Message from PF-5597

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This interviewee was formerly Francis IL, he left the organization due to financial concerns and harassment from FBI. I first met him through the local pool party and spoke with him at a boxing event we organized, and we brought him to DC as an unaffiliate. When I went to meet up with him for the interview he was cool with us looking through his phone, he has his identity linked to his LinkedIn and he has his face on his private Instagram. So there is a non-zero dox potential there, but LinkedIn is a necessity in some ways and he's taken steps to mitigate risks. He's got a telegram filled with western chauv, M2R, TRS, PF and a bunch of meme channels, and a sock twitter he doesn't post with. He has a lot of security background, took some crazy course last summer learning how to follow people, know if you're being followed, do secret service type work for people, do surveillance, plan ops etc. In a lot of ways PF gave him experience to work with, scoping out areas and planning activism runs. He also has a good amount of muay thai experience and will be helpful in teaching the basics to our other guys. He misses doing activism and enjoyed the DC trip, we talked about the security at the event and he reiterated a lot of points I've heard made, such as how a group should stay at the VE in case of trouble and phones need to be more tightly restricted. He thinks it's gotta be up to the ND's and respective party leaders to collect everyones phones and lock them up in something for the duration of the event, agrees that it's a big risk to have them all in one place, but the only 100% certain way is to pat everyone down TSA style. He'll be a very useful addition to our Network