Message from The Enlightened Shepherd in GabberHangout #general

2017-01-18 14:28:34 UTC  

how do i approach ewhite genocde without naming it"

2017-01-18 14:28:36 UTC  

i think i may have manic depressive disorder too

2017-01-18 14:28:58 UTC  

although maybe that's just because i don't workout much these days

2017-01-18 14:34:10 UTC  

Hard not to get depressively self-absorbed these days

2017-01-18 14:34:37 UTC  

Constantly wondering what's wrong, what's the point of everything and whether anything is worth it at all

2017-01-18 14:34:55 UTC  

Whether the problems you have are really important at all, or do you invent every struggle to give yourself purpose

2017-01-18 14:34:57 UTC  

nah i never get like that

2017-01-18 14:35:24 UTC  

i get mood swings

2017-01-18 14:35:27 UTC  

But the best possible approach to life, is to appraoch it as if you were a God that was banished temporarily to Earth

2017-01-18 14:36:02 UTC  

And you are essentially doing nothing but curiously and eagerly awaiting what kind of challenges will this earthly life put in front of you

2017-01-18 14:36:40 UTC  

i just imagine that life is a simulation

2017-01-18 14:36:46 UTC  

which i guess it could be

2017-01-18 14:36:51 UTC  

Struggles that you find here on earth, are not your depressive bruden, but you simply *join* them, happy to take part

2017-01-18 14:37:18 UTC  

in the end it matters less how you think about it vs what actual chemicals get produced in your brain

2017-01-18 14:37:24 UTC  

i need to start working out again

2017-01-18 14:37:29 UTC  

and ill be in tip top mental shape

2017-01-18 14:38:20 UTC  

Workout is something that's either an essential part of your life or not

2017-01-18 14:39:23 UTC  

@The Enlightened Shepherd It's important for me, since my shitty pancreas can't function on its own.

2017-01-18 14:39:45 UTC  


2017-01-18 14:40:06 UTC  

I have been working out since like i finished my elementary school

2017-01-18 14:40:24 UTC  

and i have never "started woring out" or started bodybuilding before summer

2017-01-18 14:40:38 UTC  

I could take a week break or something for whatevr reason

2017-01-18 14:40:41 UTC  

well you started in elementary school

2017-01-18 14:40:47 UTC  

but never had periods of break, then starting all over etc etc

2017-01-18 14:41:01 UTC  

and i dont work out much at all, never more than 1 hour

2017-01-18 14:41:03 UTC  

i had a break period because i got sick and couldn't workout

2017-01-18 14:41:08 UTC  

then i kind of fell out of routine

2017-01-18 14:41:16 UTC  

my gym buddy couldn't go as well

2017-01-18 14:41:24 UTC  

so a month turned into a few months

2017-01-18 14:41:25 UTC  


2017-01-18 14:41:42 UTC  

lol, i have been avoiding going with my friends to the gym at all costs

2017-01-18 14:42:16 UTC  

i like to go with friends on hiking trips etc. but never to the gym our on an outdoors workout

2017-01-18 14:42:22 UTC  

it immediatelly prolongs it for 30 minutes

2017-01-18 14:43:15 UTC  

im not really jacked much either, never took supplements or cared to adjust diet for proteins etc

2017-01-18 14:43:42 UTC  

that kind of defeats the purpose of the workout then

2017-01-18 14:43:47 UTC  

though i did get muscular and made my stomach flat at least

2017-01-18 14:43:49 UTC  

i mean if you have a shit diet its gg

2017-01-18 14:44:01 UTC  

it's not shitty

2017-01-18 14:44:07 UTC  

it's just that i don't adjust it for the gym

2017-01-18 14:44:15 UTC  

i eat like normal people do

2017-01-18 14:44:21 UTC  

well what's normal