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2018-12-16 18:01:31 UTC

This channel is for talking about whatever is going on, and for discussing /r/MensRights

2018-12-16 18:02:14 UTC

I.e. this kinda stuff:

2018-12-16 18:02:15 UTC

Sperm donor must pay child support to lesbian couple, court rules (2014) -

2018-12-16 18:02:50 UTC

that imho is completely rediculous

2018-12-16 18:03:03 UTC

The channel, or the sperm doaner, or both?

2018-12-16 18:03:12 UTC

sperm doner

2018-12-16 18:03:19 UTC

i like this channel

2018-12-16 18:03:19 UTC

Fair point

2018-12-16 18:03:24 UTC


2018-12-16 18:03:38 UTC

i like having serious discussions with people

2018-12-16 18:03:47 UTC

You'd think there would be some kind of waiver or something....

2018-12-16 18:03:52 UTC

yes, coming along really well. and i really like the website

2018-12-16 18:04:03 UTC

yeah and good call going with "serious", i like it

2018-12-16 18:04:03 UTC

Thanks. πŸ˜„

2018-12-16 18:04:18 UTC

Awesome, I was hedging

2018-12-16 18:04:22 UTC

i definitely wanna get on writing articles for the site

2018-12-16 18:04:43 UTC

im finishing a script so ill have time, ill probably take a break until after new years

2018-12-16 18:04:51 UTC

i can write a lot then

2018-12-16 18:04:56 UTC

That's really great.

2018-12-16 18:04:56 UTC

whats this website?

2018-12-16 18:05:03 UTC
2018-12-16 18:05:40 UTC

is it acctually up and running yet?

2018-12-16 18:05:45 UTC

Got the letters mixed up

2018-12-16 18:05:47 UTC


2018-12-16 18:05:54 UTC


2018-12-16 18:06:12 UTC


2018-12-16 18:06:49 UTC

this is a snazzy looking website, did yo make this

2018-12-16 18:06:52 UTC


2018-12-16 18:07:07 UTC

i would help out via patreon but im skint lol

2018-12-16 18:08:59 UTC

The reason for that guy having to pay child support is because they didn't go through a doctor... I know it's ridiculous still, but you always have to go through a sperm bank for the courts to not count you as a father

2018-12-16 18:09:19 UTC

its rediculous

2018-12-16 18:10:16 UTC

and theres no logical reason why a specific mens group shouldnt exist for such issues. it makes no sense when feminists say everything should be under their umbrella

2018-12-16 18:10:34 UTC

even male specific things

2018-12-16 18:13:25 UTC

@Fred-104 Thanks! I created a big chunk of the content, but the design is largely templates. Still a weird bug with the menus while reading articles, but I'm goning to fix that soon.

2018-12-16 18:14:04 UTC

@InsaneCaterpilla Oh, that makes sense

2018-12-16 18:14:11 UTC

They're conning the guy

2018-12-16 18:14:48 UTC

Well yes and no, in this case it was the courts who went after him after the lesbian couple applied for financial support

2018-12-16 18:14:49 UTC

It looks really professional

2018-12-16 18:18:11 UTC

i like the lounge to. it'll be good to have a social feel

2018-12-16 18:18:23 UTC

more welcoming and encourages peopleo visit

2018-12-16 18:19:39 UTC

eventually we might have branched out and have more social threads, like for movies or travel, etc

2018-12-16 18:19:45 UTC

The Pokemon feature is so cool

2018-12-16 18:19:50 UTC

maybe have an MRA social media network

2018-12-16 18:20:01 UTC

a la a facebook for the MRM.

2018-12-16 18:20:46 UTC

@InsaneCaterpilla That's what they say, but I wouldn't bet on that being the exact truth here.

2018-12-16 18:20:54 UTC

i wish i knew how to code. i think ill take a course

2018-12-16 18:21:08 UTC

Coding is cool

2018-12-16 18:21:28 UTC

@blueorange22 I've been thinking about getting voats running, but the installation is labyrinthine and involves C#

2018-12-16 18:22:26 UTC

greta van fleet makes me think an MRA band would do real well. we're becoming like the counter cultures of the 60s, punk rock, etc

2018-12-16 18:22:29 UTC

It does not help that when you search for instructions you get yachts

2018-12-16 18:22:50 UTC

like a normal band with non political lyrics, but with a "vibe", a la guns n roses

2018-12-16 18:23:17 UTC

@blueorange22 I've got a very pro MRA book that I'm hoping is going to hit shelves maybe 2019-2020. Not bragging as it could be shit

2018-12-16 18:23:35 UTC

nice, novel, info book, bio?

2018-12-16 18:23:42 UTC


2018-12-16 18:23:55 UTC

Eventually the menarehuman website will be reformed into a book

2018-12-16 18:24:05 UTC

All profits will go to charity

2018-12-16 18:24:41 UTC

exactly wehat ive been wanting to do. i actually started one 3 years ago but never finished. im glad of glad, i feel like my arguments and knowledge bank are much more polished now

2018-12-16 18:25:15 UTC

This is actually a good way to do it, I think. I get feedback on the whole book before it gets published.

2018-12-16 18:25:35 UTC

i am actually writing a script about a guy who is the president of his colleges mens rights group, he goes on a date with a girl and they get along great, but she is part of the feminist student union

2018-12-16 18:25:46 UTC

Oooh boy

2018-12-16 18:25:54 UTC

I bet that one writes itself, nearly. XD

2018-12-16 18:26:00 UTC

Red dyed hair

2018-12-16 18:26:04 UTC


2018-12-16 18:26:06 UTC

i think it will. im goin to send it to great gerwig

2018-12-16 18:26:10 UTC


2018-12-16 18:26:22 UTC


2018-12-16 18:26:23 UTC

they dont know who each other are until after

2018-12-16 18:26:32 UTC

yeah. greta gerwig, directed ladybird

2018-12-16 18:26:36 UTC


2018-12-16 18:26:50 UTC

Does she have leanings that would lead her to consider it?

2018-12-16 18:27:35 UTC

lol yes but in the opposite way. but i DO think, as a filmmaker, it'll intrigue her. im going to post it on blacklist to, i bet it gets attention

2018-12-16 18:27:41 UTC

@Men Are Human I’ve always wanted to write a book, tour so lucky

2018-12-16 18:27:48 UTC

@Men Are Human Do I count as a charity? xD

2018-12-16 18:27:50 UTC

A blacklist. XD

2018-12-16 18:28:04 UTC

lol its a script hosting site warners operates

2018-12-16 18:28:06 UTC
2018-12-16 18:28:38 UTC

@blueorange22 Oh alright. I thought you were trying to get controversy. XD

2018-12-16 18:30:08 UTC

To be fair, it will either way

2018-12-16 18:30:17 UTC

@blueorange22 are you a film maker?

2018-12-16 18:30:37 UTC

A BLUE film maker, maybe? πŸ˜„

2018-12-16 18:31:00 UTC

actor, but im writing scripts now, its easier doing it yourself and im a better writer than most hollywood hacks anyway

2018-12-16 18:31:09 UTC

just look at the nominees...

2018-12-16 18:31:13 UTC

Holy shit that’s awesome

2018-12-16 18:33:34 UTC

Coool! Go for it!

2018-12-16 18:33:45 UTC

And don't let the studio railroad you!

2018-12-16 18:37:04 UTC

see i think the MRM is the next counterculture fad. it's changing and getting younger, it will inevitable become "hip" like SJWism is now

2018-12-16 18:38:41 UTC

worst case scenario for SJWism is bad, but still very temporary. the fear of a "permament takeover" isnt realistic, grandkids ALWAYS rebels against the traditional norms. the roaring tweets, the 60s, rap, death metal, the victorians vs the stuarts vs the tudorsm fashion etc, EVERYTHING fades away

2018-12-16 18:39:26 UTC

roaring twentys lol

2018-12-16 18:54:04 UTC

If you think feminism hasn't been a problem since women got the vote you would be wrong. It's already been a century

2018-12-16 18:56:40 UTC

Feminism is pervasive, it always has a been, and its not going to end without concerted effort.

2018-12-16 19:05:44 UTC

Oh yeah

2018-12-16 19:05:50 UTC

White feathers

2018-12-16 19:05:53 UTC

Male hate

2018-12-16 19:05:59 UTC

It's been the same since day one

2018-12-16 19:07:22 UTC

The hatpin panic is a good one to look up. It's sold as female empowerment, but it was literally women going around stabbing people all over the place

2018-12-16 19:07:32 UTC

Sometimes justified, mostly probably not

2018-12-16 19:07:39 UTC

It's spookily like #metoo

2018-12-16 19:08:05 UTC

but i definitely dont think opposing women's suffrage should be part of the MRM

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