto outreach program

2017-12-31 16:34:27 UTC

Seriously though, we should copy the yuro identitarians and patrol the southern border

2017-12-31 16:34:32 UTC

We can crowdfund a helicopter

2017-12-31 16:34:36 UTC

Thats basically what I have to do

2017-12-31 16:34:41 UTC

i like where this is heading

2017-12-31 16:34:54 UTC

TWP close air support soon

2017-12-31 16:34:58 UTC

I was at Operation Homeland's first event thing, they're gonna be better than IE was lul

2017-12-31 16:35:06 UTC

I would imagine so

2017-12-31 16:35:11 UTC

Light Aircraft leaflet drops. ­čśä

2017-12-31 16:35:16 UTC

IE is an offensive fraternity

2017-12-31 16:35:19 UTC

nothing more

2017-12-31 16:35:19 UTC

Drones I mean

2017-12-31 16:35:24 UTC

We need to volunteer at Nehlan events

2017-12-31 16:35:30 UTC

They've stated that they won't do events, just parties essentially

2017-12-31 16:35:48 UTC

Whos that

2017-12-31 16:35:49 UTC

I dont think they really offend anyone though except maybe radical far leftists

2017-12-31 16:35:55 UTC


2017-12-31 16:36:15 UTC

But they are offended by anything not brown

2017-12-31 16:36:20 UTC

We need to have a boxing night with them

2017-12-31 16:36:32 UTC

And steal their women

2017-12-31 16:36:41 UTC

In TWP were the first Christians I ever met that loved their race.

2017-12-31 16:37:09 UTC

All my slav strength is in my quads, so let's do a squat competition with IE

2017-12-31 16:37:22 UTC

we have eatin' gains

2017-12-31 16:37:24 UTC

we'll be fine

2017-12-31 16:37:55 UTC

Well yeah there are Christians and (((Christians)))

2017-12-31 16:38:00 UTC

Theres a big bald IE guy im friends with in Chicago

2017-12-31 16:38:05 UTC

Truck driver

2017-12-31 16:38:11 UTC

Not sure why hes not with us

2017-12-31 16:38:16 UTC

Protestants are essentially christcucks to my understanding

2017-12-31 16:38:42 UTC


2017-12-31 16:38:54 UTC

CI and orthodox, only christians worth their salt

2017-12-31 16:38:57 UTC

I grw up around mostly Protestants, so I agree with that one

2017-12-31 16:38:57 UTC

You guys met him in Shelbyville

2017-12-31 16:39:14 UTC


2017-12-31 16:39:33 UTC

Ci, ortho, and tradcat

2017-12-31 16:39:33 UTC

I met a lot of people in Shelbyville

2017-12-31 16:40:17 UTC

There were 2 guys from chicago, maybe 1 more not sure. They were at the bar that night also

2017-12-31 16:40:24 UTC

I didnt make it

2017-12-31 16:41:22 UTC

I was raised catholic but im not very good at living up to trad cat standards so im ci-curious. Its like bi-curious except its not at all

2017-12-31 16:41:50 UTC

I was raised the same

2017-12-31 16:42:03 UTC

Only go to 1 church

2017-12-31 16:42:16 UTC

St. Patrick's

2017-12-31 16:42:40 UTC

And meditate at my great grandparents' grave and in the woods lol

2017-12-31 16:43:52 UTC

@fassel You're bi-curious?

2017-12-31 16:43:54 UTC


2017-12-31 16:45:57 UTC

Time for the conservacuck out of context quote by Dr. Goebbels

2017-12-31 16:46:11 UTC


2017-12-31 16:46:20 UTC

Nah nigga lol im ci-curious

2017-12-31 16:46:37 UTC

*list of democrat offenses compared to Nazis*

2017-12-31 16:47:55 UTC


2017-12-31 16:48:13 UTC

Christian Identity (also known as Identity Christianity[1]) is a racist white supremacist interpretation of Christianity which advocates the belief that only Germanic peoples (including Anglo-Saxon, Nordic peoples) and people of kindred blood are the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and hence the descendants of the ancient Israelites (primarily as a result of the Assyrian captivity) can achieve paradise.

Christian Identity is not an organized religion, and is not connected with specific Christian denominations; instead, it is independently practiced by individuals, churches and some prison gangs.[2] Its theology promotes a racial interpretation of Christianity.[3][4] Christian Identity beliefs were primarily developed and promoted by two authors who regarded Europeans as the "chosen people" and Jews as the cursed offspring of Cain, the "serpent hybrid" or serpent seed (a belief known as the two-seedline doctrine). White supremacist sects and gangs later adopted many of these teachings.

Christian Identity dictates that all non-whites (people not of wholly European descent) on the planet will either be exterminated or enslaved (Dominion Theology[citation needed]) in order to serve the White race in the new Heavenly Kingdom on Earth under the reign of Jesus Christ.[citation needed] Its doctrine states that only "Adamic" (white people) can achieve salvation and paradise

2017-12-31 16:50:10 UTC

Pretty fuckin based, huh?

2017-12-31 16:50:18 UTC

We were Hyperboreans inb4 Israelites

2017-12-31 16:50:29 UTC

Ill go with both

2017-12-31 16:54:49 UTC

I'm working on synthesizing old Christianity with Paganism cause autism.

2017-12-31 16:55:33 UTC

Like the reverse of Christianizing paganism.

2017-12-31 16:56:36 UTC

Aryan Identity. White is a new word. We used to call ourselves, bright, wise, aryan, etc.

2017-12-31 16:57:35 UTC

In the Vedas it describes the conquest of black cities, forts, etc. Pretty cool. It says Manu (Noah) gave the world to us.

2017-12-31 16:58:31 UTC

Ancient divine RACE WAR.

2017-12-31 16:58:57 UTC

This series makes too much sense and it Spooks me

2017-12-31 16:59:20 UTC

lol at the hate speech on conservative treehouse

2017-12-31 17:01:34 UTC

@fassel its very real

2017-12-31 17:01:51 UTC

Even though longshanks kinda fucks it up lol

2017-12-31 17:02:28 UTC

Yeah pretty fascinating stuff. Its what charged my interest in Christianity after years of being without faith

2017-12-31 17:02:48 UTC

Me too pretty much

2017-12-31 17:07:01 UTC

Sven longshanks needs to start lifting and go full skinhead and try to not be so tan...


2017-12-31 17:13:52 UTC

At least Mike looks white, Sven not so much

2017-12-31 17:13:57 UTC

OMG that's him

2017-12-31 17:17:05 UTC

I have a hardcore purity side, why I did my dna test, I would have had to purge myself, but I passed.

2017-12-31 17:17:38 UTC

Durka durk, white power!

2017-12-31 17:17:50 UTC

He does look durka....

2017-12-31 17:17:55 UTC

ItÔÇÖs odd

2017-12-31 17:17:59 UTC

DoesnÔÇÖt fit the voice.

2017-12-31 17:18:04 UTC


2017-12-31 17:18:07 UTC

I know right?

2017-12-31 17:18:21 UTC

Those teeth sure look british tho

2017-12-31 17:18:27 UTC

Indeed haha

2017-12-31 17:18:31 UTC

Yeah same @Daniel - KY If I all the sudden leave the server, assume I found out I was 5% jewish and I killed myself

2017-12-31 17:18:37 UTC

ThereÔÇÖs tons of durka brits

2017-12-31 17:18:40 UTC


2017-12-31 17:18:42 UTC


2017-12-31 17:19:15 UTC

This is why we need nationalism...

2017-12-31 17:20:00 UTC

We will just use the ice cream analogy to redpill the normies. Ethnostate now !

2017-12-31 17:20:55 UTC

We will hog tie the normies, tape their eyes open, and make them watch hellstorm!

2017-12-31 17:25:19 UTC

Has Heimbach met Sven Longshanks?

2017-12-31 17:25:35 UTC

This fucker isn't even white.

2017-12-31 17:25:44 UTC


2017-12-31 17:26:25 UTC


2017-12-31 17:26:32 UTC

What the fuck is going on in clown world? Can't we just have white people in our white nationalism?

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