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2017-01-17 00:22:17 UTC  

they just have to get rid of brown people and muslims

2017-01-17 00:22:50 UTC  

Why do you think that nationalists in germany wave local flags, like of Saxony for example?

2017-01-17 00:22:59 UTC  

Becuase German flag stands for nothing

2017-01-17 00:23:05 UTC  

It's just cucked Weimar shit

2017-01-17 00:23:05 UTC  

because germany has a long history of not being united

2017-01-17 00:23:12 UTC  

every little city has it's own 1000 year history

2017-01-17 00:23:48 UTC  

who knows what the future will bring

2017-01-17 00:23:52 UTC  

will germany fall apart?

2017-01-17 00:24:03 UTC  

will the United States fall apart?

2017-01-17 00:24:06 UTC  

all possible

2017-01-17 00:24:25 UTC  

Yes but whats left after Germany "falls apart"?

2017-01-17 00:24:37 UTC  

A territory inhabited with everybody but Germans

2017-01-17 00:25:22 UTC  

It's the greatest race and culture mixing hotbed there is in Europe, along with UK, France and Sweden

2017-01-17 00:26:00 UTC  

Millions of people who have no idea who they are, who their ancestor is beyond their parents, and what their country is apart from what it says on their soon to be useless passport

2017-01-17 00:26:53 UTC  


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2017-01-17 00:26:59 UTC  

the slavs move in

2017-01-17 00:27:05 UTC  

and kick everyone else out

2017-01-17 00:27:21 UTC  

Give me a break, Slavs are the most assimilable lot over there

2017-01-17 00:27:40 UTC  

yeah but if germany breaks apart what then?

2017-01-17 00:27:42 UTC  

The most eager to marry a foreigner and change their name into Patrick

2017-01-17 00:27:45 UTC  

you think a caliphate is more likely?

2017-01-17 00:28:06 UTC  

I think Caliphate is more likely *as time goes on*

2017-01-17 00:28:13 UTC  

Not right now, but as time moves, more and more likely

2017-01-17 00:28:25 UTC  

doubt it

2017-01-17 00:28:33 UTC  

anti muslim sentiment will continue

2017-01-17 00:28:34 UTC  

Because to that mixed lot, that will soon be the majority of German population, only religion can give a sense of identity

2017-01-17 00:28:41 UTC  

since they have no folkish sense of identity

2017-01-17 00:29:13 UTC  

I know, plenty of Germans are still fully Germans, but their numbers are shrinking

2017-01-17 00:29:14 UTC  

i think a WW3 scenario where muslims get exterminated is more likely in the future

2017-01-17 00:29:21 UTC  

unless everyone drops religion altogether

2017-01-17 00:30:22 UTC  

just since 2015 merkel's CDU has lost like a quarter of it's support

2017-01-17 00:30:35 UTC  

i guess we just have to wait for the elections

2017-01-17 00:32:10 UTC  

I'm not optimistic

2017-01-17 00:32:29 UTC  

Germany is a ticking timebomb in hearth of Europe, along with France, Italy, UK and Sweden

2017-01-17 00:32:39 UTC  

No border to Asia or Africa over there guys

2017-01-17 00:32:57 UTC  

When SHTF, it will just spill out to the rest of the continent

2017-01-17 00:33:39 UTC  

i hope it does

2017-01-17 00:33:43 UTC  

maybe we can remove some kebab

2017-01-17 00:42:58 UTC  

i hope they put some c4 at the deploraball