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FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:21:27

Feel free to post music links and share music here! We have folks who love all types of music and there are WN/NS versions of just about every genre. So here is a great opportunity to share and promote! Music helps inspire us and an inspired folk we ought to be.

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-01-26 17:21:40


FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:21:48

I’d like to kick off this channel with the song that brought me to the TWP in the first place

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-01-26 17:21:57

Go for it

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:22:55

This EXCELLENT lyric video got me talking to @Jason Augustus who ended up being the gateway for me entering the TWP

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:23:10

After many long conversations.

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:23:26

Then I found Heimbach and you all 😃

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:23:51

This song and band and Jason means so much to me.

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:25:05

I was always a WN at heart but never fit in, until now. When I first heard Heimbach speeches, it was as if this man was saying all of my thoughts. It was then I knew, this was the movement and party for me.

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-01-26 17:25:19


Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-01-26 17:25:25

I was wanting to get a band started here soon

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-01-26 17:25:34

Since we got all the stuff and TALENT needed

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:25:36

And it was especially nice meeting you at Charlottesville

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:25:41

In person

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:25:45

It was lots of fun

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:26:43

I know right! I don’t have the patience and diligence to self record. I need the band dynamic. Props to Jason for being able to be a one man band

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:27:06

He’s great at everything musically and even with his audio engineering and production

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:27:46

Here’s a couple tastes of my recent practices. Sometimes I just record myself in clips for the fuck of it

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:29:16

My last album recorded:

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:29:27

I was only on vocals

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:30:39

^ me on vocals only

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:30:56

Best album I’ve been on though. I’m proud of it.

John Mosby 2018-01-26 17:33:44

My friend was doing vocals at the time...RIP, James

fassel 2018-01-26 17:39:46

If you dont listen to RAC exclusively, your a fag

fassel 2018-01-26 17:39:49

That is all

K Martin 2018-01-26 17:40:37
FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:42:38

Definite Hate was one of the first RAC bands i got into

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:43:07

Once i started craving music with that message, i started at and just downloaded all the free mp3s they had to offer basically

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-01-26 17:43:10

I seen them at hammerfest

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:43:14

i found a lot of music through that site alone

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:43:21

im jealous of hammerfest goers

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:43:25

i wanted to be there bad

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:44:12

not many people know this band...

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:44:16

ladies and gentlemen...

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:44:22

all the way from Norway...

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:44:24


FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:46:03

A little more hardcore punk than RAC but it could still pass as RAC for sure

K Martin 2018-01-26 17:47:19

@fassel That video got pretty goddamn pro commie at the end. Somethin you tryin to say?

Hadrian 2018-01-26 17:51:40

we nazbol now

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:52:10

you know Haggis bro?

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:52:12

thats badass

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:52:17

almost nobody knows them

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:53:08

I got to meet Ottar Strangeland

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:53:13

he's fucking awesome

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-01-26 17:53:57


Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-01-26 17:54:07

I was just surfing through the links and found that song tbh

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:54:24

oh pft lololol

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:54:28

thats their old old stuff

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:54:46

its good but the band only got better and better with every album

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:54:56

"i work like a nigger" is a fun song

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:56:18

my favorite song by them though is this one...

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:56:22


FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:56:24

same link

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:56:25


FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:56:31

this song

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:56:40

^ fav Haggis song

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:56:45

their best album to

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:56:47


IronVlach 2018-01-26 19:46:25

Is aesthetic fashwave acceptable?

Flaxxer 2018-01-26 19:53:37

>mfw nobody has posted Skrewdriver yet

Flaxxer 2018-01-26 19:53:47

@fassel I am disappoint

Flaxxer 2018-01-26 19:55:08


Flaxxer 2018-01-26 19:55:48

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe fuck off to another parsec

Flaxxer 2018-01-26 19:56:28

I'm making a skin tunes playlist on YouTube and I'm at 14 songs. Pure coincidence? 🤔🤔🤔

Flaxxer 2018-01-26 19:59:49

@fassel I listened to unknown soldier about 10 times yesterday

Flaxxer 2018-01-26 19:59:57

That's my favorite bound for glory song

fassel 2018-01-26 20:01:24

Best is "divided by hatred " or "to the untamed lands we sail" imo

fassel 2018-01-26 20:04:36

No wait i take that back, best b4g is the awakening

fassel 2018-01-26 20:05:29

Theres just so many good ones hard to pick just one

fassel 2018-01-26 20:06:56

But i think the awakening takes the cake

fassel 2018-01-26 20:07:34

I could listen to it on repeat till i die

fassel 2018-01-26 20:07:49

And i just might

fassel 2018-01-26 20:09:12

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe needs to go ahead and check that out to get some hair on his chest

Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe 2018-01-26 20:25:37


FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 20:34:13

Good ol BFG

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 20:34:35

Nice Skrewdriverposting too

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 20:35:15

This is my favorite Skrewdriver song

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 20:35:45

Idk what my fav BFG song is. They’re just an all around good band

fassel 2018-01-26 21:06:36


Hadrian 2018-01-26 22:03:36

Dangerlurking 2018-01-26 23:10:40

@Hadrian 80's metal was fucking nuts.

MadKicker 2018-01-26 23:59:56

To all my Christian Brothers out there.

Flaxxer 2018-01-27 01:15:41

The lead singer of Slayer is a devout Catholic lmao

Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe 2018-01-27 01:27:00


RagBat 2018-01-27 01:27:13

don't tag me you nigger

Manimalia 2018-01-27 01:29:00

Yeah, nigger!

Flaxxer 2018-01-27 01:29:17

Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe 2018-01-27 01:29:30

hardbass is tag-worthy smdh

Odalman 2018-01-27 01:30:00

Flaxxer 2018-01-27 01:30:23

Fash Dragon 2018-01-27 01:58:00

@everyone Bob Seger is now on Spotify. I have never everyone's before but this is SUPER important

CatoHostilius 2018-01-27 02:01:01

fassel 2018-01-27 02:06:42

Dont tag me nigger

Flaxxer 2018-01-27 02:15:21
FashyGoy1488 2018-01-27 02:51:36

If you don’t like this song or the lyrics to it, you’re a leftist beta cuck

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-01-28 04:18:17

I fucking love wolfkrieg

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-01-28 04:18:43

They got to many albums to keep track of

Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe 2018-01-28 22:40:30


Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe 2018-01-28 22:48:53

What does everyone think of re-using the Battle Hymn of the Republic with Fascist lyrics instead of the cucked ones?

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-01-29 03:45:33

Just learned most of Crystal Mountain by Death on guitar. Not the solo. But the tough chorus riff for sure.

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-29 04:08:15


FashyGoy1488 2018-01-29 04:08:22

That’s my favorite song by them to play

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-29 04:08:43

I can’t do the solo either. Just the acoustic solos at the end lol

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-01-29 05:08:54

It is really fun. Playing the chorus lead clean was a task for me.

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-01-29 05:09:09

Feels good though.

Fash Dragon 2018-01-29 05:15:43

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe mine eyes have seen the glory of the trampling at the Zoo?

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-29 19:00:49

We washed ourselves in niggers’ blood and all the mongrels too

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-29 19:00:58
FashyGoy1488 2018-01-29 19:01:00

I beat you

Fash Dragon 2018-01-29 21:35:58

We're taking down the ZOG machine jee by Jew by Jew

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-29 21:37:24

Fuck yeah haha

Hadrian 2018-01-29 21:42:07

Paddy covered it too I think

Flaxxer 2018-01-29 21:42:19

Link me fam

Flaxxer 2018-01-29 21:42:31

Gimme dat sauce

Hadrian 2018-01-29 21:44:21

same tune

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-29 22:04:40

Good ol Paddy

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-29 22:04:43

Good stuff

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-29 22:05:24

This is the anthem right here:

Fash Dragon 2018-01-30 00:49:53

Someone give me something to write a viking ballad about

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 00:51:42

Viking shit

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 00:51:46


FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 00:51:50


FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 00:51:52


FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 00:51:53


FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 00:51:56

You know

Flaxxer 2018-01-30 00:52:04


Flaxxer 2018-01-30 00:52:06


Flaxxer 2018-01-30 00:52:10


Fash Dragon 2018-01-30 00:52:12

Dude you're a viking

Fash Dragon 2018-01-30 00:52:16

And a musician

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 00:52:22

Indeed 😉

Fash Dragon 2018-01-30 00:52:23

Help me out here

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 00:52:26


FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 00:52:33

Go all mythological

Flaxxer 2018-01-30 00:52:36

Begome Biking <:spurdo:406662967371759617> 🇫🇮

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 00:53:14

You can do a song about the brave Norwegian volunteers of the 5th SS Freiwilligen

Fash Dragon 2018-01-30 00:53:15

I'm not so much interested in the traditional viking shit. Mostly just their musical style

Fash Dragon 2018-01-30 00:53:34

But they have a way of putting a story to music

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 00:53:39

Yeah man like Wardruna type Viking music?

Fash Dragon 2018-01-30 00:54:11

Like legit medieval folk music from northern europe

Fash Dragon 2018-01-30 00:55:17

Give me the chord a viking would put in after a D if he was finishing a line in his talr

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-01-30 01:47:19

Shred brah

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-01-30 01:47:28

Killer riff braj

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-01-30 01:47:51

I love playing the chorus lead to Crystal Mountain so FUCKING prog.

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-01-30 01:48:03

So DEATH braj.

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:29:12

windmills of friendship

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:29:29


FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:29:42

do you listen to christian metalcore/deathcore stuff at all?

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-01-30 04:37:05

A bit yeah.

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-01-30 04:37:25

It's almost like they try harder to be brutal lol.

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:37:57

haha what heavy bands of the christian persuasion are you into?

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:39:24

arent they just christians in a band?

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:39:30

or are they lyrically christian?

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:39:41

ive seen them live because of the venue i worked at as security

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-01-30 04:39:45

Lyrically too it seems

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:39:46

but i dont have any of their music

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:39:51

i'll check it out

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:39:55

they were pretty good live

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:41:04

my faves are Impending Doom, Zao, Your Chance to Die, Watchers and Hunters, With Blood Comes Cleansing, and Separatist

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:41:09

the most right now

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:41:34

Zao was the first heavy christian band i ever got introduced to and they became one of my all-time top favorite bands

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-01-30 04:41:59

And Hell Followed With

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:42:06

yeah they're good too

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:42:08

same thing thouhg

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:42:13

saw them live cuz the venue

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:42:17

i dont have any of their music

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:42:31

do you have mp3s saved to your computer? like full albums of any of these bands?

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:42:39

im willing to share music via google drive if you want

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:42:54

i have a shit ton of full albums on my hard drive

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-01-30 04:43:39

I used to. My pc is shit and in my garage.

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-01-30 04:44:17

I need to get my music compendium back

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:54:02

Once you’re back up man, I’ll send you lots of music just hit me up

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 04:54:17

We like a lot of the same stuff

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 05:16:28

^best song ever

John Mosby 2018-01-30 17:22:40

Orthodox Hieromonk's band, who has been arrested before for "anti-Semitic" propaganda.

Fash Dragon 2018-01-30 17:36:25

>nuclear blast

Fash Dragon 2018-01-30 17:36:35

I didn't know we liked antifa here

Flaxxer 2018-01-30 17:37:07

>Not liking Sabaton

Flaxxer 2018-01-30 17:37:19

Nuclear blast used to be fantastic

Flaxxer 2018-01-30 17:37:20


John Mosby 2018-01-30 17:38:34

Most record labels are ran by Jews, nuclear blast is especially gay, but Eluveitie is sick AF, imo.

Flaxxer 2018-01-30 17:39:39

I'm putting together a Skinhead tunes playlist on YouTube. Link me your best songs fgts

Flaxxer 2018-01-30 17:39:58
FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 17:45:43

RAC today eh?

Hadrian 2018-01-30 17:46:03

been listening to Skrewdriver playlist today while working

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 17:46:17


FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 17:46:32

Street fight (1986 version) is literally my fav song by them

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 17:46:45

Gonna mix it up on ya though

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 17:47:12

Gas the niggers.

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 17:51:19

Grinded Nig haha

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-30 17:51:23

So terrible but so good

John Mosby 2018-01-30 17:51:36

Ya, I like shit death metal.

John Mosby 2018-01-30 17:52:32

For those who don't know anything about Day of the Sword (one of my fav American WN bands):

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