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2017-10-02 04:43:44 UTC  

I fucking hate black metal that is against NSBM, they got a lot of hollywood shit.

2017-10-02 04:43:56 UTC  

Hollywood black metal, that is satanic horse shit

2017-10-02 04:44:22 UTC  

I like Metallica lol

2017-10-02 04:44:25 UTC  

Black metal is European as it can get now.

2017-10-02 04:44:32 UTC  

I unironically like Metallica

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2017-10-02 04:45:36 UTC  

Sabaton, Hammerfall, Dragonforce, Metallica, Amon Amarth, Battlebeast, and Nirvana are my main bands right now

2017-10-02 04:48:55 UTC  


2017-10-02 04:49:02 UTC  

I've been into black metal for years

2017-10-02 04:49:11 UTC  

Heimbach got me into Sabaton though lmao

2017-10-02 04:49:20 UTC  

my favorite band before events

2017-10-02 04:50:57 UTC  

Atlantean Kodex tho.

2017-10-02 04:51:28 UTC

2017-10-02 04:51:33 UTC  

Who did this

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2017-10-02 04:53:54 UTC  

@Dr.Cocopuff | KY >I fucking hate black metal that is against NSBM
I'm so glad every day that shit doesn't exist over here. "Whoah, I was down with raping angels and drinking their blood but you dared to speak ill of the historically disadvantaged Jews? Please leave."

2017-10-02 04:54:22 UTC  


2017-10-02 04:54:53 UTC  

Sabaton is bretty ghey my man.

2017-10-02 04:55:24 UTC  

They're pretty cucky yeah

2017-10-02 04:55:32 UTC  

But I still enjoy it

2017-10-02 04:55:51 UTC  

Well I mean yeah, Satanic Warmaster says he's not "political", but doesn't stop him from playing "My dreams of Hitler"

2017-10-02 04:55:54 UTC  

Gonna argue and fight on discord about lyrics duuuuuuude

2017-10-02 04:56:53 UTC  

Though I probably intrepided that wrong

2017-10-02 04:57:02 UTC  

BM scene is solid as fuck here, Steelfest is all open roman salutes and they sold "Only good antifa is a dead antifa" shirts at the latest BM gig in Turku.

2017-10-02 04:57:10 UTC  

Alright, I read that wrong.

2017-10-02 04:57:27 UTC  

Peste Noire said that at one point any band could slap a swastika on it, and sale more.

2017-10-02 04:57:37 UTC  

Yeah its just the entire concept of inoffensive black metal is mindboggling.

2017-10-02 04:58:11 UTC  

You ever hear about The Exploited concert in Russia

2017-10-02 04:58:25 UTC  


2017-10-02 04:58:26 UTC  

where some antifa started bitching about Roman Salutes and got killed lmfao

2017-10-02 04:58:44 UTC  

I don't encourage killing and stuff like that at all, don't do that.

2017-10-02 04:58:58 UTC  

But still lol

2017-10-02 04:59:01 UTC  

Hey dude, I've already been to court for killing antifas, no need for disclaimers.

2017-10-02 04:59:23 UTC  

And yeah.

2017-10-02 04:59:26 UTC  

It was top heh

2017-10-02 05:00:37 UTC  

Antifas constantly try to shut down BM concerts, but as their methods are limited to whining to the owner, there's not much they can do except piss off non political BM fans.

2017-10-02 05:00:54 UTC  

When they got a Marduk concert cancelled

2017-10-02 05:01:02 UTC  

Like how in the fuck is marduk NSBM

2017-10-02 05:01:17 UTC  


2017-10-02 05:01:26 UTC  

Antifa should shut down a slayer concert