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2018-08-10 03:48:09 UTC  

out of billions of people walking the earth, its you. You where born, Can I promote your skills to the world. Amen

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@Guss Please state your religious affiliation Guss. I disclosed openly and uploaded my picture.

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@Guss Do you use a Bible at all in your spiritual practices?

2018-08-10 03:51:44 UTC  

Be careful about your religious claim my friend.

2018-08-10 03:51:46 UTC  

YES, I do

2018-08-10 03:52:06 UTC  

"I believe at this point that not only have I rediscovered, but I can accurately define and describe the boundaries of human existence - and in so doing I can extrapolate the nature of man in order to re-introduce humanity as to their true purpose on this earth."

Either you nuts, OR you the next big thinker..... which one?

2018-08-10 03:52:47 UTC  

@Guss Ask anyone here. I back up my shit dude.

2018-08-10 03:52:56 UTC  

My live my religion, and do not care about silly teories

2018-08-10 03:53:18 UTC  

I read it all, I do not agree. Both side can even be fake

2018-08-10 03:53:37 UTC  

I can bend any picture either round or straight. What is good for the goose and the gander

2018-08-10 03:53:51 UTC  

Googling is not facts

2018-08-10 03:54:03 UTC  

@Guss How about this quote from the bible?

2018-08-10 03:54:15 UTC  

Your own experiments will be a submission to be reviewed by peers

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2018-08-10 03:54:43 UTC  

with the quote, I will read it in context

2018-08-10 03:54:56 UTC  

Tell me how it is that you get to pick and choose which verses you believe?

2018-08-10 03:55:20 UTC  

sure, and?

2018-08-10 03:56:07 UTC  

You know why it was said and written and for who (just to get it in context)

2018-08-10 03:56:44 UTC  

I do not pick versus, I consume the message by reading everything

2018-08-10 03:57:05 UTC  

@Guss Do you drink alcohol ever?

2018-08-10 03:57:34 UTC  

Just red wine with friends when I go out.... once in 2 months... why, any relation to this?

2018-08-10 03:58:17 UTC  

Just getting a general picture.

2018-08-10 03:58:39 UTC  

I have a site, just goto the about

2018-08-10 03:59:15 UTC  

There's proof for you that Jesus never turned water into wine.

2018-08-10 03:59:51 UTC  

Yea, so des the lead in the fumes from my cars exhause. Lucky God made my body to fight some of this if I do not overdo it 😃

2018-08-10 04:00:58 UTC  

I do not drink wine becuase Jesus turned the water into it. Why you throwing that into the discussion.

2018-08-10 04:01:51 UTC  

I drink one or two glasses (bottle per table) once in 2 months. I think the floride in your tootpaste is more damaging

2018-08-10 04:03:12 UTC  

@Guss If you read the article, you will see that it is a lot worse than that.

2018-08-10 04:03:47 UTC  

Which article?

2018-08-10 04:05:12 UTC  

I do nt need to read it..... my common sense tells me that all stuff people made is most likely damamging, cuase they fuck around with nature and the molucar structures

2018-08-10 04:05:35 UTC  

but I do not get cosumed by it

2018-08-10 04:06:54 UTC  

@Guss Sure but you miss the point. That published article proves the bible wrong.

2018-08-10 04:07:34 UTC  

@Guss Not that it really matters, because from what I can tell people pick and choose what they believe in it anyway.

2018-08-10 04:09:34 UTC  

At Shiver - And maybe you should put up a notice to say that we can not put a @ in frot of your name at xxx time of the day, because that will cause you to wake up and be angry and use words like FFS. You really think I knew that it would wake you up? Just ask @Deejay from Earth , he will tell you the effect of sleeping with that radio signal to close to your head each night. Leave it in the kitchen 😃

2018-08-10 04:09:57 UTC  

Prove.......... HA

2018-08-10 04:10:07 UTC  

Define the word "Belief"

2018-08-10 04:10:18 UTC  

it does not need proof