Message from PF-5597

RocketChat ID: DZsgajWG82oPccwrE

Thoughts on our recent action:
• I understand the VE incident was caused by an infiltrator. I hope to never turn away a well meaning interviewee, would be interesting see what his interview responses were if they’re stored anywhere. When it comes to sussing people out I think it’s best to go with your gut, but ultimately you have to delegate this to whoever is on the ground in a given area and nothing is ever for certain. I don’t know the details, event security itself could be made more strict (ie pat downs, info given to ND’s electronically or physically not spoken to the whole car, standardize our device confiscation processes) and I’m confident we can avoid leaving ourselves open to these sorts of things in the future
• Damn shame we didn’t get there a little earlier for your speech! That golden hour lighting would have been beautiful.
• The improved shield teams were successful in dealing with threats, though we may want to recommend some short rhythm exercises for members to practice before our next Demo
• There was some sort of miscommunication after your speech, resulting in the column doing an about left and moving opposite its intended trajectory. After this, a section leader communicated his frustration the column was not moving, though orders had not been given to turn and march. I’m trying to think of a way we could make a game of this, where a commander has to order a group to accomplish something with marching and responding promptly to orders. Part of the confusion may be that it’s not immediately clear who is in an intermediate position of authority when conducting our demo, which may also play into my next point
• Some members are taking it upon themselves to start chants in the column. I’m trying to impress upon our zoomers to be disciplined and do as they’re told, look professional. Unfortunately most the time some one does it it gets a response from the surrounding activists who think it’s a real order
• Noticed some people throwing up after exiting the box truck. I may take my guys to a sauna to try and get them accustomed to heat and humidity for sustained periods of time. Also many people are under the impression they will suffocate in the truck, which helps to further worsen their condition when in transit. I think the real issue is heat not oxygen ultimately, in addition to people panicking. How American is meditation? Not very I suspect
• We look badass stoically marching through the nerve center of this evil empire that suppresses us, while our detractors follow impotently hurling their petty jeers and insults
• Our online engagement looks tremendous, putting our message out in front of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. Many cucked retards are revealing themselves to be such as knowledge of us ripples outwards
Certainly, a mixed bag of a weekend, but we were success our primary goal was extraordinarily successful! Congrats on pulling it off, hope you and the rest of the HQ guys are hanging in there. We’re certainly all proud to be part of this out here. Looking forward to the next one, Reclaim America! :PF-Flag: