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Have to start my new job to find out exactly but I’d imagine on the daily between 4:30 and 5:30 pm. Also depends on what shifts my GF takes day to day

Ngl it felt like shit coming out of there but now that it’s been a few days and after seeming the coverage, It’s pretty awesome to watch the fallout.

Also, I need stickers since I wasn’t able to pick any up at the bake sale. Anyone have extra? I got cash

Mon-Thursday, 8-10 pm

Tomorrow I’ve got a eye exam at 3:00 that will probably have me busy until 4:30, I could probably make it back by 5:00. I just got an update for the offsite meeting that was blocked off on Friday that I thought I’d be busy for, it sounds like they’re going to give us the afternoon off after a team lunch. Not gaurenteed to get off early but I think I can make 3:00 work if that’s the case.

so either tomorrow after 5, or Friday around 3-4.

Sounds good, might even have glasses next time you see me.

Got both mobile and desktop mumble accounts in the lobby. I’ll check back in at 8 if you’re unable to verify me now. Thanks.

All mumble verifications through Vincent? Directions said I could message you too.

FYI the instructions say either of you

no biggie, I can wait a few hours

7 on the victory instructions

Copy that.

Thanks, should be good now. Again, in no rush ill stay in the lobby until 8

Awesome. Thanks

I don’t have promat. Hope I can get some from someone during our little workshop

was going to pick some up during the ralley, but that went sideways before I could.

What time works for you? Meeting probably has to be tonight, tomorrow I’m going to urgent care right after work because I think I might have appendicitis and that’s surgery if I do. Just FYI.

I’m going to wait as long as possible but I’m on day 2 of persistent abdominal pain

Not unbearable but it’s annoying. Like a gas bubble that won’t go away.

banner is still on for tonight though

Doesn’t give me much time to “prepare” anything but alright

22 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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