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@Arthur FL hey can you come to lake Wales instead?

Hey. Can you meet Lawrence and i in lake Wales instead?



3151 Canal Rd, Lake Wales, FL 33898

Message me when you're there and I'll meet you and lead you to my place.

Be there in 5

Hey come to the land whenever you're ready.

Nothing. If you are free, we can work out. Can introduce you to army style physical training. Lol

My father and i are disposing of debris and trash right now.

How do I get to the guides?

I still need to access plumble

What time can you meet up?

Come over. Tindel camp road

I left my big easy set up tent for y'all

Jst take it for future events. We were tight on space anyway.

Left a big tent at the site. Make sure somebody takes it for a future event.


Also if there is a DeWalt battery powered flashlight with a half sized battery floating around,, it's probably mine.

There were a few of those floating around, though.

Hey i think it's jst clothes and stuff. Jst throw it out if it's too much trouble. There shouldn't be anything valuable or anything. Might be a flashlight in there.

It was in a tent but yeah

Yeah definitely the flashlight



Hey, i guess I need to contact you about verification for mumble?

Access tokens?


Where are the instructions

I still can't move into a room

Ok got it

Thank you.

Not sure. Jst got home

32 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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