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its not working on the rocit chat app?

It seem to be watertight although I would like to say during my interview I was not quit able to explain my ideological beliefs very concisely and I have since thought on it and the best answer would be "Jeffersonian Republicanism".

I certainly can appreciate the measures you take to keep out riff-raff.

I have work all day Saturday sorry

i have work stating at 3pm

well being that i have work sunday i guess friday is my only choice?

what would be better is i get my schedule Thursday for the next week

so i can tell you then what days i have off next week

then i could do it in the middle of the day

if next week is ok for you

also where ever it is ill will have to bike there as i am still in the process of buying a car

when do you need to know by?

15 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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