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2019-12-22 21:47:16 UTC  

Is it not?

2019-12-22 21:47:43 UTC  

youre the one who brought it up

2019-12-22 21:48:05 UTC  

Alright, then let's change subject
How do you think eclipses work?

2019-12-22 21:48:40 UTC  

no lets not change the subject. lets talk about earths shape

2019-12-22 21:49:35 UTC  

These phenomenons can only be explained (at least for now) by a round earth, thus the relationship

2019-12-22 21:49:50 UTC  

We are talking about the shape of the earth by discussing this

2019-12-22 21:50:05 UTC  

so if there is only one explanation it must be correct?

2019-12-22 21:50:17 UTC  

thats a new one to me

2019-12-22 21:50:20 UTC  

Do you have any other alternative?

2019-12-22 21:51:00 UTC  

so when the said the sun was a god and no one gave an alternative that ws what it ws

2019-12-22 21:51:29 UTC  

Oh boy, there are **many** alternatives to a religion

2019-12-22 21:51:51 UTC  

and if a rando on the internet doesnt give an alternative then the explanation you have must be correct

2019-12-22 21:52:10 UTC  

if thats your contention then fine

2019-12-22 21:53:23 UTC  

2 plus 2 equals 4, it makes sense, it's logical and for now there is no other way to get a different result

2019-12-22 21:53:36 UTC  

There isn't another answer, making it true

2019-12-22 21:53:50 UTC  


2019-12-22 21:53:59 UTC  

If there was a process which made sense

2019-12-22 21:54:07 UTC  

It could also be considered true

2019-12-22 21:54:36 UTC  

no 2 different explanations for the same thing cannot be true

2019-12-22 21:55:03 UTC  

True, but for certain phenomenons we only have one explanation

2019-12-22 21:55:10 UTC  

unless you are in some kind of bizaro world

2019-12-22 21:55:14 UTC  

We don't have anything else to explain it

2019-12-22 21:55:29 UTC  

does it need to be explained

2019-12-22 21:55:35 UTC  


2019-12-22 21:55:42 UTC  

i disagree

2019-12-22 21:55:53 UTC  


2019-12-22 21:56:16 UTC  

youre the one who thinks it needs explaining

2019-12-22 21:56:53 UTC  

I already have an explanation for it and I was hoping to see if the same thing was different from your point of view

2019-12-22 21:57:11 UTC  

if youre happy with it then good for you

2019-12-22 21:57:29 UTC  

And let's be real, refusing to explain something isn't a particularly strong argument is it

2019-12-22 21:57:41 UTC  

it isnt an argument at all

2019-12-22 21:57:51 UTC  


2019-12-22 21:57:59 UTC  

exaactly what

2019-12-22 21:58:00 UTC  

There's no way to prove me wrong

2019-12-22 21:58:04 UTC  

There's no argument

2019-12-22 21:58:16 UTC  

why should i want to prove you wrong

2019-12-22 21:58:23 UTC  

We're debating

2019-12-22 21:58:28 UTC  

what about

2019-12-22 21:58:32 UTC  

Or at least change my point of view

2019-12-22 21:58:41 UTC  

only you can do that

2019-12-22 21:58:51 UTC  

Not necessarily