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and gofundme drops these kind of things often and keeps the money

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I know Russia is kind of a shithole, but fuck me if this isn't based as fuck

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The Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), is an excommunicated and noncanonized priestly Catholic society who reject institutionalized modernist reforms introduced in Vatican II by pope John Paul. They're a pretty big traditionalist branch as well. All the liberal Catholicism you see nowadays come straight from Vatican II.

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@Hernán Cortés My god, they're hacking their own history now

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@Hernán Cortés It may look good, but I do not know how qualitatively it will be

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No but seriously if Russia gets another Tsar I'll cream in my pants

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I want a constitutional monarchy

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was the entire line destroyed

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@Charlemango It already does in all but name

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There is bunch of cadet lines

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good point

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@Miomio Thomas Paine is rolling in his grave

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Also Hohenzollerns are relatives of Romanovs

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so the rumors were true

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he had a knife

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a buck knife..

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unconcealed 100%

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no shit

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Russian political culture is much different from that of America. They love strongmen leaders.

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I hate it

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That's why we don't had democracy

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We're warming up to alpha leaders ourselves, mind you

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@Miomio He saw Monarchies as unnatural and erroneous by design

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On elections everyone looks to the candidate, not to his party

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also the only way democracy can be halfway decent is if the right to vote has to be earned by the individual

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and used the British parliamentary Monarchy of those times as an example

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For example, normies are love Putin, but almost nobody likes his party

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by what specific means, I dunno

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But no one cares

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@nabutso so i'm not sure how the concept of concealed is defined by cali law

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but yeh

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>normies are love putin

2017-03-06 19:11:43 UTC