Message from Montanan in Safe Space 3 #lobby-unvetted

2017-05-09 22:57:09 UTC  

I couldn't begin to tell you, sorry lol.

2017-05-10 02:46:56 UTC  

Up for voice chat for a few.

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2017-05-10 03:04:37 UTC  

How you doing

2017-05-10 03:10:35 UTC  

I think I'm doing okay.

2017-05-10 03:11:23 UTC  

How about Comey lol

2017-05-10 03:26:46 UTC  

Not sure yet how I feel about it. He's been good and bad.

2017-05-10 03:28:13 UTC  

Definitely on the cusp regarding this this whole thing.

2017-05-10 04:09:50 UTC  
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2017-05-10 04:19:27 UTC  

Oy vey!

2017-05-10 04:58:31 UTC  

I've got some ideas.

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2017-05-10 09:50:37 UTC  

i'd like to cut open the heads of every mentally ill or insane homosexual tbh

2017-05-10 09:50:56 UTC

2017-05-10 10:26:26 UTC  

Alrighty then ^^^^

2017-05-10 13:51:44 UTC  
2017-05-10 13:58:49 UTC  

Is Nixon officialy the best US president ever ?

2017-05-10 14:18:48 UTC  

I wish it was more socially accepted to talk about this stuff.

2017-05-10 14:19:54 UTC  

@Montanan Indeed.
I also wish the shitlibs doubled down and finally considered the Jews non-white.

2017-05-10 14:20:59 UTC  

Anything that can be done to minimize whiteness will be done.

2017-05-10 14:22:36 UTC  

Especially if the "we are the 99%" crowd of liberals can get onboard.

2017-05-10 14:23:01 UTC  

"WHITE PRIVILEGE! Oh but... Jews are rich, and... HITLER DID NOTHING WRONG!"

2017-05-10 14:23:26 UTC  

If you can get liberals to seig heil... Jesus.

2017-05-10 14:24:00 UTC  

I think that Richard Spencer is useful when talking to that crowd.

2017-05-10 14:25:37 UTC  

He isn't vocally anti degeneracy, or anti anything really.

2017-05-10 14:26:14 UTC  

Sort of like he's a public fence sitter, except on one issue. Whiteness.

2017-05-10 14:27:02 UTC  

Oh, I know. And yet, he's the public image of what a Nazi is these days, the element to be opposed.

2017-05-10 14:27:15 UTC  

Yep. We need to crack that open.

2017-05-10 14:27:23 UTC  

Have people realize that he isn't a Nazi at all.

2017-05-10 14:27:27 UTC  

We don't even need to put up a good face, they do it for us.

2017-05-10 14:27:44 UTC  

Who puts up a good face for us?

2017-05-10 14:27:59 UTC  

But he'll red pill them, and we'll follow suit.
And one day, the world will be full of nigger-haters like me.

2017-05-10 14:28:52 UTC  

I suppose I'm lucky that I don't have as much experience with racial minorities as you.

2017-05-10 14:29:13 UTC  

Normally, when you want to present a community as layered as the alt-right, you want to put up a good public face. But rather than going after Andrew Anglin, or someone similar, they went after soft, buttery-little pro-white Spencer.

2017-05-10 14:29:35 UTC  

Yeah... bad experiences can be enlightening. 😄

2017-05-10 14:31:16 UTC  

Does Anglin identify as a white supremacist?

2017-05-10 14:31:49 UTC  

I'm pretty sure he does, though I've never heard it from his mouth. He DOES run The Daily Stormer, after all.

2017-05-10 14:32:08 UTC  

I've heard that he does, but I can't find a quote.