Message from Europa in 4th Reich #general

2017-04-10 21:43:31 UTC  

I'm reading up on all this Kushner shit with Soros and crap

2017-04-10 21:43:39 UTC  

I don't believe it, how deep does the jewery go?

2017-04-10 21:43:49 UTC  

All around the world

2017-04-10 21:44:13 UTC  

It goes so deep that i knew trump was jew controlled and going to win when he beat all the republicans in the primaries

2017-04-10 21:44:14 UTC  

When you're that rich, it's hard to avoid doing business with (((them))).

2017-04-10 21:44:20 UTC  

Asians are Immune

2017-04-10 21:44:28 UTC  

You literally HAVE to do business with them

2017-04-10 21:44:28 UTC  

but that doesn't make sense

2017-04-10 21:44:31 UTC  

And no they arent

2017-04-10 21:44:33 UTC  

I thought the jews had jeb

2017-04-10 21:44:38 UTC  

and basically everyone else

2017-04-10 21:44:41 UTC  

The koreans get immigration and do tons of jew business

2017-04-10 21:44:48 UTC  

@Europa like new controlled through kushner or others

2017-04-10 21:45:07 UTC  

JEB! couldn't gain enough support.

2017-04-10 21:45:11 UTC  

The chinese make so much money off the jews and do business with the Jews that if the jews stopped then theyd be tanked

2017-04-10 21:45:26 UTC  

And it was never new though? And isnt kushner a jew?

2017-04-10 21:45:30 UTC  

it looks like Israel is pretty ingrained in Jewery too

2017-04-10 21:45:39 UTC  

yeah kushner is a jew but I thought he wasn't a (((jew)))

2017-04-10 21:45:42 UTC  

So they funded other candidates instead.

2017-04-10 21:45:47 UTC  

No he's a jew

2017-04-10 21:45:51 UTC  

All jews are the same

2017-04-10 21:46:03 UTC  

Even the ones who are just average every day citizens

2017-04-10 21:46:07 UTC  


2017-04-10 21:46:12 UTC  

but how?

2017-04-10 21:46:14 UTC  

Power players bad

2017-04-10 21:46:16 UTC  

brb guys

2017-04-10 21:46:16 UTC  

I noticed a lot of things while pretending to be a liberal

2017-04-10 21:46:19 UTC  

Most are elites

2017-04-10 21:46:23 UTC  

They are inherently hive minded

2017-04-10 21:46:26 UTC  

Jews are ethnocentric af

2017-04-10 21:46:27 UTC  

how can everyday jews be (((jews)))

2017-04-10 21:46:39 UTC  

Hive minded accurately describes it

2017-04-10 21:46:39 UTC  

A lot of them are synchronized

2017-04-10 21:46:46 UTC  

Like how

2017-04-10 21:46:52 UTC  

From messages on the tele

2017-04-10 21:46:54 UTC  

Mmm get in voice

2017-04-10 21:46:57 UTC  

There's different types of liberals

2017-04-10 21:47:03 UTC  

If they don't fight for our cause, they are Jews.

2017-04-10 21:47:14 UTC  

A Jew is just Satan in the human form

2017-04-10 21:47:20 UTC  

what about ethnic ashkenazis who support the alt right

2017-04-10 21:47:20 UTC  

Can't voice atm