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2017-05-09 20:01:43 UTC  

Yes its not regid in that sense

2017-05-09 20:02:00 UTC  

What if an elite, for example, wanted to question the existence of god? Or wanted to promote degeneracy?

2017-05-09 20:03:09 UTC  

consider our own democratic system
which is so obsesses with asking normal people what they think
to get their votes
that that the entire system is drowning in nonsensical opinions
and every fucking idiot is encouraged to believe
they just as insighfull as some professor.

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2017-05-09 20:03:32 UTC  

in the Chinese beurocracy there where no theological restrictions.

2017-05-09 20:03:53 UTC  

But ensuring everyone has the same ideology can lead to a bit of insular thinking

2017-05-09 20:03:58 UTC  

The chinese beuroctats questioned and debated openly
every aspect of religion and tradition.

2017-05-09 20:04:07 UTC  

Good deal

2017-05-09 20:04:35 UTC  

the one shared ideology is just a front for the political system..

2017-05-09 20:05:05 UTC  

in our current political system nothing less than a fanatical ideology
can push through the simplest reform..

2017-05-09 20:05:48 UTC  

Agreed. Lowest common denominator is what can get consensus. Or outright war.

2017-05-09 20:06:06 UTC  

More specific. The shared ideology is the education system
people will not submit to authoritive teacher-student relationships
in a democracy.

2017-05-09 20:06:31 UTC  

Is authoritative the proper method?

2017-05-09 20:06:37 UTC  


2017-05-09 20:06:49 UTC  

like anti-student democracy.

2017-05-09 20:07:11 UTC  

I haven't read this book in a while, but it moved me at the time.

2017-05-09 20:07:52 UTC  

The concept of the authoritarian follower was terrifying.

2017-05-09 20:08:39 UTC  

I read about teaching methods and the history of changes in teachers methods
and think the old disciplin oriented education sytem was the correct
one and this education we have now is based
on free upbringing and having discussions with children
to get them to understand things..

2017-05-09 20:09:16 UTC  

...sight I meant authoritarian as authoritian
not the political system..

2017-05-09 20:09:25 UTC  

Human beings have and need authority figures..

2017-05-09 20:10:04 UTC  

Yes, but questioning authority is very useful.

2017-05-09 20:10:07 UTC  

I am not saying that we should brainwash children or make everyone

2017-05-09 20:10:23 UTC  

That is a bit of modern propaganda you have been feed.

2017-05-09 20:10:35 UTC  

They did question authority

2017-05-09 20:10:46 UTC  

The individual should.

2017-05-09 20:11:05 UTC  

students and other teachers did question teatchers
in the entire victorian era.

2017-05-09 20:11:25 UTC  

But they did so within their system.
they still had authority figures..

2017-05-09 20:11:49 UTC  

Questioning authority isn't mutually exclusive with having authority.

2017-05-09 20:11:52 UTC  

the current school system has abolish the authorative figure

2017-05-09 20:11:59 UTC  


2017-05-09 20:12:13 UTC  

I haven't been in school for quite a while.

2017-05-09 20:12:28 UTC  

you haven't?

2017-05-09 20:12:36 UTC  

I remember seeing peers spanked bare bottom in front of the whole class.

2017-05-09 20:12:52 UTC  

Teacher would keep a paddle on the wall near the door.

2017-05-09 20:13:05 UTC  

oh the old days..

2017-05-09 20:13:16 UTC  

are you that old?

2017-05-09 20:13:30 UTC  

From a rural town. So they probably were a bit resistant to change.

2017-05-09 20:13:36 UTC  

we need some of that BACK

2017-05-09 20:13:44 UTC  

And yeah, I'm probably much older than most of the people who use discord.

2017-05-09 20:14:18 UTC  

The physical punnishment is wrong.

2017-05-09 20:14:34 UTC  

But you dont actually need to get rid of the authority figure