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Hello, I saw your interview went well. Give me a rundown of your thoughts on the process so far.

It seem to be watertight although I would like to say during my interview I was not quit able to explain my ideological beliefs very concisely and I have since thought on it and the best answer would be "Jeffersonian Republicanism".

I certainly can appreciate the measures you take to keep out riff-raff.

Very interesting on that point. Good news is you'll have another opportunity. Would you be open to a meeting with some of the DFW area locals this Saturday? Maybe early afternoon?

I have work all day Saturday sorry

How about Sunday?

i have work stating at 3pm


i get off 3pm friday

Would you rather 12 noon on Sunday or 5 p.m. on Friday?

well being that i have work sunday i guess friday is my only choice?

We can make almost any time of day work.

Just pick a day and time and we'll make it work.

what would be better is i get my schedule Thursday for the next week

so i can tell you then what days i have off next week

then i could do it in the middle of the day

if next week is ok for you

also where ever it is ill will have to bike there as i am still in the process of buying a car

when do you need to know by?

Next week is fine. Inform me of a day that you're available as soon as you find out. Our guys have jobs and such too, so arrangements need to be made.


Checking with the guys. We would really like to get this knocked out Sunday. Any time of day works. Should not take more than an hour or two. Will be near to you.

Just checking back to ensure that you inform us of a meeting day tomorrow when you get your schedule.

23 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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