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Also not free on Monday

Your discord get banned as of recent?


I was asking if your discord account also got banned

but then i realized it was probably banned for other reasons

yeah thats what i expected

private chat?

or Pax's main telegram


Missing attachment: IMG_0017.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_0012.HEIC

most likely, What time?


Is it fine if I dont bring pf related items tomorrow
meaning the jacket because I gave my parents some excuse of why I bought a navy blue jacket so I don't think ill be able to let it disappear


Should I bring just a regular mask

or PF style?


not gonna be able to come tommorow sadly

I had nothing going on

I got home and found out I did have stuff going on today

Yesterday It was unlikely of me coming

But parents told me they needed help with lawn work today when I got back from activism with Jason

No I forgot to ask

Yeah I talked to Thomas and Eric, we came to an agreement that Its fine I dont come

Ive got a medium jacket if you want it

I wont be coming to the event

Happy thanksgiving fellas

Sorry for not making the meeting forgot to set an alarm

I did not know that was a thing, thank you

No sadly not, I talked to Thomas and he said it was fine due to my situation

hopefully next time

You know it

I am willing to pay


what was the expense?

Hello, what is needed?

15 I will send

I’m sending the money for the toy drive to you?

Hey Thomas, Is it possible for me to become a photo editor or interviewer. Ive been looking to do more for the organization since I wont be able to attend the marches until I'm in college/18?

Ok :thumbsup:

I asked Thomas if there any positions I could take to help the org.
He said not currently but that I should ask you if there's any way to help out locally.

So is there any way to help locally?

Vincent Can you verify my rocket

im on pc


Hey, I was told to ask you about the photo editing team?


Any of those days is fine with me as long as its in the evening

Yep good with me :thumbsup:

Just realized im probably gonna be busy Friday, Im good for Saturday and Sunday though if its fine with you

alright good with me

52 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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