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2017-06-14 07:09:54 UTC  

Or rather not much of a threat

2017-06-14 09:07:13 UTC  

They are a threat as much as Israel props them up and funds their attacks against whites

2017-06-14 09:10:47 UTC  

So Israel is behind it all? How so?

2017-06-14 09:11:09 UTC  

Why would Israel want the west to fall?

2017-06-14 09:11:46 UTC  

Wouldn't they be pretty boned without America & co around

2017-06-14 09:17:16 UTC  

You're green

2017-06-14 09:17:26 UTC  

congradulations on being on the right path

2017-06-14 09:17:29 UTC  

no sarcasm

2017-06-14 09:21:04 UTC  

I'm going to answer your question

2017-06-14 09:21:46 UTC  

You should read each of these. It won't take you that long. @Lord Shaodeus

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2017-06-14 09:25:09 UTC  

I can get them funding Isis to weaken their neighbours

2017-06-14 09:25:21 UTC  

But why have anything against the west?

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2017-06-14 09:26:05 UTC  

Do you think ISIS exists to target the west?

2017-06-14 09:26:24 UTC  

It is a convenient side-effect

2017-06-14 09:26:48 UTC  

but the answer is no. it is not the main function of ISIS

2017-06-14 09:27:13 UTC  

So what does the Israeli government want?

2017-06-14 09:28:15 UTC  

The million dollar question

2017-06-14 09:28:27 UTC  

Do you mean specifically in regard to ISIS?

2017-06-14 09:28:34 UTC  

No in the west

2017-06-14 09:29:07 UTC  

Wouldn't it be in their best interest to have the Us be a Neocon George W.W Bush shitshow

2017-06-14 09:29:31 UTC  

I guess I am not sure what you're asking

2017-06-14 09:30:28 UTC  

Well earlier you said that it's Israels agenda to fund shithouse videos like that "immigrants are super heroes." one

2017-06-14 09:31:42 UTC  

Ah. Right.

2017-06-14 09:32:21 UTC  

Why go to war with a race, or invade a country; in the traditional sense?

2017-06-14 09:32:33 UTC  


2017-06-14 09:32:58 UTC  

If you can achieve the results by much safer, cleaner means; wouldn't you do that?

2017-06-14 09:33:24 UTC  

So what would they gain? 🤔

2017-06-14 09:34:05 UTC  

Why wage a war on the one race with the potential to destroy the throne, when you can win the war and achieve the same results by subversive means?

2017-06-14 09:34:37 UTC  

Why would the west fuck with em if they don't fuck with us?

2017-06-14 09:35:42 UTC  

There is no group that poses a threat to the network of Jewish overlords that dictate all of our government's actions