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Hey fam good to be back


I missed yall

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Possible replacements

That's fair I gotchu fam

So a week from today? At least 2 separate posts

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Lol I thought those stickers were good optics but I guess not

I didn't even put 2 and 2 together with that gun one till yall pointed it out tbh

Happy Thanksgiving kings

Is finding out that I'm gonna be a dad considered activism?

Yooooo I won't be there for December not sure if you remember but I told you I got drill that weekend but good news is that I'm gonna be a dad!

Thanks lads!

Dude I'm sooooo fucking happy man! Also I'm about to set up my mumble what's the address for it? For some reason I can't find the link to the guides etc

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Maybe the real hikes were the achievements we made along the way

Thanks fam good to be back but will do ill stick to pf promat only from now on

She's getting as good as she can but hopefully the good news I gave her this week will help her push thruim gonna be a dad!

Not sure yet but I can't wait to find out it's really early and was the best birthday present to find this out

Ever since I found out I'm gonna be a dad I've never felt so motivated in my life but sadly I won't see you this weekend I gotta cuck for zog I got drill that weekend

Yall wanna borrow my Betsy Ross flag?

Who's close to me that I'd be able to drop it off with

Unfortunately I have obligations this weekend that I can't get out of so not this weekend but you'll see me soon™️

Yeah man I really wish I could get out of it especially since it's been a while since I've gone to a big pf thing


Uhhhh like 30-40 min each way

I'll check to see if Marshall could meet halfway or if he could just stop by my place to pick it up

Yeah thats fine but definitely try to get it back to me since it's a really nice flag and not one of the cheap see thru ones lol its already mounted on the pole so it's good to go

Hey man so for whatever reason my phone didn't update the password I used for my account and I'm trying to check the guides and set my mumble up. Any chance you can reset my password?

Hey fam would you be able to come by my place to grab my Betsey Ross flag or even meet halfway sometime this week

If I remember I'll mark the pole with tape or some shit so yall know it's mine. But I dm'd Marshall just waiting on his response

It's the right password afaik but tbf I could have fat fingered my password when I first changed it

Yeah ill be home at 5 so anytime between then and 7 come thru

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You still coming?

Ready now

Yo need help setting up mumble. I can't login to the guides my shit is all fucked up I just need the address for it

I'm still trying to set my mumble up but nothing is working reeee

I need tye address but I can't access the guides still


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Well I asked Thomas last night to reset it. He said it would log me out which it didn't and I tried the new password and it still doesn't work

But pretty sure my password was army1488

The original was something like JoefromMassachusetts

Ok I didn't get an error but it won't open so iirc that means I'm just waiting for the approval

It's saying connection refused when I try to open the room but I did the instructions like you said

Galaxy s20 ultra

Yep that's all correct on my end

Finallyyyyyy my phone did some gay autocorrect but I'm in now

Just need permission to get in the room

Will do I gotta remember how to do that

I changed the default cert name to what you told me to but I don't see it reflecting in the server

You able to pull me down into the meeting room?


Not as cringe as my fingernail literally about to fall off hanging on by a thread

Is Vincent the one who approves my bit?

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Cool also enjoy the nightmare fuel




The nail caught onto my jacket and near ripped it off


Reeee lemme in the meeting room AAAAAAAAA



Let me in


IM GONNA [redacted]

Stickered in Schenectady NY and Fitchburg MA

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Missing attachment: Screenshot_20211201-204132_Maps.jpg
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Doesn't show the new footbridge yet on maps but it's where I dropped the pin

Missing attachment: Screenshot_20211201-204522_Maps.jpg

Doesn't show the new footbridge yet on maps but it's where I dropped the pin

Good luck to everyone this weekend godspeed!

Great work kings the demo is making waves!

Catching up watching some of the streams gotta say wonderful job gentlemen I wish I was there to join yall. But I gave pf a shoutout on white rabbit radio tonight if that's any consolation

I can check to see if there's an open unit in my building or nearby fam that would be awesome to have you closer to me

Sunday 1am to 2am would probably work better but it all depends on how close to Fitchburg it is for each action as to what works better. But yeah ill cut contact with Norman

What about the other one?

Is that under an hour one literally gonna take from noon to 8 or is that just the rough window it will be? Sorry just trying to plan my weekend so I can still visit my mom

And that 1am one is the Saturday going into Sunday so I'd have all Sunday to sleep and do whatever I gotta right?

Ok cool I'm definitely more leaning towards that but either way I'll make one of them

Will do brother but if I don't give you a different answer put me down for 1am

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