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Yeah I am going to just meet up with john today


I can't make it to the meeting tonight

I have not gotten them from James yet, I have gone to the gym and done some cardio, I have not been able to do activism I have run out of stickers. I am free monday. wed-sat after 3pm

Nah it was just a surprise event that got em


Meeting time

Has anyone gotten them from James he stopped messaging me

Who is getting low on stickers I know John and I are but what about you @Jack AZ and @Vincent AZ Cause if so we should put in a group order

I have no idea ngl

there will be a mumble meeting at 9:00 PM tomorrow night. If you were at the hike attendance is mandatory.


I posted it

Me Vincent James John Jack

Oh yeah they were there too

Leo quit thouhg

He is taking a break but still in contact

He is not on the roster until he comes back

Yes that is how we contact him

Yes he is



James and Leo in that order

Should I send that message in my NW chat

I need my credentials to get back into the interview server

I need my credentials for the interview server

What do you mean? I have gotten 2 requests for interviews if you mean that

Will do

I need my info to log into the server whenever you can get that for me

Thank you

We have an interview with a potential new member

I am setting up date and time what works for you?

okay noted

Yes 40 S San Marcos Pl, Chandler, AZ 85225 3pm

Friday sorry

Yeah one sec


Missing attachment: IntermediateMeetingAndEvaluation11_11_20.pdf

no problem

43 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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