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Thanks for the tip. We'll have to give it a visit.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding doing murals. I’d like to believe we NW8 guys have it down.

Rules 1 and 2. Don’t get caught in the act. Don’t ever let your vehicle be filmed or photographed, and especially not the plate. Plate flippers or taping the plate is sufficient, as long as the car is very common, and completely stock. Park far away from any mural you do at least a block or more away. So far this has been the extent of most of the ones we do and it seems to work.

For supplies get many cans of Rustoleum 4x Turbo white cans. They’re tall. They’re better than a painters professional paint gun tbh. Then use Montana paint cans. Preferred colors dark indigo blue, and Fire Rose red. Go to Montana’s spray paints website to find a store near you. And no “Michael’s” doesn’t have shit. You’ll want to find a professional arts and crafts store, or an outright graffiti store.

I most definitely will come to you for advice. We probably won't focus on the mural until after National, but it will be addressed. We have some other objectives to accomplish as well. NW2 has a ways to go before we kick it into high gear, but we are well on our way to moving towards more ambitious goals. Austin has plenty of murals and such, and is relatively risk free due to the police being severely defunded. We're going to get some practice there first, so we can be in and out fast when we pick a high risk area.

Also those 4x turbo cans don’t stay on shelves long. I highly recommend buying them all up if you find them. They’re sold at Home Depot.

Understood. We have a good supply of red and blue, but not white. Although there are plenty of home depot/lowes stores down here, shouldn't be difficult

Yeah practice under an underpass. Time guys even. For the last mural we did I had guys pretend to be inside my truck, get out, and move towards where the wall was. Was really funny. We found an abandoned brewery, giant building, to practice in.

Nice, that's a great idea. We're planning to have plainclothes nondescript lookouts, perhaps with radios, or maybe just using threema, to keep an eye out for any boys in blue.

Don’t use rustoleum red and blue paint for stencils. It doesn’t dry fast, it’s slow, it can’t cover much ground compared to Montana. Doing those actions you want SPEED and efficiency. Rustoleum 4X turbo gloss enamel white tall cans, plus Montana red and blue paint, is the fastest and most efficient way to go about it.

Yeah always utilize lookouts.

Gotcha. We've been using rustoleum for banners, I'll have to make sure we keep em strictly for that purpose

Missing attachment: CD01E70E-3F50-4B50-A8E3-638EACBF9F1C.png

@ND - Lawrence FL claims 1 can of Montana can make two banners. So a slightly more expensive can that does 2x as much. Therefore it’s cheaper. I haven’t tested it, but Montana is king for graffiti. It’s what it’s designed for.

Great, I'll be sure to use all this information. Thank you.

I'm sure I'll have some more questions in the future.

No problem

Hey man, my threema ID is YVT5H5EZ

Thank you

Hey man. Wanted to say, I'm sorry about this whole infiltrator situation. It could've happened to anyone, with the right lingo and a dedicated alter ego I think it would be hard to detect a rat. I'm sure you don't need to hear this, but I'll say it anyway. Don't let it get you down, keep pushing forward. Hail victory.

Thanks James I appreciate it

Congrats brother! Next event shake my hand!



Thank you, yes of course my apologies. Looking forward to meeting you again!

Upon discovering the guy was a furry what did you do?? How did you handle it?

Asked him to explain himself, at the point I knew he wouldn't be allowed in. He said some other things that reaffirmed the decision to keep him out.

Eventually I told him to grab his things and leave, that we don't have a place for him in the org

What things did he say?

He said some real sus stuff


He said he vents his sexual frustrations about women into fantasizing about animals or some shit. Also said he finds "young attraction" wrong. I confronted him, saying "you mean pedophilia? Normal people don't say young attraction."

Young attraction lol

That’s definitely not fascist language.

Honestly he deserves deserved to get his ass beat.

He very well may have been an infiltrator, his Telegram was suspect

That’s terminology only someone emerged in heavy leftist ideology and society would say.

He only followed big name channels



Good job

mind if I ask who it was?

Hold on

We're about to vet another guy real soon


He went by Seven

His pf name


Lol it was an interviewee?

Douglas TX helped me vet the guy

Thought it was a hardy member

Hardy member*

Like, a vetted member that’s been here awhike

I trust him

I thought the furry was a vetted member. That would have been wild

I hope none of those scum are hiding amongst us

They are

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