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2017-10-02 03:06:03 UTC

But it mostly comes from the same area.

2017-10-02 03:06:04 UTC

i didn't realize that

2017-10-02 03:06:28 UTC

Yeah, poppy seeds is opium.

2017-10-02 03:06:38 UTC


2017-10-02 03:06:42 UTC

i did not know that

2017-10-02 03:07:03 UTC

But like poppy seeds on food is just for food. They don't use seeds to produce the stuff.

2017-10-02 03:07:16 UTC

They use the substance that the plant produces.

2017-10-02 03:07:23 UTC


2017-10-02 03:07:59 UTC


2017-10-02 03:08:04 UTC

Kiborg is GOOD STUFF

2017-10-02 03:08:09 UTC

Yeah it is.

2017-10-02 03:09:02 UTC

My two fav tracks by them

2017-10-02 03:09:22 UTC

I wish i had a group of hardcore fascists around here. i crave community and comrades with whom to go out and proselytize

2017-10-02 03:09:38 UTC

If you don't have fascist friends.

2017-10-02 03:09:48 UTC

Make them fascists

2017-10-02 03:09:54 UTC
2017-10-02 03:10:01 UTC

tbh i don't have IRL friends lmao

2017-10-02 03:10:29 UTC

is TWP a registered party in PA? by any chance? asking for a friend

2017-10-02 03:12:13 UTC

NS Metalcore holy fuck

2017-10-02 03:12:29 UTC

The Chicago scene would have been beyond triggered

2017-10-02 03:12:47 UTC

Oh man the amount of music like that. That is NS is a lot.

2017-10-02 03:12:57 UTC

All European, besides 14sacredwords

2017-10-02 03:13:02 UTC

which is 10/10

2017-10-02 03:13:37 UTC

Ive heard alot of thrash, BM, punk, H/C But never this style haha

2017-10-02 03:14:17 UTC

you may not like this song but it's one of my favorites https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kire0tZcRbk

2017-10-02 03:14:55 UTC

ะšะธะฑะพั€ะณ (Russia), Youth Of Tomorrow (Germany), Thrima (Germany), Saw Cross Lanes (Germany), Painful Awakening (Germany), Moshpit (Germany), Fear Rains Down (Germany/USA)

2017-10-02 03:14:56 UTC

We need NS Powerviolence to turn the nihilist left music against itself lol

2017-10-02 03:15:12 UTC

Oh yea cant forget grindcore like Grinded Nig lmao

2017-10-02 03:15:33 UTC
2017-10-02 03:15:48 UTC

Oh yea almost fergot lmao

2017-10-02 03:16:27 UTC


2017-10-02 03:16:36 UTC

Seen Goatmoon live

2017-10-02 03:16:41 UTC

Love me some blackened hardcore

2017-10-02 03:16:49 UTC


2017-10-02 03:16:54 UTC

Blutaar's new stuff is intense

2017-10-02 03:16:59 UTC

There's more NSBM gigs than I can attend.

2017-10-02 03:17:00 UTC

Goatmoon is gr88

2017-10-02 03:17:03 UTC

Yeah dude

2017-10-02 03:17:08 UTC

I only know lefty shit really

2017-10-02 03:17:09 UTC

NSBM is my stuff manannnnn

2017-10-02 03:17:12 UTC


2017-10-02 03:17:43 UTC

The scene has been on fucking fire lately, during the last year and a half there's been like half a dozen new albums and non stop gigs.

2017-10-02 03:17:49 UTC

You'd love it.

2017-10-02 03:17:59 UTC

this music is divine

2017-10-02 03:18:06 UTC

Aryan Assault, some DANK NS-Noise/Hardcore whatever

2017-10-02 03:18:09 UTC


2017-10-02 03:20:10 UTC

is the TWP eligible to be voted for in PA?

2017-10-02 03:21:05 UTC

And in addition to Satanic Warmaster, Goatmoon and the good old ones there's been a ton of debut albums as well, and great ones at that.

2017-10-02 03:21:35 UTC

NSBM Goes a bit back

2017-10-02 03:21:45 UTC

Half NSBM is poop

2017-10-02 03:21:49 UTC

Half is 10/10

2017-10-02 03:24:11 UTC

A few pretty recent ones, 5/5 the scenes been ๐Ÿ”ฅ

2017-10-02 03:28:30 UTC

@Dr.Cocopuff | KY Are you going to Asgardsrei?

2017-10-02 03:28:52 UTC

I had thought about it since I have like 30 friends going.

2017-10-02 03:30:10 UTC

This just in: Catalonia just voted in favor of breaking from Spain.

2017-10-02 03:30:17 UTC

Holy shit.

2017-10-02 03:32:01 UTC


2017-10-02 03:32:03 UTC

Where is it?

2017-10-02 03:32:11 UTC


2017-10-02 03:32:23 UTC

catalonia is holding back the rest of spain with their shitlib bullshit

2017-10-02 03:32:36 UTC

Yeah, pretty sure Catalonia is far-left.

2017-10-02 03:32:38 UTC

except they ow debt the only big issue

2017-10-02 03:32:40 UTC

but it plays into our agenda of seeing the EU fall apart

2017-10-02 03:32:55 UTC

the rest of spain is pretty alright

2017-10-02 03:33:02 UTC

don't want moors

2017-10-02 03:33:07 UTC

nationalists all over the place

2017-10-02 03:33:11 UTC

@Dr.Cocopuff | KY http://militant.zone/ar2017/

It's the greatest NSBM thing ever.

2017-10-02 03:33:23 UTC

they still publicly throw romans

2017-10-02 03:33:26 UTC


๐Ÿ˜ฉ ๐Ÿ˜ฉ ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

2017-10-02 03:33:40 UTC

Shieeet that is a bit out lol

2017-10-02 03:33:40 UTC


2017-10-02 03:34:20 UTC

No I won't be there

2017-10-02 03:34:47 UTC

We had some TWP people in Steelfest. Not much going on in the States NSBM wise.

2017-10-02 03:35:07 UTC

Nah, never has been.

2017-10-02 03:35:15 UTC

A lot of US-NSBM is shit.

2017-10-02 03:35:20 UTC

Some is really good though

2017-10-02 03:35:33 UTC

I'm kinda temptated because I have wanted to see Absurd live as well, they got me into NSBM.

2017-10-02 03:36:04 UTC

Listening to Pesttanz for 8 hours straight during carpooling and movement gigs nsbmpilled me.

2017-10-02 03:36:24 UTC

Goatmoon also threw a support gig for my comrade who was charged for killing that one antifa, it was really cool of him.

2017-10-02 03:36:30 UTC

He's 100% solid

2017-10-02 03:37:35 UTC

i gotta start listening to NSBM

2017-10-02 03:37:50 UTC

alright, nice to meet you guys. See you tomorrow. Hail Victory!

2017-10-02 03:38:10 UTC


2017-10-02 03:38:15 UTC


Also want to see Moloth live

2017-10-02 04:43:44 UTC

I fucking hate black metal that is against NSBM, they got a lot of hollywood shit.

2017-10-02 04:43:56 UTC

Hollywood black metal, that is satanic horse shit

2017-10-02 04:44:22 UTC

I like Metallica lol

2017-10-02 04:44:25 UTC

Black metal is European as it can get now.

2017-10-02 04:44:32 UTC

I unironically like Metallica

2017-10-02 04:44:48 UTC


2017-10-02 04:45:36 UTC

Sabaton, Hammerfall, Dragonforce, Metallica, Amon Amarth, Battlebeast, and Nirvana are my main bands right now

2017-10-02 04:48:55 UTC


2017-10-02 04:49:02 UTC

I've been into black metal for years

2017-10-02 04:49:11 UTC

Heimbach got me into Sabaton though lmao

2017-10-02 04:49:20 UTC

my favorite band before events

2017-10-02 04:50:57 UTC

Atlantean Kodex tho.

2017-10-02 04:51:28 UTC


2017-10-02 04:51:33 UTC

Who did this

2017-10-02 04:51:43 UTC


2017-10-02 04:53:54 UTC

@Dr.Cocopuff | KY >I fucking hate black metal that is against NSBM
I'm so glad every day that shit doesn't exist over here. "Whoah, I was down with raping angels and drinking their blood but you dared to speak ill of the historically disadvantaged Jews? Please leave."

2017-10-02 04:54:22 UTC


2017-10-02 04:54:53 UTC

Sabaton is bretty ghey my man.


2017-10-02 04:55:24 UTC

They're pretty cucky yeah

2017-10-02 04:55:32 UTC

But I still enjoy it

2017-10-02 04:55:51 UTC

Well I mean yeah, Satanic Warmaster says he's not "political", but doesn't stop him from playing "My dreams of Hitler"

2017-10-02 04:55:54 UTC

Gonna argue and fight on discord about lyrics duuuuuuude

2017-10-02 04:56:53 UTC

Though I probably intrepided that wrong

2017-10-02 04:57:02 UTC

BM scene is solid as fuck here, Steelfest is all open roman salutes and they sold "Only good antifa is a dead antifa" shirts at the latest BM gig in Turku.

2017-10-02 04:57:10 UTC

Alright, I read that wrong.

2017-10-02 04:57:27 UTC

Peste Noire said that at one point any band could slap a swastika on it, and sale more.

2017-10-02 04:57:37 UTC

Yeah its just the entire concept of inoffensive black metal is mindboggling.

2017-10-02 04:58:11 UTC

You ever hear about The Exploited concert in Russia

2017-10-02 04:58:25 UTC


2017-10-02 04:58:26 UTC

where some antifa started bitching about Roman Salutes and got killed lmfao

2017-10-02 04:58:44 UTC

I don't encourage killing and stuff like that at all, don't do that.

2017-10-02 04:58:58 UTC

But still lol

2017-10-02 04:59:01 UTC

Hey dude, I've already been to court for killing antifas, no need for disclaimers.

2017-10-02 04:59:23 UTC

And yeah.

2017-10-02 04:59:26 UTC

It was top heh

2017-10-02 05:00:37 UTC

Antifas constantly try to shut down BM concerts, but as their methods are limited to whining to the owner, there's not much they can do except piss off non political BM fans.

2017-10-02 05:00:54 UTC

When they got a Marduk concert cancelled

2017-10-02 05:01:02 UTC

Like how in the fuck is marduk NSBM

2017-10-02 05:01:17 UTC


2017-10-02 05:01:26 UTC

Antifa should shut down a slayer concert

2017-10-02 05:01:28 UTC

Meme that

2017-10-02 05:02:17 UTC

Yeah but I mean, these niggers are so retarded they're pretty much calling Blood & Honor to cancel the gig.

2017-10-02 05:02:47 UTC

Well not literally but they did call a really notorious nazi club and expected it to cancel. lol

2017-10-02 05:03:09 UTC

The result: Nazis have a good laugh and not yet-nazi BM fans get more and more pissed off at commies.

2017-10-02 05:03:12 UTC

Fine by me.

2017-10-02 05:03:30 UTC

Oh yeah, this one time Goatmoon was throwing a gig in this normie club.

2017-10-02 05:03:49 UTC

He had been banned, but he came anyway wearing a kriegsmarine flag as a cloak.

2017-10-02 05:03:50 UTC


2017-10-02 05:04:23 UTC


2017-10-02 05:05:01 UTC

A guy here, he's not with us but a metal fan that is cool af with us.

2017-10-02 05:05:30 UTC

He said how the ARA (Anti-racist action) antifa just go to concerts and fucking bug everyone about FASMSSIM RASSSMMMS

2017-10-02 05:05:40 UTC

And everyone hates them for being annoying fucks

2017-10-02 05:07:09 UTC

Yeah I mean, not everyone is a straight up nazi in the BM scene, but they're more than down with nazism since there're often mixed RAC-NSBM gigs and a lot of the even pure BM gigs are organized by open nazis and attended by movement members. So if you're an antiracist BM fan and you want to see your favorite local bands, you have to go to a nazi club and be surrounded by gigantic skins if you want to hear them. You're gonna have a bad time.

2017-10-02 05:08:11 UTC

Antifa only have some shit tier post-hardcore.

2017-10-02 05:08:17 UTC

which is a shit genre for shit people

2017-10-02 05:08:49 UTC

It's a bunch of hipsters who like HARD MUSIC that want to kick the air.

2017-10-02 05:10:35 UTC

Even the best punk I've heard has been nazi.

2017-10-02 05:10:55 UTC

You into noise? The scene is choke full of nazis as well.

2017-10-02 05:10:57 UTC

FFS Psyclon Nine used to have swastikas on stage, the lead vocalist is a tranny.

2017-10-02 05:11:07 UTC

Yeah, I used to make a lot of noise.

2017-10-02 05:11:09 UTC

Electro industrial?

2017-10-02 05:11:11 UTC

P9 was aggrotech.

2017-10-02 05:11:12 UTC

**F A M**

2017-10-02 05:11:55 UTC


2017-10-02 05:12:09 UTC

Yeah, I used to listen to shit ton of Agonoize, FGFC820, Suicide Commando, etc

2017-10-02 05:12:18 UTC

Hell, Kombat Unit is the name of a really old ass aggrotech band.

2017-10-02 05:12:23 UTC

SC associated act.

2017-10-02 05:12:34 UTC

I don't think any of them were NS

2017-10-02 05:12:38 UTC

But they were NOT PC.

2017-10-02 05:12:43 UTC


2017-10-02 05:13:10 UTC

Nah, I didn't say they were nazi, I meant some other noise bands.

2017-10-02 05:13:20 UTC

Just used to be a massive aggrotech/electro industrial fan.

2017-10-02 05:13:29 UTC

Used to go to a bunch of raves as well.

2017-10-02 05:13:47 UTC

Dude you know Yade?

2017-10-02 05:14:37 UTC

I was younger back in them days

2017-10-02 05:14:43 UTC

But yeah I'm still into aggrotech

2017-10-02 05:14:47 UTC

Aggrotech is a white genre

2017-10-02 05:16:13 UTC

Oh yeah, and they aren't exactly discreet about certain influences even if theyre not NS.

2017-10-02 05:16:17 UTC

This track is nice

2017-10-02 05:16:29 UTC

Oh yeah Nachtmahr

2017-10-02 05:16:30 UTC


2017-10-02 05:16:43 UTC

I promoted the idea of marching to aggrotech lmao

2017-10-02 05:17:13 UTC

You listened to FGFC820?

2017-10-02 05:17:19 UTC

Of course

2017-10-02 05:17:43 UTC

Yeah, dumb question. Fell in love with Perfect War.

2017-10-02 05:18:03 UTC

Sadly Terrorfakt is anti-NS

2017-10-02 05:19:04 UTC

Used to listen to Psyclon and Dawn of Ashes and ESC, but developed a taste for softer, more electronic sound like FGFC and SAM and what have you.

2017-10-02 05:19:20 UTC

Was bummed out by DoA stopped doing aggrotech.

2017-10-02 05:19:42 UTC

Oh yeah same, they went into a CoF copy.

2017-10-02 05:20:31 UTC

Very first track I listened to was Aesthetic Perfection's Schadenfreude. I'm not even a huge AP fan but that track got me hooked up to the genre for life.

2017-10-02 05:20:40 UTC

lmao dude

2017-10-02 05:20:51 UTC

Some antifa at the Stomfront re-hash

2017-10-02 05:20:52 UTC

Agonoize started doing some brostep influenced shit as well, kill me.

2017-10-02 05:20:56 UTC

wore a Acid Bath shirt

2017-10-02 05:21:27 UTC


2017-10-02 05:21:39 UTC

Citation needed but the pug-face was done.

2017-10-02 05:21:55 UTC

Die Sektor did that dubstep shit too

2017-10-02 05:24:01 UTC

Yeah, when DoA, Agonoize and Sektor went to shit I tried to replace it with Nurzery Rhymes and Mordacious but even though its mega edgy its just not the same. rip

2017-10-02 05:25:22 UTC

The genre went to rest sadly

2017-10-02 05:27:36 UTC


2017-10-02 05:27:44 UTC

a classic

2017-10-02 05:27:48 UTC

they have one track

2017-10-02 05:28:01 UTC

Noit Excev - The Fuhrer (Dawn of Ashes Remix)

2017-10-02 05:28:44 UTC
2017-10-02 05:28:47 UTC

ow the edge.jpg

2017-10-02 05:29:44 UTC


2017-10-02 05:29:52 UTC

SC is a favorite though

2017-10-02 05:30:00 UTC


2017-10-02 05:30:03 UTC

In a few years instead of re-hasing fascwave

2017-10-02 05:30:11 UTC

we need a rehash of fascrotech

2017-10-02 05:30:46 UTC


2017-10-02 05:36:06 UTC

I need more clips from the Stormfront event.

2017-10-02 05:36:25 UTC

The antifa got a clip of me ripping into them, they should post that shit.

2017-10-02 05:37:10 UTC

I offered them pizza they didn't want any.

2017-10-02 05:38:00 UTC


2017-10-02 05:41:29 UTC

Is Catalonia far left or what?

2017-10-02 05:41:47 UTC

A lot of lefties support, I hear they are far-left and pro-EU.

2017-10-02 05:41:56 UTC

Same as (((Ireland)

2017-10-02 05:43:14 UTC

Yeah. No strong feelings one way or the other, if Catalonia left Spain it'd be like California left the US.

2017-10-02 05:44:36 UTC

I see.

2017-10-02 05:45:05 UTC

Leftists have like 124 seats in the 135 seat parliament of Catalonia.

2017-10-02 05:45:50 UTC

Yeah, they are leftists

2017-10-02 05:46:12 UTC

Europe is fucked when it comes to the politics

2017-10-02 05:46:25 UTC

By that I mean Western europe.

2017-10-02 05:47:04 UTC

Central and eastern europe are the final hope. As it has been in history

2017-10-02 05:47:57 UTC

Thanks t. Nord

2017-10-02 05:48:20 UTC

Fuck anybody that counter-signals the Polish.

2017-10-02 05:49:01 UTC

Any sort of National Socialist organizing and racist internet posting gets you jailed in Russia though, and they're choke full of muslims as are the armed forces, so it's pretty much the European butthurt belt of ex satellites that remain somewhat based.

2017-10-02 05:49:59 UTC

I know Croatia & Serbia are fucked.

2017-10-02 05:50:12 UTC

How are they fucked?

2017-10-02 05:50:14 UTC

Especially if Serbia becomes a EU Member ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

2017-10-02 05:50:23 UTC

I doubt that.

2017-10-02 05:50:31 UTC

Highly, even for Croatia.

2017-10-02 05:50:36 UTC

I love Serbia<3

2017-10-02 05:50:38 UTC

But still

2017-10-02 05:50:52 UTC

We're fucked once we're replaced.

2017-10-02 05:50:56 UTC

Yea. I guess I am just over reacting.

2017-10-02 05:50:57 UTC

Serbia has some flamboyant carpet muncher as the prime minister

2017-10-02 05:50:58 UTC

AKA not a single white man left.

2017-10-02 05:51:13 UTC

Yeah they have, same as the USA, Same as Germany.

2017-10-02 05:51:18 UTC

Since I spoke w/ a guy from there on the Nordfront Chat.

2017-10-02 05:51:24 UTC

But literally until the last white man is there we are not fucked.

2017-10-02 05:51:42 UTC

I could tell you here we are fucked, we are fucked in America.

2017-10-02 05:51:54 UTC

I also know that Croatia has a Catholic PM who is leniant on Faggots ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

2017-10-02 05:51:58 UTC

But to think that they are all fucked is bullshit.

2017-10-02 05:52:04 UTC


2017-10-02 05:52:21 UTC

Until the last white man is dead, we are done.

2017-10-02 05:52:32 UTC

No apoligies needed man.

2017-10-02 05:52:51 UTC


2017-10-02 05:52:52 UTC

But yeah or governments are fucked.

2017-10-02 05:52:56 UTC

Okay. Keep calm & carry on.

2017-10-02 05:53:07 UTC

We had our first nigger elected lol

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