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2019-04-08 23:38:39 UTC  

News concerning the NXIVM company being a cover up for a sex trafficking cult. @everyone

2019-04-11 00:58:23 UTC  

@everyone Brexit officially delayed till Halloween.

2019-04-11 20:39:54 UTC  

Julian Assange taken into custody by UK London's Metropolitan Police. US is seeking to have him extradited to the States. @everyone

2019-04-21 19:29:46 UTC  

**Attacks on Christian associated Hotels and Churches have left over 200 dead and many more injured in Sri Lanka.** @everyone

2019-05-01 01:57:51 UTC  

**Venezuela's uprising! Possible Military coup, and multiple violent clashes between protesters and state forces.** @everyone

2019-05-01 01:58:04 UTC  

**Possible gunfire and clashes in Caracas outside the La Carlota Airbase:**

**Venezuelan military vehicle drove into a crowd of civilians on the highway:**

2019-06-11 04:18:46 UTC  

"Republican Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey on Monday signed a bill into law that requires someone convicted of a sex offense against a child under the age of 13 to begin chemical castration a month before being released from custody."

What Is your opinion on this law? @everyone

2019-07-15 20:52:11 UTC  

Should we add back the old text channels? @everyone

2019-07-22 01:32:22 UTC  

Beware of these users as they were attempting to collect information on those they've talked to for the sake of blackmailing and threatening them. They continue to share and gather information as a group ever since they nuked a server that was popular among our user base. The reason that they nuked the server was due to the fact that one of their members, dogcord aka Squishy, was de-modded due to several complaints from fellow mods and other users. They have been openly lying about the situation and acting maliciously. Do not in any way share any personal information with them. @everyone

```User ID: HowlingWinds#7460
Comment ID: 578939059288932353

User ID: HowlingWinds#3068
Comment ID: 580608583427686427

User ID: dogcord#9084
Comment ID:521589339147206657

User ID: Stormcloak#3587
Comment ID: 578844150041018378

User ID: Barbarossa#5513
Comment ID: 534915061425111051```

2019-09-15 10:45:32 UTC  

So I recently gained the ability to mass invite people... @here

2019-09-20 04:29:03 UTC  

I'll like to give my side of the story; The claims of me doxxing were misunderstandings based on a series of events that weren't fully explained. When the controversy concerning the server we were involved in occurred, I asked for non-personal information on those who were on the other side of the drama. When I asked for this information, I received personal information. I then made it clear to the person who gave it me that I didn't want personal information. I was also involved in a conversation in which I and a few others talked about the potential of our personal information being released by those who had it on the opposite side of the drama. These two occurrences lead to a misunderstanding which lead to people thinking that we were collecting information to blackmail those who were involved in the drama.

I do apologize for spreading misinformation on a user who was wrongfully blamed for the drama. At the time, I believed this information was true but now realize it was false.

2019-09-20 04:29:48 UTC  

I initially posted the list out of concern for the people on the server that I knew and their privacy and anonymity. I was told about the collecting and passing on of personal information, the posting of a user's face and false rumors that misconstrued what had occurred being spread around which made me take action. I was receiving information that lead me to believe that these activities were taking place. @HowlingWinds and I had several conversations about this and we have come to an agreement to put out a public message and that I will take his word as true in goodwill. This only concerns the innocence of @HowlingWinds and not the other users mentioned on the list, especially Barbarossa#5513. @everyone

2019-11-11 20:56:14 UTC  

**Do not trust these two users:

Current Username: Sokar VII#2756 User ID: 618719787400298518
Past Usernames: Sokar#1568, Sokar IV#3562

FlooflePoof#4035 User ID: 286711430634274816**

Sokar is a pathological liar that makes fake accusations due to holding grudges from fairly civil and normal debates. He accused multiple people of the worse behavior possible (pedophilia) because of fucking grudges he holds from losing an unimportant debate. He doesn't take these accusations seriously and diminishes those who actually levy that accusation for good and honest reasons. He has no excuse to make lies and make light of one of the worse behaviors just so he can get over his 5 minutes of angst. @everyone

2019-12-13 07:18:46 UTC  

Congratulations on your election Britain! The election had a 67% turnout. The Conservative party won by an incredible margin. The result is considered by many to be the best Conservative showing since Margaret Thatcher was in power and the worst Labour showing since 1935. @everyone

2019-12-20 02:11:39 UTC  

Trump legally impeached by the House, now it goes to the Senate. @everyone