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@Lord Joe >Prussian flag >In US

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@Lord Joe

Technically it's the Northern German Confederation flag

2017-03-25 22:17:47 UTC  

Of prussia

2017-03-25 22:17:56 UTC  

Well yeah, Prussia led it

2017-03-25 22:18:28 UTC  

Why did they had to take the black white and red design from germany

2017-03-25 22:18:38 UTC  

;-; such a good colour scheem

2017-03-25 22:18:53 UTC  

It was too edgy

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I like the reichs flag better.

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Gotta put some new spark plugs in my car

2017-03-25 22:23:24 UTC  

for every cylinder

2017-03-25 22:23:48 UTC  

Well that's nice goiym

2017-03-25 22:25:57 UTC  

if u hav e the special spark plug wrench or whatever its actually not too hard laddy

2017-03-25 22:28:09 UTC  

I am going to go shoot myself because of how I cannot spell italian names.

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I think we can safely say this day was a victory of momentous scale

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Okay well I can't do it now

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holy fuck the cute security guard at this one community i deliver to died her hair dark blue and purple
she went from a 10 to a 4 its like it even added wrinkles

2017-03-25 22:40:41 UTC  

But it's not the taking it our part thats hard

2017-03-25 22:40:48 UTC  

but getting to 3 of them in the first place

2017-03-25 22:41:04 UTC  

Because the engine of my car kinda sits on it's side

2017-03-25 22:41:22 UTC  

So I can get to 3 easily but the other 3 will be a bitch

2017-03-25 22:41:46 UTC  

Yeah cars made after like 2000 are fucking retarded

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Is Hitler: Rise to power a good movie? Or is it jew?

2017-03-25 22:42:30 UTC  

"I wonder, how can we reduce as much empty space inside the engine bay as possible?"

2017-03-25 22:46:26 UTC  

Post yfw the new leader of Germany changes the anthem of germany with a smiliar melody as "Deutschland Über Alles" but diffrent lyircs

2017-03-25 22:46:38 UTC  

>not Teufelslied

2017-03-25 22:46:58 UTC  

>Not wanting to scare the commies and mudniggers out

2017-03-25 22:47:00 UTC  

>And blacks

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Do you not know about the Teufelslied?

2017-03-25 22:47:34 UTC  

No, what is it?

2017-03-25 22:48:00 UTC  

Not many people know that song, Deutschland Über Alles is more better because it's more known

2017-03-25 22:48:07 UTC  

Fair point.

2017-03-25 22:48:07 UTC  

Or Lied

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