Message from Virtue in Safe Space 3 #lobby-unvetted

2017-05-09 19:30:48 UTC  

Well the victim cult is a modern thing.

2017-05-09 19:31:01 UTC  

I disagree. But it is booming in modern times.

2017-05-09 19:31:13 UTC  

The old communist and socialist despiced weakness

2017-05-09 19:31:14 UTC  

Victim mentality probably lead the Jews to Israel

2017-05-09 19:31:32 UTC  

No the victim cult comes from the hippies
and from the usefull idiots.

2017-05-09 19:32:02 UTC  

In the 30thies and even in the 60thies
there where very little interest in mercy or compassion...

2017-05-09 19:32:14 UTC  

I think jews were embracing the victim status in the 40s and 50s, but I could be wrong.

2017-05-09 19:32:47 UTC  

And lumped their cause with all other popular victim status causes.

2017-05-09 19:33:01 UTC  

So being anti-feminist means being anti-narrative means being a Nazi

2017-05-09 19:33:04 UTC  

Yeah kind of but they did that only because the militant approach failed. if you see what I mean.

2017-05-09 19:33:10 UTC  

Sure, yes.

2017-05-09 19:33:30 UTC  

If you read about the communist groups and their rethoric

2017-05-09 19:34:00 UTC  

the thing that strikes me is the difference in their values and attitudes to things like human life..

2017-05-09 19:34:21 UTC  

also the socialist movement used to be pretty sexist...

2017-05-09 19:34:39 UTC  

the idea of feminism was seen as capitalist..

2017-05-09 19:35:04 UTC  

also the socialists where not spoiled children then

2017-05-09 19:35:17 UTC  

originally the socialists where psychopathic workerclass brutes

2017-05-09 19:35:23 UTC  

Everything is sexist and racist.

2017-05-09 19:35:58 UTC  

yeah but in the 30thies, workerclass movements hated the idea of women stealing their jobs..

2017-05-09 19:36:19 UTC  

Someone vetted Virtue? Okay I'm outta here 😉

2017-05-09 19:36:31 UTC  

they also hated the idea of rich women telling poor men what to do
-by hirering poor people for labout..

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2017-05-09 19:37:09 UTC  

Women only "steal" white collar jobs.

2017-05-09 19:37:30 UTC  

I dont think they understud the difference..

2017-05-09 19:37:32 UTC  

Women won't steal coal miner jobs.

2017-05-09 19:37:54 UTC  

True.. but I dont think they saw it like that..

2017-05-09 19:38:12 UTC  

They probably did. White collar jobs are the good jobs 😛 the only ones worth stealing.

2017-05-09 19:38:34 UTC  

well back in those days -- women actually stole some factory jobs

2017-05-09 19:39:01 UTC  

actually lots of factories had alot and alot of women..
when the first machines where installed

2017-05-09 19:41:17 UTC  

this one demonstrates my point..

2017-05-09 19:42:16 UTC  

I think I delete the other one

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2017-05-09 19:42:59 UTC  

Ahh, the times before feminism 😃 when we were all equal 😃

2017-05-09 19:43:46 UTC  

Anyway. lots of women also used to own their pubs and resturants.
back in the old day where alcohol was free for all.
And they where private teachers and doctors..

2017-05-09 19:44:08 UTC  

Women where kind of equal back then..
feminism and socialism just fucked it up

2017-05-09 19:44:38 UTC  

Oh right, couldn't sell booze, but if you had it you could drink it 😃

2017-05-09 19:44:57 UTC  

Women dominated the private school sector and the private hospital sector..
when social welfare started.. they went unemployed..

2017-05-09 19:45:24 UTC  

Sort of how the role of the father became obsolete