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2018-03-01 13:28:17 UTC

I’m sick of all the highest paid and most powerful people always being Jewish

2018-03-01 13:28:32 UTC


2018-03-01 13:30:16 UTC

According to (((Jewish press))) jews are 0.2% of the world population

2018-03-01 13:30:39 UTC

Yet they have all the most prominent positions and get paid the most and never seem to go to prison for anything ever

2018-03-01 13:31:10 UTC

Jewish Privilege though will never be discussed because that makes you an antisemite

2018-03-01 13:31:21 UTC


2018-03-01 13:33:09 UTC

Ladies and gentlemen...

2018-03-01 13:33:20 UTC

Our most Zionist president ever...

2018-03-01 13:34:50 UTC

Negotiating with (((lawmakers))) to disarm the populace

2018-03-01 13:35:41 UTC

Trump needs to be gassed along with the other Zionists

2018-03-01 13:37:45 UTC

It’s sad but true that Trump is even more Zionist than Obama...

2018-03-01 13:38:24 UTC

Trump literally supports Jewish Nationalism over White Nationalism. By definition, he’s a cuck.

2018-03-01 14:07:32 UTC

Vi må sikre eksistensen av våre mennesker og en fremtid for hvite barn.

2018-03-01 14:13:51 UTC

The controversial Infowars owner joked with staff who called Rob Jacobson ‘The Jewish Individual’, ‘The Resident Jew’ and shouted ‘Yacobson’ across the office, it’s claimed.

Jones allegedly continually bullied, ridiculed and humiliated Jacobson – who worked for Jones’ company Infowars for 13 years – before firing him last May.

2018-03-01 14:16:57 UTC


2018-03-01 14:18:12 UTC

‘My employer also inserted my face onto the photo of a Hasidic Jewish man and circulated that picture around the office.’

2018-03-01 14:18:14 UTC


2018-03-01 14:24:12 UTC

Jacobson was listening to the Duke interview on the side lines when Jones asked his staff if anyone had a question for the former KKK leader.

Jacobson did and Jones, while giving him a glowing review as a ‘great’ video editor, introduced him on air as a ‘Jewish Staff Member’.

During the conversation Duke referred to Jacobson as the ‘Jewish Individual’ – a term which would haunt him.

‘Staff members took that as sort of a cue, they referred to me repeatedly in the office as “The Jewish Individual”, it was hilarious to them, I had to suffer through, it was an every day occurrence,’ says Jacobson.

2018-03-01 14:24:18 UTC


2018-03-01 14:26:13 UTC

the resident jew

2018-03-01 14:26:24 UTC


2018-03-01 14:27:28 UTC

On one occasion, Jones allowed a friend to display gay porn on Jacobson’s computer, according to the EEOC report.

‘In 2014, The CEO of the company, Alex Jones, allowed his friend Shane Steiner into my office to display on my computer with images of gay pornography,’ Jacobson said, adding that he made a formal complaint to the human resources department.

He continued: ‘I believe this action was a continuation of the intimidation and sexual harassment in that he was grooming me for homosexual sex.’

2018-03-01 14:27:58 UTC

Alex jones tried to pimp out a negress and a jew according to this lawsuit

2018-03-01 14:28:06 UTC

The madman

2018-03-01 14:32:25 UTC


2018-03-01 14:37:28 UTC


2018-03-01 14:37:35 UTC


2018-03-01 14:50:20 UTC

So they trolled them and now they're sueing

2018-03-01 14:50:21 UTC


2018-03-01 14:51:02 UTC

Works there for 13 years even though he was being "harrased"

2018-03-01 14:52:37 UTC

In this one you can see the truth and the shit they are just making up tbh

2018-03-01 14:53:34 UTC

support an end to the endless wars

2018-03-01 15:21:54 UTC

i have a dream!


2018-03-01 16:25:00 UTC


2018-03-01 16:40:00 UTC

The Jews

2018-03-01 16:50:06 UTC

@Der Jäger Is that Man in the High Castle or did someone make that?

2018-03-01 16:53:27 UTC


2018-03-01 16:53:32 UTC

I recognize it

2018-03-01 16:59:09 UTC

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh guys

2018-03-01 16:59:21 UTC

There's a Jew in my speech class

2018-03-01 16:59:33 UTC

The beak on this thing

2018-03-01 17:00:51 UTC

@Hadrian yeah man in the high castle

2018-03-01 17:01:10 UTC

Give a speech that will end with "we will shut their lying Jewish mouths!"

2018-03-01 17:03:11 UTC


2018-03-01 17:03:30 UTC

Anyone wanna see my speech to university students ?

2018-03-01 17:03:43 UTC

It’s the most normie speech I’ve given

2018-03-01 17:06:07 UTC

She's already complaining about white supremacists

2018-03-01 17:06:07 UTC


2018-03-01 17:06:13 UTC

It took 4 minutes

2018-03-01 17:06:23 UTC

Ok I’ll post

2018-03-01 17:06:54 UTC

This was me practicing for my university speech

2018-03-01 17:07:03 UTC

I wasn’t allowed to film the actual speech

2018-03-01 17:16:24 UTC

Ah I see globalism

2018-03-01 17:16:38 UTC

Did you take the DMT as well?

2018-03-01 17:17:20 UTC


U going to Detroit?

2018-03-01 17:19:50 UTC


2018-03-01 17:19:52 UTC


2018-03-01 17:21:26 UTC

Yeah he has Asian eyes goys

2018-03-01 17:21:35 UTC

He is such a jew

2018-03-01 17:21:41 UTC

A fed jew

2018-03-01 17:21:51 UTC

controlled opposition lol

2018-03-01 17:22:19 UTC

A jwfd

2018-03-01 17:23:05 UTC

I could never get them to explain to me how heimbach was controlled opposition

2018-03-01 17:23:22 UTC

They actually don't have a reason

2018-03-01 17:23:55 UTC

It's like when I knew people who thought spencer was a fed beauce he was rich

2018-03-01 17:24:32 UTC

Oh and he talks weird sometimes

2018-03-01 17:26:52 UTC


2018-03-01 17:26:56 UTC


2018-03-01 17:29:41 UTC

he's controlled opposition because he does shit instead of just shitposting online. It makes the internet tough guys feel bad.

2018-03-01 17:42:26 UTC

I will not be going to Detroit due to (((college midterms)))

2018-03-01 17:42:44 UTC


2018-03-01 17:44:23 UTC

@FashyGoy1488 can you pm me a number of expected attendants from your region pls and tnx

2018-03-01 17:44:35 UTC

Copy that

2018-03-01 17:47:17 UTC

We started watching an episode of it's always Sunny in Philadelphia as part of a lecture and I left

2018-03-01 17:47:23 UTC

College is a meme folks

2018-03-01 17:47:43 UTC

What episode tho

2018-03-01 17:47:49 UTC

Tuition for the class cost me around 1000 dollars. Spend your money elsewhere

2018-03-01 17:47:54 UTC

@Fash Dragon you coming up this weekend?

2018-03-01 17:48:06 UTC

@Hand Banana nah I can't make it

2018-03-01 17:49:36 UTC

I heard that pedophile needed to ride up to Detroit...u aint taking him?

2018-03-01 17:50:29 UTC

I have a name wtf

2018-03-01 17:52:13 UTC


Are u meeting up with any of our Florida goys, while yall r at the TRS event?

2018-03-01 17:53:39 UTC

I dunno i haven't heard anything about that

2018-03-01 17:53:45 UTC

If theyre in the area then probably

2018-03-01 17:54:19 UTC

Where in FL is the event

2018-03-01 17:55:58 UTC

theres an event in florida?

2018-03-01 17:56:01 UTC

when is this?

2018-03-01 17:58:11 UTC

@Fevs please PM or text me with the expected number of attendees to the MI event from your Region pls.

2018-03-01 17:59:45 UTC

@Der Jäger

Ur in Florida, right?

Are u a member of TWP?

2018-03-01 18:00:25 UTC

yes and yes

2018-03-01 18:00:39 UTC


Does your state have a Major?

2018-03-01 18:00:57 UTC

no idea....from what I recall Cesar is my POC, but he's a ghost

2018-03-01 18:01:41 UTC

Im the new Col of your Region (I gave Region 4 to Johan, and am gonna be working on getting Region 3 up and running efficiently)

2018-03-01 18:02:09 UTC

good deal!

2018-03-01 18:03:25 UTC

I am still working on the getting everything transitioned, but I will be spending all Spring getting Region 3 organized and viable Nests established in our Region's states.

2018-03-01 18:03:45 UTC

@John Mosby Thank God

2018-03-01 18:04:05 UTC


2018-03-01 18:05:29 UTC

We have a lot of guys in Region 3 and a TON of interest, but things just need to get organized...it'll all be worked out soon

2018-03-01 18:06:13 UTC

Where is 3 again?

2018-03-01 18:06:26 UTC


2018-03-01 18:06:48 UTC

Can someone post the region map? I lost it like a retard

2018-03-01 18:06:53 UTC

@John Mosby so hit me w/ the Florida event info.

2018-03-01 18:07:02 UTC

pls tell me its not this weekend

2018-03-01 18:08:13 UTC

Ya, it's this weekend...

2018-03-01 18:08:59 UTC


2018-03-01 18:09:01 UTC


2018-03-01 18:09:08 UTC

is it posted in events?

2018-03-01 18:09:31 UTC

Not sure @Fevs

2018-03-01 18:11:02 UTC

@Der Jäger

Fevs should know the details (he's going)

2018-03-01 18:11:15 UTC


2018-03-01 18:11:31 UTC

Thanks dude

2018-03-01 18:14:15 UTC

Region 5 and 6 must be supreme

2018-03-01 18:14:39 UTC

Probably the whitest regions

2018-03-01 18:14:45 UTC


2018-03-01 18:16:17 UTC

the man we need ^

2018-03-01 18:16:44 UTC

@FashyGoy1488 5, 6, and 8, yeah

2018-03-01 18:16:56 UTC

AKA the Amerikaner Freistaat

2018-03-01 18:22:46 UTC

Region 3 and 4 aka White Afghanistan

2018-03-01 18:24:25 UTC

Region 3 sux lol

2018-03-01 18:27:32 UTC

It'll be on fire, before long 😉

2018-03-01 18:29:09 UTC

I’m trying to move out there

2018-03-01 18:29:20 UTC

Gotta get my region in trusted hands first

2018-03-01 18:29:27 UTC

I refuse to abandon

2018-03-01 18:29:57 UTC

Come to TN...best state (WAY better than Ohio)

2018-03-01 18:31:55 UTC

Even @Fevs is down here...he's just LARPing as a Buckeye loyalist.

2018-03-01 18:32:05 UTC

I'm in ohio rn lol cuck

2018-03-01 18:32:22 UTC

Damn...was TN too alpha for u?

2018-03-01 18:33:40 UTC

Fevs had to get a nazi tattoo just to scare our dogs off here...they sensed the carpetbagger in him...luckily his swastika saved him

2018-03-01 18:36:33 UTC


2018-03-01 18:36:35 UTC

@John Mosby why didn't they tear me apart?

2018-03-01 18:37:10 UTC


2018-03-01 18:39:04 UTC


2018-03-01 18:43:52 UTC

White Afghanistan is best region

2018-03-01 18:43:58 UTC

Hands down

2018-03-01 18:44:22 UTC

Midwest midbest

2018-03-01 18:44:51 UTC

White Power

2018-03-01 18:49:34 UTC

White Supremacy!

2018-03-01 18:50:33 UTC

@Fash Dragon

Cuz ur a based yankee...the dogs had pity on u, i reckon

2018-03-01 18:51:14 UTC

As they should

2018-03-01 18:54:46 UTC

It's ok @Fevs

When the ethnostate gets created here, Buckeyes can be our house niggers

2018-03-01 18:55:17 UTC

Southern by birth and heritage got to say more rebel flags in southern Ohio than I see in the south haven't been south west.

2018-03-01 18:58:13 UTC

Southern OH, IN, and IL are pretty much an extension of the Greater South...It seems like folks from those areas have more in common with us than the people from the northern parts of those states

2018-03-01 18:58:29 UTC


2018-03-01 18:59:33 UTC

I know Southern IL and Southern IN tried to secede from the North, when the war started

2018-03-01 19:00:15 UTC

Northern Ohio people are usually different many friends from Toledo say we talk funny and I think the same of them we had battles in south east Ohio during the civil

2018-03-01 19:00:35 UTC

We have a county down here called union county that saw a few skirmishes

2018-03-01 19:01:14 UTC

Ethnically southern Illinois is similar to northern Illinois

2018-03-01 19:01:21 UTC

Until you get to Chicago at least

2018-03-01 19:02:43 UTC

>tfw most of your guys have shaved heads and a bunch of tattoos and they're smarter than the shitlibs the decry them as a bunch of rednecks

2018-03-01 19:03:36 UTC

Well I guess we're kind of rednecks. I frequently drink beer while pissing in my front yard

2018-03-01 19:05:24 UTC

I feel it in pretty much a recheck my self in many ways but smart when it comes to history hunting welding and fishing only things I do

2018-03-01 19:05:51 UTC

That division that defrcted held their meetings in the town Shane lives in

2018-03-01 19:06:17 UTC

Ohio was a non slave state by one vote sounds rigged idk but Damm old Abe new he needed ohio

2018-03-01 19:07:31 UTC

People didn't own slaves in Illinois either.

2018-03-01 19:07:42 UTC

But down south here there isn't much farming

2018-03-01 19:08:12 UTC

Mostly it's mining and logging

2018-03-01 19:08:30 UTC

Industry near the river

2018-03-01 19:08:47 UTC

Chester used to have all of those things. Now Chester is a shithole

2018-03-01 19:13:45 UTC

Man I just went to breakfast with this girl

2018-03-01 19:13:51 UTC

And shit was going good

2018-03-01 19:14:22 UTC


2018-03-01 19:14:35 UTC

and....shes actually a dude?

2018-03-01 19:14:50 UTC

Then she put sugar on her grits and said she didnt like guns

2018-03-01 19:15:04 UTC


2018-03-01 19:15:04 UTC

*Jazz music stops*

2018-03-01 19:15:10 UTC

Boi breakfast was over so quick

2018-03-01 19:15:27 UTC

awkward...how did guns come up?

2018-03-01 19:15:36 UTC

I was wearing one

2018-03-01 19:15:44 UTC

As a fashion accessory

2018-03-01 19:15:55 UTC

Of course

2018-03-01 19:15:55 UTC

the only way lol

2018-03-01 19:16:08 UTC

FASHion is very important

2018-03-01 19:16:13 UTC


2018-03-01 19:16:20 UTC

but sugar on grits...who does that???

2018-03-01 19:16:29 UTC

I'm saying

2018-03-01 19:16:39 UTC

Nigger mischief if I've ever seen it

2018-03-01 19:16:47 UTC

grits are savory...not sweet

2018-03-01 19:16:50 UTC

People should be beat up for ruining good grits

2018-03-01 19:16:56 UTC


2018-03-01 19:17:08 UTC

Little butter little salt and peppa

2018-03-01 19:17:17 UTC


2018-03-01 19:17:19 UTC


2018-03-01 19:17:58 UTC

bacon is good with grits

2018-03-01 19:18:05 UTC

garlic salt

2018-03-01 19:18:15 UTC

grits are very flexible...can do anything!

2018-03-01 19:18:17 UTC

but no fuking sugar

2018-03-01 19:22:40 UTC

I'm a yankee and didn't grow up eating grits, but its never even occurred to me that sugar was something you might put on them

2018-03-01 19:22:47 UTC

Grits are trash food

2018-03-01 19:24:08 UTC


2018-03-01 19:24:13 UTC

I don't like em

2018-03-01 19:28:09 UTC

Obviously its a no-go on a diet, but shrimp and grits were great

2018-03-01 19:32:37 UTC

Grits are good

2018-03-01 19:33:46 UTC

@Hand Banana don't you fucking say that

2018-03-01 19:34:00 UTC

Those are fighting works

2018-03-01 19:34:32 UTC

@Der Jäger who puts sugar on grits

2018-03-01 19:34:37 UTC

I already have to fight @fassel over Bill Riccio's honor

2018-03-01 19:34:48 UTC


2018-03-01 19:35:21 UTC


2018-03-01 19:35:36 UTC

Seriously if you put syrup or sugar on grits I will cut you

2018-03-01 19:35:49 UTC


2018-03-01 19:35:58 UTC

Oh lord

2018-03-01 19:35:59 UTC

Every day we stray further from god

2018-03-01 19:36:31 UTC


2018-03-01 19:36:41 UTC

Don't make @Malal fucking cut someone

2018-03-01 19:37:18 UTC

Grits are serious

2018-03-01 19:38:41 UTC

You are literally the devil if you do that

2018-03-01 19:40:35 UTC

@patron Saint of EATIN We should have the Front Nasionaal on the next Action! if possible. Tell Big Nigga In Chief Heimbach about them if he was unaware

2018-03-01 19:44:28 UTC

@johanC I got your back in the grits war. I pledge to defend grits against all enemies foreign and domestic

2018-03-01 19:44:41 UTC

The frogs? @Hand Banana

2018-03-01 19:45:08 UTC


2018-03-01 19:45:12 UTC

Sewth Efrica

2018-03-01 19:45:22 UTC

Fook m8

2018-03-01 19:45:32 UTC

@johanC howd you get that pic of my invention

2018-03-01 19:45:37 UTC

I'm still waiting on the patent

2018-03-01 19:46:29 UTC

Oh okie

2018-03-01 19:51:56 UTC

French FN might also be worth talking to, since Marine Le Pen is being charged criminally now

2018-03-01 19:52:18 UTC

For being DUMB and A WOMAN?

2018-03-01 19:52:25 UTC

for hate speech

2018-03-01 19:52:31 UTC

for tweeting anti-ISIS shit

2018-03-01 19:52:48 UTC

Well Islam IS the religion of peace

2018-03-01 19:53:05 UTC

It's wrong for her to defame ISIS with such blatant lies

2018-03-01 19:53:07 UTC


2018-03-01 19:53:20 UTC

Especially after the role France played in the Crusades

2018-03-01 19:53:39 UTC

I hope France gets more Muslims so that they can learn to be tolerant

2018-03-01 20:05:44 UTC

Le Pen is facing possible 3 years in prison for tweets about ISIS

2018-03-01 20:15:20 UTC

next month

2018-03-01 20:15:50 UTC

Le Pen won’t do time

2018-03-01 20:15:59 UTC

Rich people never serve time

2018-03-01 20:16:01 UTC

eh I don't know

2018-03-01 20:16:12 UTC

That’s my guess

2018-03-01 20:16:20 UTC

My prediction is she does 0 days in prison

2018-03-01 20:16:24 UTC

the National Assembly and the European Parliament both stripped her of immunity

2018-03-01 20:16:42 UTC


2018-03-01 20:16:51 UTC

I didn’t know that

2018-03-01 20:16:56 UTC

That changes things

2018-03-01 20:18:58 UTC

Hmmmmm I suddenly got an urge to put sugar on grits.

2018-03-01 20:29:20 UTC

Why is le pen being charged

2018-03-01 20:29:26 UTC


2018-03-01 20:29:28 UTC

Hate speech

2018-03-01 20:29:32 UTC

Who's winning

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