Message from PF-3274

RocketChat ID: vKakCbYrfKjKp4Yp7

Result: Accepted
Conductor: William TX
Notetaker: Henry MA

Yes Vehicle. Perm. Res.
Political Ideology: White Nationalist. Doesn't matter how the state is organized, as long as it serves the Blood, of white people.
Drug Abuse: No drug abuse. Has used alcohol but no abuse. No smoking ever
Religion: Christian non-demoninational. Reads bible refers to Parables often. No problem with other religions, these quarrels have to be avoided
Why Join: The destruction of the nation and the attack on white children and the disarming of white people threatens our existence. Only way to stop our extinction is to see a movement form that appeals to the people and rallies them to the cause of blood
Skills: Knows team dynamics and how to keep a team together and moving, career is in technology and software, began video editing to make white nationalist propaganda, edits William Pierce videos, Empires Frontiers on Bitchute, channel started in March, worked somewhat as a trim carpenter
Manifesto: Seems right, racially conscious, harkens to European ideals, read it a few days ago, cannot remember any specific section, does not remember disagreeing with anything

Test Q: What do you expect will be asked? I don't know, perhaps more on the Qs back in the Join web page

Q1: First time

Q2: No crimes. No govt. employ

Q3: No prescriptions. Healthy body. Peak condition for 34 year old

Q4: In highschool detetcted great many contradictions in how modern society is run, before he knew the JQ or about the great replacement, Repubs wanted war and pro rich policy, Dems wanted social assistance but wanted destructive economic policies, decided no party was viable. Had a cousin that was transgender that caused a lot of trouble in the family. Anti-white racism bothered him too. Ferguson riots began and saw the media lies about Michael Brow. When Donald Trump ran he questioned why he was different than any of the other billionaires. Then saw the COVID panic as a top down revolution against the common people. All this made want to look into the past at writers about Nationalism back then. Read Mein Kampf and understood the racial question.

Q5: First found about PF in 2019-2020 from seeing shared videos of us marching. Saw our July 4th event and our recent DC march and it inspired him to finally join.

Q6: CivNat is that as long as anyone knows the Constitution they can come and join. The belief that anyone in the world may become cultural creators no matter their race. Does not agree with it. Believes that CivNat is utmost evil. Believes there is an ethnic component

Q7: Originated from Ireland Hungary and Germany. Mostly German. Anglo-Saxon

Q8: Only activism he has ever done is apply for this. His twin brother agrees a lot. His uncle as well. Other relatives recognize the symptoms but do not understand the underlying disease. Wants to get into organizing because change comes from winning over the masses and organizing them as a whole to make change. Nothing except an organization can do this and he wants to be involved in it. Has seen all forms of our activism and believes he can do all of those things.

Q9: Believes Might is Right. Nothing can dislodge the evil force in charge except force. Says it is a hard question to answer, because if you deploy it against a larger force you lose, but if you never then no progress is amde. Believes in self defense, violence against a larger force for satisfaction is not wise. Does not believe violence makes sense to use right now. Believes violent attacks right now would be self destructive right now. Because we cannot exact punishment without destruction right now we cannot be violent, but the elite in charge does deserve punishment. Will refrain from even responding at all in a demonstration even if opposition was. Does not believe he alone has the right to decide when the time is right, and so would never act violent alone. Non Violence Policy read. Understands and Agrees

Q10: 2017, individual was driving eratically in his parking lot. He confronted him. The man attacked him, he fought back and put him on the ground. Police were called, was self defense and issue ended there

Q11: Works IT, has 5-6 hours a day in the week free. Has a girlfriend. Spends a lot of his time working and thinking about the propaganda videos

Q12: Biggest threat is a Jewish controlled banking industry and media and govt that imports masses of non-white labor to attack and replace whote people until we disappear. Believes it is an Alien Jewish element that is doing this