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Sam MN @PF-173220

Hello, you are being contacted because you have been deemed an appropriate representative to participate in the Evaluation Process for an Intermediate who has been interviewed. The Interview record and instructions for meeting the Intermediate will follow this message.

If you are capable of meeting the Intermediate within exactly two weeks, and do not choose to protest this assignment immediately, the responsibility for this Intermediate is transferred to you. Message the Intermediate on the Interview Server immediately. Do not contact them or discuss vetting details on any platforms or apps other than the Interview Server. If you do not have access to the Interview Server, please contact leadership to attain access.

If you cannot complete this assignment and comply strictly with the guidelines in the following Meeting Intermediates document, let me know immediately.

*Please message Jason NY when you have met with the interviewee.

Sam MN @PF-173220

Interviewee- 441215

21/CA/San Diego


Conductor: Sam MN

Notetaker: Christopher VA


Test Q: How long ago did you send in your App?

Test A: 2 days ago

-- Applicant Information --

Personal Transportation: yes

Permanent Resident: yes, no future plans

Political Ideology: traditional conservative,
rejecting disgusting social infection. stop etertaining homosexuality,white hatred and genocide needs to stop, no foriegn wars, be more America First. israelies responcible, want to dumb down populis to make slave class.

Drug Abuse: vapeing

Religion: catholic, generally considerate to others but no perminant aliance. could work for a common goal with other beliefs

Why Join: tired of none action,"ok to be white stickering" activism, stop letting foreign countries take advandage of us. jews commit usury, this is why we go to war. jews act in efforts to destroy western countries, teach others to hate

Skills: outdoorsman, marine veteran, considers himself a smart young man and can be useful, basic medical knowledge.

Read Manifesto: classical view of what america use to be. america used to be a nation for americans, a nation born out of rebelion, paying people fair wadges, only needed a highschool degree, changes due to a saturation of work force. heart seller imigration act was cause of decline. no body looks like him in his city.

-- In-depth Questions --

Q1: no, appplied in april, in marines and was scarred to be found out.

Q2: no. was in the marines. contracted by homeland security, worked with DHS. secret clearance. purly a guard, handeled check in's with inmaites. still currently contracted with DHS. turmoultous marine experience, never felt respected, never built a sense of trust with comrades. state of military was crumbling. found out about jews after joinging marines

Q3: no

Q4: born to politically right family, conservitive when young, highschool was a trump fan, trump didnt do anuthing, brother got him into right wing literature. read more and now its obvious who runs this country. no sense of community umougst white men, others are complacent with being weak. JQ was found in sophmore year and was influenced by his brother abouth McAtherism and communism.

Q5: heard a mention in 2017 about vanguard at Cville. this year was exposed on 4 chan to PF. nothing nufarious about the organization. atttracted to order, cleansiness, and uniformity. these are important for a sense of teamwork, optical, striking to see by on lookers. 2 days ago on 4 chan was when he decided to join, after the DC march.

Q6: it is a redirection for conservatives to not become race pilled. race has a part in society. non europeans shouldnt be allowed unless doctors or someone who is a net positive on the economy, but have a quota. these immigrants would not be true americans but they would have to be accepting of that. ethnic component to being an american. americans were european stock, genocide is immoral but conquering can be justified.

Q7: first generation immigrant from sweden (both parents), identifies as white or swedish.

Q8: no. brother and friend are like minded. been doxed at a BLM protest, verbally assulted, not intimaded by antifa. wanted to become an oppisition group to antifa. "copy what the leftist do". defacing websites could be useful. can see himself as an activist.

Sam MN @PF-173220

Q9: i beleive the use of violence be justified when him or family life is threatened or when rights are violated, rights given by god. understands and agrees
Q10: marine core ball, drunk fight. was broken up.

Q11: available more than 5hrs a day, would be able to have weekly meetings

Q12: programed passiveness of future and present generations of whites. passiveness would make someone lose. anti bullying campains caused passiveness. turning schools into communism, anti witness, this is the root of the problem

Q13: 4chan, outdoor camping videos, watches trailer park boys, plays video games. use instagram, twitter (fuentes before band).

Q14: paleo conservative, seperation of people is the greatest crime against humanity. putting other races against whites. untity amoungst races could work if we have our own places. naturally feels a responcibility to family and country.

Q15: yes, kidness taken for weakness. havent recociled this problem, jesus loves everyone, but it cannot be all the time.

Q16: meditations by marcus oralius, animal farm, fareignheight 401

Q17: considers himself not big jacked but not small. agile. average guy.

Q18: man, woman, and as many kids as they can support. everyone should look alike. men work and women stay at home. attacks on this family structure today. religion and family activities are needed. family is very close to ideal family. felt very loved by his parents, never felt out of place.

Q19: admires john hancock

Q20: despises susan b, anthony, causing bad voting practices.

Q21: no ethnic natinalist movement except PF, PF is a good foothold for nationalism

Q22: working for fathers finacial practice, plan on having a wife and kids.

Sam MN @PF-173220
Missing attachment: IntermediateMeetingAndEvaluation11_11_20.pdf

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