Message from Fireball Bastard in Safe Space 3 #shitposting

2017-05-13 14:33:12 UTC  

It's the ancestor race of white people. The first city was created somewhere in the Arctic Circle (I took an oath not to give the location away), and from that city, white people descended.
We use goy magic to hide it away, though, so that we may be free to increase our numbers for when Ragnarok comes, and we wipe out the Jews.

2017-05-13 14:33:32 UTC  

Don't tell anyone though... it's supposed to be a sort of birthday surprise for mankind.

2017-05-13 15:50:03 UTC  

Social Justice in AI is bound to bring out the worst of humanity

2017-05-13 16:34:39 UTC  

Fireball if its the hyperborean master race a: why did they mug a fellow huwhite (me) and b: if hyperborea means, above/beyond the north wind ie not a race perse. I suppose its defacto as its alleged no other race but aryans inhabited that area, but still

2017-05-13 16:36:01 UTC  

I am in the mood to nit pick. Perhaps I should groom some niggers instead

2017-05-13 16:36:02 UTC  

You got mugged by a Hyperborean because some of us are dickheads. It's also possible they could smell nigger on you and decided to act.

2017-05-13 16:36:12 UTC  


2017-05-13 16:36:24 UTC  

These dudes are white niggers tbh

2017-05-13 16:36:29 UTC  

That's why I say "don't eat fried chicken". Some of us can't tell the difference.

2017-05-13 16:36:47 UTC  


2017-05-13 16:36:52 UTC  

Some of us thought "if he's eating nigger food, is he really that white?" and decided to pillage your wallet.

2017-05-13 16:37:11 UTC  

Lol people on the bus be like

2017-05-13 16:37:30 UTC  

Whats this kid with the eye patch laughing at

2017-05-13 16:37:49 UTC  

There is no excuse for niggardry. You think I eat fried chicken or purple drank?

2017-05-13 16:37:51 UTC  

Fuck no.

2017-05-13 16:38:07 UTC  

I have not eaten any my dude

2017-05-13 16:38:21 UTC  

I had a full english fry up the day of the mugging

2017-05-13 16:38:29 UTC  

And oatmeal

2017-05-13 16:38:50 UTC  

I think it's important to ask... are you sure they were Hyperborean, and not simply tall Aryans?

2017-05-13 16:39:00 UTC  


2017-05-13 16:39:07 UTC  

Well im kidding really

2017-05-13 16:39:17 UTC  

I suppose they are different stock

2017-05-13 16:39:25 UTC  

To the irish.ulster scots

2017-05-13 16:39:36 UTC  

But very similar i would have thought

2017-05-13 16:40:26 UTC  

Im not 100% Clear on anscestry but

2017-05-13 16:41:10 UTC  

At any point, did they move too quickly for you to see?
Think "opening scene from Interview With The Vampire" fast.

2017-05-13 16:41:26 UTC  

Did you have the instinctual desire to bow in their presence?

2017-05-13 16:41:52 UTC  

Well I had a feeling it was coming but I didnt really see the fist

2017-05-13 16:42:06 UTC  

And no

2017-05-13 16:42:28 UTC  

Yeah, those must've been Aryans.

2017-05-13 16:42:30 UTC  

I had a desire to have a gun and kneecap them both

2017-05-13 16:42:35 UTC  

The manlet races can be real cunts sometimes.

2017-05-13 16:42:37 UTC  


2017-05-13 16:43:02 UTC  

It sucks to be a manlet. He was 6 foot plus though

2017-05-13 16:45:39 UTC  

He has to be at least 6'5", be effectively immortal, and have superhuman nigger killing capacity to be Hyperborean.

2017-05-14 12:25:55 UTC  

its been educational and I'd never be vetted here and accidently entered this place just randomly clicking a link; that being said freedom is people doing whatever the fuck they want so best of times to yall

2017-05-14 13:01:21 UTC  

what's with people randomly getting this link?

2017-05-14 13:01:29 UTC