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Also of course everyone hates niggers, that's why they kill each other so much and enslave eachother in africa

2017-04-19 04:05:15 UTC  

And slavery wasn't their idea

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the chinks will breed africans out of africa

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Everyone enslaved eachother

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Yeah these niggers in the west should be kissing white peoples asses for giving them civilization

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my dad calls them crabs in a bucket, the second one nigger does ok at all, all these other niggers grab onto his legs on sum nigger as shit and fuck hiim

2017-04-19 04:06:01 UTC  

joe biden 100% molester

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Even though niggers only destroy the gifts white people give them. Fuck niggers

2017-04-19 04:07:34 UTC  

Niggers destroy themsleves, eachother, and their nations. I don't expect these muds to be like me. I expect these muds to stay in their mud huts and fuck off back to africa.

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@everyone soros memes i need

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Exactly. When niggers knew we were gonna hunt them down in the night and hang them they acted much more proper. Now they have all the freedom in the world AND THEN SOME BECAUSE WE ARE NICE and they turn to nigger muds that just destroy our cities and our everyday quality of life. @✠ π•Έπ–”π–‰π–Šπ–—π–“ π•Ώπ–Šπ–’π–•π–‘π–†π–— ✠

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@Europa so fucking true m8 please white people dont ever forget the 14 words I don't wanna live in a world filled with shitskins and niggers

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Why do white people want niggers,

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my governor

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liberals >your jobs have been replaced with automation

2017-04-19 04:13:37 UTC  

>we need diago to do cheap labor

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hey goys

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im no goy

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you're the goy