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2017-05-13 13:26:29 UTC  

@Fireball Bastard

What separates people from animals?

The Mediterranean Sea

2017-05-13 13:26:34 UTC  

Those are the people who are supposed to be (((helping the economy)))

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2017-05-13 13:26:50 UTC  

Those animals chat can't even fucking swim

2017-05-13 13:26:56 UTC  

For fuck's sake

2017-05-13 13:27:12 UTC  

The death of those animals are in the hands of the (((leaders))) of Europe

2017-05-13 13:27:20 UTC  

That was Crom's curse to them, to ensure they never formed empires, to spread their degeneracy...

2017-05-13 13:27:37 UTC  

but whereas a god's curse inhibited them, the Jews found another way.

2017-05-13 13:27:46 UTC  

who is this crom you speak of, @Fireball Bastard ?

2017-05-13 13:27:54 UTC  

Yeah, who's Crom?

2017-05-13 13:28:20 UTC  

I love these shitty head lines for these videos of boats tipping over, "Dozens of Migrants "feared" drowned in the latest Mediterranean tragedy." -- Fucking sick ass people in our press.

2017-05-13 13:29:05 UTC  

@flooz He's the god of the Hyperborean people.
Non-interventionist- doesn't answer prayers, doesn't interfere in the affairs of mortals (unless in certain matters of honor). He only rewards volkisch behavior, by welcoming Hyperboreans to Valhalla upon death.

2017-05-13 13:29:09 UTC  

God damn, I hope they had a miserable death, and when their families back home heard of it they died too from the news. Jeez.

2017-05-13 13:29:41 UTC  

(he's also Conan's god from Conan the Barbarian; fuck you niggers)

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2017-05-13 13:31:25 UTC  

survival of the fittest indeed...

2017-05-13 13:33:17 UTC

2017-05-13 13:33:55 UTC  

that's some nightmare fuel there

2017-05-13 13:34:05 UTC  

no wonder we have so many faggots these days

2017-05-13 13:34:16 UTC  

Imagine that's what lies in every THOT's underwear.

2017-05-13 13:34:33 UTC  

They might not consume your flesh, but they WILL consume your soul.

2017-05-13 13:35:12 UTC  

creamy bacterial infections, mmm

2017-05-13 13:35:35 UTC  

Heh, gross.

2017-05-13 13:35:49 UTC  

The worst enablers of THOTs are PUA's

2017-05-13 13:36:08 UTC  

Same for MGTOWs but the PUAs enable them to be worse

2017-05-13 13:36:10 UTC  

Quite right. The MGTOW community as a whole, too.

2017-05-13 13:36:21 UTC  

Moment too late, it would seem.

2017-05-13 13:36:38 UTC  

Yeah MGTOWs just let women "do whatever they want" and they turn into coalburners

2017-05-13 13:36:58 UTC  

PUAs enable them to become sluts, whores, thots and THEN they become coalburners

2017-05-13 13:37:03 UTC  

"I despise how the values of women have denigrated over the years... so I'm going to make the situation even worse by taking more of their virtue, and potentially leaving them to raise their bastard children."

2017-05-13 13:37:12 UTC  

It's worse, but it's like comparing dog shit to elephant shit

2017-05-13 13:37:14 UTC  

It's still shit

2017-05-13 13:38:01 UTC  

they need to settle down with average, maybe a little frumpy women

2017-05-13 13:38:23 UTC  

who will give them a steak and blowjob when they ask for it

2017-05-13 13:38:50 UTC  

I've heard there's a dichotomy that men after their teens will generally have to make:
Hot, Sane, Single- Pick Two

2017-05-13 13:38:57 UTC  

I'm not sure if this is true or not.

2017-05-13 13:39:15 UTC  

I don't know, I've never had a girlfriend outside of my childhood sweetheart

2017-05-13 13:39:40 UTC  

Who sadly coalburned, but had a white child who's a bastard unfortunately