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Happy Thanksgiving

Hey Billy, can we chat on mumble sometime

8611 N Mopac Expy #400, Austin, TX 78759

What dates are we considering?

don't have dates yet

I'm looking at local prices and I definitely can find something within the 60 to 100 range

60k -100k?

huh? I'm just trying to find you somewhere to stay for the nights you need. Once your trial period is over you'll be signed on, and you can use that to find an apartment.

See if anyone would be willing to be a roommate, too

what's the 60-100 range

per night rate for lodging

that's like 6k - 10k a month, isn't it?

If you need monthly rental, we'd look for something cheaper. But your thing is a 5 day trial, right?

I think it will be a 5 day a week 13 week trial period

Oh, then we need to find you a monthly rental.

What is the best estimated start time you are aware of?

None yet, the guy that can get me in is still figuring things out

Find out how much you can expect to make those 13 weeks, too.

I forget the details of the deal since it has been so long. I believe there was some sort of hourly or salary compensation. Although if there is also commission, hopefully that is more bonus than not, otherwise that risk needs to be considered.

Could you possibly sit on the call I'll have with the guy probably tomorrow or the next day?

I believe he said there'll be a base pay and then "spread" pn top of that

Tomorrow would be better for me

What do I need to sit in for though?

The guy said he has the process sorted out on his end

Awesome! Do you need anything from me right now?

not right at this moment, but when we have a time figured out when we're having a call you could sit in on it. I'm asking the guy if you can. It because I'm just not that great at explanation, especially not with things I'm new to, so I think if you listen to it you can make more sense of it than what I told you.

It is a staffing gig in Austin

I get the gig

Same guy I talked to.

Probably the money thing I haven't explained well

he talked about there be a base and then a "spread"

i guess that's a bonus on top of the base.

The only income I'm concerned with is the income from the primary staffing job.

He said the training period would be 13 weeks iirc

5 days a week, on site.

Which you should be paid for

Will you work from home after that?

If I stay up here with my Mom, then that's 2 hours round trip everyday.

I believe there could be 3 days on 2 days off

Yeah, we'll get you a place for 13 weeks.

If you have to do something in office from there, we'll look for an apartment for you.

James said he'd get with this landlord to see if I can stay at his place. I'll need to ask him about that.

Questions we need answered
(1) What's you monthly income for the 13 weeks?
(2) After the training, what is the work location?

San Marcos is closer, right? But it's still quite a drive.

The address you gave me, you'd be better off in Round Rock or Pflugerville.

Maybe even Cedar

Alternatively, we can look for camp grounds, and you can take showers at a gym.

Yeah, either my Mom's or Jame's place would both be 1 hour to the sport

If the weather gets bad, we put you up in a hotel until the cold front is done.

which is cheaper Cedar or RR?

For apartment? I don't know. I haven't looked.

But, from what I gathered you'd be making like 50k per year.

That's just the primary job

So you'd be pulling in 4k a month

Unless my memory on that is incorrect

both Cedar and RR have good demographics.

For now

But yes

\I don't need anything big. Just a bathroom and place to put my bed and not in a black neighborhood.

You need to be able to cook, too

I can

Food can get expensive

Oh yeah an oven

they don't always come with apartments, do they

They do

But, there might be options for you that are just a room and private bath if you want to save money.

Those are airbnb ideas

but those would be around 60-100 bucks a night, right?

You can work out better deals with owners sometimes.

But if it's for short term, then there is that premium on the price

sorry but what's a premium

Premium is in reference to an increase in price because you're receiving a special service.

like interest?

When you do short term rentals, while there is a market rate, the owners take on a large risk than the expense you're actually paying. So they charge you extra than if you stayed long term.

No, not interest

It's just a way of saying you're paying a higher price than one otherwise could.


When you do a 1 year lease, you're buying time in bulk.

When I ask for you to sit in on the call, would they know you as Billy or Evan?



Do I need good credit for this to wokr

I doubt you'll need me though. This is a pretty straight forward deal.

Apartments do a credit check, yes.

But, what your credit needs to be, I don't know.

They know there are young people with no credit. So I don't think you have much to worry about.

Everyone needs to start somewhere.

Get a credit card. But make sure you pay off your balance each month to improve your credit score.

I would suggest a good credit card that gives travel rewards which you can use on hotel or maybe even car rentals.

Otherwise, the next is cash back, but usually those reward programs provide the most value, and since you'll be traveling a lot, that might be worth it to you.


I am about to go cook a bunch of food for the week. So, I won't be available.

I currently do have a credit card, but nota debt at the moment because I got scammed by some guy in California

no debt is good

Copy, thanks Billy. Talk to you later.

I know. I need to reapply for a debt card.

If you end up with a time, shoot me a message. I can't promise to make it until I see it


Debit card and credit card are not the same

I know

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