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I've come here to offer the Count some legal advice. The point of the joke was that nazism can come off really casually. Hitler was the most casual, unapologetic, habituous, obsessive anti-semite, which is the exactly what the joke seeks to ridicule. The object of the joke was Hitlerism and anti-semitism, because in Hitler's ideal world, every dog would seig heil and long for J-ish destruction. We must be able to ridicule evil ideas, so people can more easily identify these ideas as such. The Idea of casual anti-semitism is offensive, so we should be able to ridicule.
Secondly, anyone can recognize the joke of a clown dancing on a cliff. He won't fall and die, though he might pretend to, as a joke. Meechum's joke dances on the line between legal and illegal, which is a joke about political correctness. It is up to debate wether the clown 'should come off it' and stop making nasty jokes, but anyone can see that the clown is at least trying to be funny. It's only a clown. @everyone

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I miss my bf

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I see the guys have triggered you guys

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@Dazzie How long was it going on for?

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I miss talking to you guys

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B and g are not that close on a keyboard.

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Not typo-able

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He's the big gay.

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Plz no

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*insert godawful Seth Rogen laugh here*

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@coattailsandbowties they're literally next to each other?

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We can call you a faggot now.

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Ouchie my pp

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@Boingle what keyboard are you looking at? They're diagonal which is not common for typo slips

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@One trillion weed Faggot lol.

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I hope these argument have been presented in court.

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I am going to <:dabzie:437894296805572608>

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B and g are diagonal you faggot

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I am like you but worse @One trillion weed

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How I’m pretty garbage?

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Furthermore b and g should be typed by different hands.

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me too!

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Will Mark receive my arguments?

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@Dormant we have sent them to him

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Either way I don’t even have a relationship

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Wish I did

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@Kork #METOO after I'm done with your boi pussy

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coat, some of us don't like to follow the touch authority.