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So any of you holocaust deniars that use the World Almanac population statistics as evidence that the holocaust didn't happen. Why would the conspirators responsible for the lie allow such a thing to be published? ๐Ÿค”

Oi, I'm asking for further info is all

Sooo why did they allow it to be published without scewing the numbers to support the lie they just made

How did they calculate the demographics for the world almanac

Mass produce the crap and kill them over a long period in small groups probably

What else could you kill em with? Guns and the like were in higher demand for killing em Commie Ruskies

If you had to kill a large number of people how would you go about it?

Ain't the holocaust a very serious big deal if it indeed happen? Or if they indeed made that shit up?

Fully agree with that statement, fuck globalist Eu bullshit

Europa should belong to the Europeans

So do any of you think that black Americans can integrate with the rest of America if their communities get more conservative and traditional? ๐Ÿค”

And tell lying democrats and race baiters to fuck themselves

Many black conservatives I've met were really hard working cool and inspirational people and patriotic Americans. Isn't a bigger problem for many black people that they don't know their fathers and the like

And if that were to be more resolved you had more of them embracing the red white and blue

I'm not talking about cool rapper bullshit, I'm talking about strong ethics and virtues of personal responsibility and hard work

Where would they have to go?

So not a part of America?

A black hard working entrepeneur would have to live in some African shithole in a hut made out of feces by some Bantu

Are they his own people? I doubt that Larry Elder for example feels more connection too a drunk ass Ethiopian then a white American

What of mixed race people?

When do you see someone as non-white?

Say they've had a black grandfather for instance

Yep, white native Dutch

Blue eyes, blonde, 6,4

What's your opinion of mixed race between asian and european

Say chinese/japanese with anglo/germanic

How so? I get your reservations at blacks because of the Iq thing. But what's wrong with east asians?


I'm firmly against more mass migration into Europa to perserve our cultures and our very way of life.

However I don't like the idea of booting out good honest hard working people because of their race

I've got a boxing trainer who is black. Sure I don't see him as native Dutch. But I do see him as a productive member of Dutch society

And yeah any foreign criminal should get his ass kicked out pronto

Any foreigner who can't pay the bills should get kicked out pronto

But why apply such things to people who are good and who do show European virtues?

Shall we say no criminal record and tax paying

That's true

Still I really shudder at the idea of booting good people that have lived in the Netherlands their whole lives to some wasteland

"Thank you for your military service, paying taxes for years. Now fuck off and eat shit with cannibals in Liberia"

But yeah the fast majority of current migrants in crappy migrant neighbourhoods will not be missed by me or anyone else

Because some degenerate muslim mob in some middle eastern bum fuck town are not the same as Marcus from Boxing

Jew jew Abrahams should be shot though

Get John Milius in the directors chair

I'm talking about the crappy director

Moderately. Pretty quiet, not much trouble with migrants compared to western cities which have it a lot, lot worse

Got two neighbourhoods that are migrant invested shitfests though

But at least they don't come with car fires and gunshots, so ehm, that's something

Rotterdam needs to be purged though

Along with the Hague

So how would you go about deporting em?

But what if we could

We're going to invest Africa with Turk filth? ๐Ÿค”

*the* enemy

Smearing shit over Constantinople ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Not sure whatever I can, might have stuff to do might not

Deportation thing is more important

I have returned from boxing

Didn't you say that you were gonna red pill me this evening? ๐Ÿค”

A bit I suppose, I do indeed remain inconvinced. Especially after going to the boxing gym and seeing everyone getting along and not giving a shit about race. If the black guys at my gym were white then I wouldn't see anything odd in their behavior. So the whole races can't live together thing rings a bit hollow for me. Sure it's true that you're gonna get shit when you've got two different groups, like say the Morrocans and the ethnic Dutch living in different neighbourhoods, especially if those Morrocan neighbourhoods are closed off and go Islamic schools. However many of the guys that went to normal Dutch public schools are mostly decent to society and to just kick in their door and be like "You're the wrong race, GTFO, go to a country where you don't speak the language, don't know anyone" is pretty abhorent to me.

We should definitely work on getting new migrants back to their old countries, get those old Morrocans back to Morroco

and definitely not let in new waves of migrants

and strengthen our education system by having more male teachers and more traditional and conservative upbringings. And we'll do fine

We're all gonna be friends n stuff ๐Ÿ˜„

Civic Nationalism Ho

How do you mean? Like racial?

What I don't like about it is how you throw much nuance, like childhood, culture etc. out of the window pretty much. Blacks and whites can just get along fine, I see examples of this on a daily basis. Black people will do fine as long as they're not raised in the zoo by a alcoholic baboon.

Though of course black people have a very big problem when it comes to being raised in the zoo by a alcoholic baboon

Not cucked towards Islam, crack down on that shit. Islam is a real legitimate threat to Dutch Culture right now.

and European culture in general

Is it? Aren't people generally more attracted to members of their own race?

Granted I agree that the demographic of Ethnic Dutch is dangerously low at 80% and ethnicity definitely has a large role to play in culture

However if we stop cucking to Islamic bullshit, stand up against the radical bits. Encourage them to leave, close the borders, work on culture and good upbringing for people. Then it's going to be like biscuits and gravy

It means close down Islamic schools, cutting welfare, etc.

Crack down on crime

if a criminal has a Marrocan passport then you ship his ass to Morocco with a *good*bye

Nah, duel citizenship will work wonders for getting their asses out of here

But muh rule of law

Yeah actually that's a good plan, fuck em

Eh, nah lets not do that

Because you've got good hard working people that are not entirely of European descent and just booting their asses out of here would be shit.

Yeah you've got a point there

How would we propose that in law anyway

What does it say in Mexican law?

So what do you want instead?

Law to maintain ethnic majority makes a lot of sense, good for perserving muh culture

Who wants to go to Mexico? They ride donkeys and cows and live in shacks made out of coca cola billboards

Yeah, like growing up without a father is really, really bad.

Along with a shitty gang culture

and shitheads riling you up being like "Oh, dem whities be racist against you"

But muh Persian Empire

Didn't people that are genetically similair to modern day people from the Middle east build this shit?

So who did build Babylon? ๐Ÿค”

Shit, yeah Islamic inbreeding. That's a thing

Why Islam? ๐Ÿ˜ญ Why do you have to shit over everything?

Why is the Hagia Sophia surrounded by four turds?

Look how ugly those symbols are. Like they just flinged shit at the wall

Liberation of Anatolia when? ๐Ÿค”

But Flooz, look at how it just hangs there. It just doesn't mix well with the Byzantine majesty

I know, but still, kicking all of the foreigners out? Cut off their wellfare, shut down their terrorist recruitmen....I mean ehm, Islamic Educational centres and the majority of undesirables will take a hike

Those are indeed two big problems ๐Ÿค” I hate two big problems

Also weren't there several wars for Christian reformation, it kind of was a ongoing thing of interlocking wars gradually changing Europe

Yeah I know

that was some shit, Gustavus though โค

I like the rule of law a lot, I like freedom of speech a lot, choosing your own lot. And no they wouldn't be upheld by Morrocons and Turks, they'd just smear their shit over national treasures

So how can we purify our nations without becoming authorative dicatorial maniacs?

Mob Rule? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

But mobs have a habit of being retarded and driven by their dicks

Well, ehm, yeah, that's all true

but we can restore it to a beautiful bastion of liberty and excellence ๐Ÿ˜

What if we became more like Russia? ๐Ÿค”

Russians know what's up

Hehe have you ever been to Germany?

Many of his fellow Germans

I wonder what Arminius would think

and yeah, goddamn Germans had the best fashion ever

Sharp, Authorative, proud and a loyal look

Eh, lift weights, read books, be social and outgoing, never, ever marry a chick in her 30s who has been travelling around a lot, never ever marry any chick that has inferior cooking skills then yours

Oh and be sure to marry a nigger because white people are like super racist and oppresive, and be sure to flaggelate yourself before bed because you're white and you need to feel the suffering of the negro

Oh Goddamn, I can actually see that becoming a thing with cucks

Flaggelate yourself to feel the suffering that the white man has inflicted on the poor coloured folks

I can see this turning into a wonderfully productive family. What's the worst that will, I mean ehm can happen?

What have you against love? Clearly these two are meant for each other right?

Just look at his face, wouldn't you trust that face?

Yeah of course I'm trolling

Which self respecting father wouldn't make that baboon dissappear?

This is pretty good

So you had one black dude that came to rob the store

then you had two other robbers who came to rob at the same time and got into a fight

and the black guy lost and eventually just steals the change

Eh, I still don't want a lot of decent coloured folk out of the country. So I wonder if there's a way to get rid of the shitheads specifically without us turning into some shitty dictatorship

Netherlands too

I thought Germany was worse then 20% foreigner at this point

Still won't like 10% of that fuck off when benefits get cut off? ๐Ÿค”

We just need to get a little bit more Russian

And make someone like this guy Chancellor of Germany

Then youยดve got that bitch giving her speech

He comes running out of the woodwork, runs up to her, grabs her, supplexes her into flat concrete

Aaaaah! Kill it! Kill it with flame

Personal responsibility, what have they done with you?

I don't know what that means.

I don't want to I think

When I google size 36 I see decent looking tits ๐Ÿค”

Oh god, I scrolled further down, oh god, that's fucking medical

Yeah googled size 36 American, that's baaad

How do you even get to that point where literally all you've got to do to lose weight is to do nothing and eat less

Here's how you lose weight, eat proper medium sized breakfast, exercise, eat proper medium sized lunch, eat dinner, and two pieces of fruit with maybe a glass of milk

I think a big problem is that a lot of people don't know how to cook properly

Well not necisserly, more like eat properly


That's true

that fucking candy before the checkout line

They thought about it, they know our weakness

Goddamn stress eating indeed, made by the devil

I deal with it by just buying a cookbook, writing down what I need before going shopping, and getting that shit

I know right? Goddamn that's some cooking skills

Inspiring shit, never wanted to eat human flesh this much

Also his table manners, so beautiful ๐Ÿ˜ข

Yep, ain't that some shit


So hey guys

What does Qatar want?

Why do they fund crap like this?

So you don't think that they're a threat?

Or rather not much of a threat

So Israel is behind it all? How so?

Why would Israel want the west to fall?

Wouldn't they be pretty boned without America & co around

I can get them funding Isis to weaken their neighbours

But why have anything against the west?

So what does the Israeli government want?

No in the west

Wouldn't it be in their best interest to have the Us be a Neocon George W.W Bush shitshow

Well earlier you said that it's Israels agenda to fund shithouse videos like that "immigrants are super heroes." one


So what would they gain? ๐Ÿค”

Why would the west fuck with em if they don't fuck with us?

Yeah I think it would be in their better interest to properly team with the west to not get murdered by the Islamic world that's very pissed at them

But look at the ottoman empire, all those other middle eastern empires of history, can't they get shit done?

So they could it again against Israel in a few decades

Couldn't there be a new Islamic empire in a few decades that's worth a damn

That could squash Israel

Still don't really buy Israel wanting to destroy the west

I think they want to use the west

Nope, but you implied that there was such a push

And I can't really see why the Israeli would want lots of Mexicans in America

Isn't a black man with hands on the nukes more of a threat?

The whole genocide thing

If all caucasians from America were gone then who remains behind with the nukes?

I am friends with some good black people yeah, only know one Mexican chick who stalked me on facebook and is painfully retarded

You stopped being friends because ideology? Really?

I think that most black people have the potential to be cool if their childhood is proper. Growing up with a dad, being taught respect and dilligence etc

In America because of the whole racially divided history n welfare

When their wives married the government in the 60s yeah

And don't forget muh Jim Crow laws

But were you also surrounded with gang culture?

Was this like black gang culture or something from caucasians?

You not having a tribal connection with the black shit

Along with the lack of fathers, poverty, shitty education and a bit of biology

Just a teensy bit ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

But it can be overcome! Through glorious hard work n shit

Nooooo ๐Ÿ˜ญ

*commits sudoku*

I know, I must flaggelate myself

And kiss Jesse Jackson's ass

21, Netherlands

I mean sure there are racial differences beyond Africans kicking ass at sprintimg and caucasians kicking ass at powerlifting

But I think childhood and the like are more important

If you look at how different and diverse caucasians are and can be

But we're fucking with actual lives in that case. I don't want a society were we judge the worth of a guy based on skin

Ehm the caucasians are racist and evil

Hmm but what of the feelings n happiness of all ๐Ÿค”

So tell me, what were the results

Shit, ehm okay I think the truth is important. But perhaps not something the common plebs should know

People can do really stupid bullshit

Like lynch mobs n crab

I don't know ๐Ÿ˜•

Yeah I do

Well overal human happiness and prosperity

Imagine if the truth was that after death everyone without exception would face a eternity of epic Promethean suffering

Would it be best for everyone to know if that doom?

What if we were all to just die tomorrow?

Want everyone to live their final moments in panic


There is no god. Just crap that exists basically

Ah right, but yeah the truth is important, though what if it gets people killed?

I wanna know


Sorry forgot to mention that I'm at work

An ocassion I've got to do shit

Ultimately the truth is most important but dropping truth bombs too quick might lead to chaos so we may be better of having the truth come out slower so peopls can come to proper terms with it without people going insane

Nah not really, current job is lax as shit

I wait around for shit to do mostly

Oh I already *know* that the iq in black people is lower

The real question is what to do



I get killing Mr Soros but Mike the french fry vendor too?

Killing *all* jews seems a little bit really, realy evil to me

Good, killing kids is wrong

Not because they're Jewish though, should be because they're greedy corrupt plutocrats

Let people be responsible for their own actions

Get some boxing for kids, some good ol Hellenic type crap

Those fuckers *definitely* need a shit sandwich

"Down with corrupt douchebags wooooh"


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