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I'm trying
I feel out of place everywhere tbh

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Except on Taiwanese mammogram online exchanges

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guys just FYI but people are going to completely lose it when this guy goes on a tour

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like if you guys are still on this whole, lets turn up have stuff thrown at us and play the victim, you're going to get BTFO

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I'm ok with letting things antifa escalate things, (as in, I won't throw the first punch) but I'm not going to sit on my hands once shit starts hitting the fan

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Don't hold back if things get really hairy, just don't insinuate or start violence

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I think me and you moonman were on the same page when discussing this earlier

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If I run into black bloc or Antifa faggots blocking the highway

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We definitely shouldn't show planning to get beat on. We should show up to be ready to protect ourselves, others, and property.

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Well, I don't have great breaks :^)

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@Cœur de Lion I think so to

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I heard we will just be using riot shields and maybe batons and pepper spray. which im okay with but will it be like a Bring Your Own Riot Shield type of deal or will we have chapters?

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when do we achieve agency?

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some want uniforms, some want shields, some want war flags

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since we are trying to be the opposite of antifa we should be organized as fuck

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everyone wants organized teams in each state

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C-Colorado reporting

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plz respond

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it's all about what we're going to do if we're outnumbered, I mean unless we recruit people who can really hold themselves, we'll need something

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C-colorado reporting guys

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I understand there is a PR perspective to keep in mind, and we don't want to be seen as uber-violent scumbags, but I think we have to be real about the fact that the media will portray us as such, pretty much no matter what happens. As soon as one anticom hits back, we're all gonna be labelled violent thugs.

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we should have a southwest channel

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Oh shit Nazifur - thought I was alone here. Unincorporated Jeff here

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