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Austin TX Nov
Austin TX Nov
Barathaven Park MO Nov
Baring WA Nov
Bartlett VA Nov
Beaver Falls PA Nov
Belmont OH Nov
Belton TX Nov
Benns Church VA Nov
Bensalem PA Nov

Welcome to the org brother! We are happy to have you here

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Hello Ben, any way I can get the stencil templates for the faces and other iconography for banners? I have the letter stencils but not the others. Thank you in advance. Happy Thanksgiving!

I messaged Jon in Telegram as well

I had unexpected expenses from the event in the way of having to find a new return flight. Total extra cost was approximately $650.

I put it on credit cards, so all of it, if it will be taking away from someone that is in greater need. But if I had to pay it immediately, $200 is the amount I could cover myself.

Thank you

Will I no longer be on the photo editing team?


Welcome brothers!

21 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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