Message from Andry in Safe Space 3 #lobby-unvetted

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fireball, join up!

2017-05-14 08:05:43 UTC  

I can't, mang. With people atm.

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next time

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People who wouldn't care to hear about my dire hatred for niggers and jews.

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And, to an extent, pagans. The pagan god you should give respect to is Crom.

2017-05-14 08:06:58 UTC  

But unless you're Hyperborean, like me, you'd be wasting your time.

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Not the least bit surprising to anyone.
It's too bad that (slightly) larger cranial cavity is filled with gasoline, rather than additional brain matter.

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college graduates^

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Yup. Ain't racial quotas grand? 😄

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let's go for double didgets!

2017-05-14 08:59:47 UTC  

And all that money going to niggers who take a course, flunk, drop out, and go back to smoking crack. Joy~

2017-05-14 09:00:23 UTC  

Well, in addition to the illegal migrants who take courses, get degrees, then laugh at us for cheating/riding on the system, while not paying income taxes like the rest of us.

2017-05-14 09:02:01 UTC  

Well they ARE pests.

2017-05-14 09:02:25 UTC  

@everyone Literally removing kebab as if they were fucking insects!

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Now that's an immigration Raid™

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<@183670062090158080> Allo.

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You hate niggers?

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What a coincidence. I'm Hyperborean, the most venerated of the mortal races.

2017-05-14 09:33:00 UTC  

"Hyperboreans have a finely-tuned sense for detecting degeneracy. No matter how well-hidden it may be, a Hyperborean can always find the ulterior, anti-white motive in anything a Jew ever does. They only need know that a Jew is, indeed, the acting party."
-The Wise Elders of Hyperborea

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Ah, there used to be.

2017-05-14 09:33:51 UTC  

Used to be.

2017-05-14 09:37:07 UTC

All you need to know about Hitler.