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Let's do it

I took a cab into downtown Newark to get some breakfast

for Zelle or Venmo?

No, but I’ll download it if you prefer

Thanks for the update. I didn't see him on Friday? Who gave away the exchange location if not him?

Going to join in a few

Mumble auth pls

in lobby

Waiting on authentication

Vincent is on but hasn’t seen my message yet

gonna give him some more time before I bug Thomas


U serious

The only other guy other than Thomas who can do that

bruh moment

No kidding

I admire his effort not gonna lie

i hope he eats a barrel


Can I get mumble authorization for my mobile

in the lobby rn, Vincent TX seems busy

Missing attachment: 20211205_102646.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211205_102648.jpg

remembered since we're all talking about taking photos of each other

opsec game weak af

Got it

I could do the 19th if you wanna carpool

29 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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