Message from NiggerLyncher in 4th Reich #general

2017-04-15 07:11:37 UTC  

i dont think it was someones actual account

2017-04-15 07:11:37 UTC  

was it kike?

2017-04-15 07:11:39 UTC  

it was kike

2017-04-15 07:11:40 UTC  


2017-04-15 07:13:15 UTC  

where can i send throw away emails

2017-04-15 07:13:35 UTC  

no idea

2017-04-15 07:13:38 UTC  

i dont wana get tied up in this

2017-04-15 07:13:56 UTC  

oh you mean make an email of your own that is throwaway

2017-04-15 07:14:04 UTC  

hide my ass email

2017-04-15 07:14:08 UTC  

Hey guys wanna witness me get to 11,000 credits again?

2017-04-15 07:15:10 UTC  

i dont think youll get anywhere going after that discord user

2017-04-15 07:16:38 UTC  

honestly reporting it to FBI and any russian authorities is best you could do i think

2017-04-15 07:17:01 UTC  

u did the right thin

2017-04-15 07:17:06 UTC  

Yea true

2017-04-15 07:17:10 UTC  

i sent from a fake email

2017-04-15 07:17:24 UTC  

to RT

2017-04-15 07:17:34 UTC  

RT is what? sorry for pleb

2017-04-15 07:17:38 UTC  

russian fbi?

2017-04-15 07:17:42 UTC  

russian television i guess

2017-04-15 07:17:46 UTC  


2017-04-15 07:17:53 UTC  

yeah dude i think thats the best you can do

2017-04-15 07:18:05 UTC  

thats what i would do anyways

2017-04-15 07:19:59 UTC  

message recieved regarding wall ninja posters

2017-04-15 07:20:01 UTC  

So... are we pro trump, still? Or anti trump. I have to know what everyone thinks?

2017-04-15 07:20:10 UTC  

we are pro trump

2017-04-15 07:20:22 UTC  

i'm pro trump

2017-04-15 07:20:26 UTC  

Twitter has us divided as fuck.

2017-04-15 07:20:29 UTC  

Oh me too...

2017-04-15 07:20:43 UTC  

ya because of effective russian shilling

2017-04-15 07:20:44 UTC  

CNN didn't divide us, why let the Shareblue divide us now

2017-04-15 07:21:10 UTC  

trump bombing Syria and ISIS is what I expected when i voted for him

2017-04-15 07:21:12 UTC  

if you quit trump and fell for the shills, you are a weak minded fag

2017-04-15 07:21:13 UTC  

trumps cool my vote went that direction

2017-04-15 07:21:28 UTC  

this is what i wanted

2017-04-15 07:21:37 UTC  

yeah I could see his bomb the shitskin agenda I was down

2017-04-15 07:21:56 UTC  

Same here

2017-04-15 07:21:57 UTC  

he literally said he would do all the things hes doing

2017-04-15 07:22:04 UTC  

he also said hes biggest ally of israel

2017-04-15 07:22:13 UTC  

I told my folks shillery was down for ww3 so they went trump as well I red pilled all the fucks i could get my talons on

2017-04-15 07:22:17 UTC  

anyone who thinks thats a dealbreaker is a retard he said those blatantly

2017-04-15 07:22:19 UTC  

its not a shift